Fido’s NAV Move Creates Industry Ripples
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Fido’s NAV Move Creates Industry Ripples

The move by Fidelity [profile] to publish daily money market mutual fund net asset values has left deep ripples in the financial industry—and the financial press has taken notice.

For example, MarketWatch and Reuters have covered the company’s hopes to silence further criticism of money market funds by demonstrating that the minute changes in NAV values revealed by daily disclosures should improve public confidence in the products.

The move and its potential significance was also analyzed by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; Boston Globe and eWallStreeter.

The growing trend itself was covered by a number of publications, including Bloomberg; MarketWatch, and Bloomberg again.

MSNBC also took part in the mass analysis, as well as MarketWatch yet again.

This is what Fidelity had to say about its own move.

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