A Fund Lets Gundlach Go Wild and Crazy
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Fund Lets Gundlach Go Wild and Crazy

Even portfolio managers like to let down their hair every once-in-a-while. And if the PM happens to be Jeffrey Gundlach, make that doubly so.

The DoubleLine [profile] CEO has filed to launch a closed end fund that will, among other things, allow Gundlach himself to stretch himself more in the area of sector allocations and leverage: namely up to 33.3 percent worth.

According to Financial Advisor magazine, most DoubleLine funds do not use leverage. The fund, so declares the filing, “will seek to achieve its investment objectives by investing in a portfolio of investments selected for their potential to provide high current income, growth of capital, or both. The Fund may invest in debt securities and other income-producing investments of any kind and any credit quality worldwide.”

Gundlach will helm the fund himself, aided by emerging markets leader Luz Padilla and global developed credit chief Bonnie Baha.

Here is the that sets up the trust for the fund.

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