Are Active ETFs Worth the Fees?
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are Active ETFs Worth the Fees?

Some fund shops are tripping over themselves to flood the market with more actively managed ETFs, but the higher fees may not justify the returns, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The Journal lists a number of fund firms that have launched, or plan to launch, active ETFs. The include: Eaton Vance [see profile], BlackRock iShares [see profile], Janus [see profile], AllianceBernstein [see profile], Dreyfus [see profile] and Pimco [see profile].

However, opinions differ on whether the new offerings are worth the price of admission. Don Suskind, head of the ETF product-management team at Pimco, and Rick Ferri, founder of Portfolio Solutions and author of The Power of Passive Investing, weighed in on the issue.

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