What's on Your Interest Rate Cut Wish List?
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What's on Your Interest Rate Cut Wish List?

In today's WSJ FundTrack, Murray Coleman talks to some fund managers about the anticipated rate cut today. Ron Muhlenkamp tells the pub he has been tweaking his portfolio for months now to take advantage of the cut. Arthur Nunes, co-manager at IMS Strategic Allocation Fund, feels that the sectors that could fare better if Bernanke is feeling generous are tech, energy, telecom, industrials and health care. Dan Frascarelli, lead manager for the Lord Abbett Large-Cap Core Fund, is of the opinion that a 25bps cut may not do much but, a 50 bps cut would be more beneficial. One clear winner in the rate cut game does appear in the article; many managers Coleman talked to mention that they woul use Powershares products to take advantage of a lower interst rate environment.

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