Castille Grants CoRi a Visa to the U.K.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Castille Grants CoRi a Visa to the U.K.

BlackRock's Chip Castille debuted CoRI to the world two years ago, now BlackRock's chief retirement strategist is prepping his brainchild for a world trek.

Castille told reporters on Wednesday that BlackRock will bring CoRI to the United Kingdom over the summer, based on mortality and actuarial tables for the UK. He added that after that rollout the world's largest asset manager has plans to create versions of CoRI on other markets.

BlackRock's quants created CoRI two years ago and the product now consists of more than two dozen indices for different retirement years. BlackRock also publishes a quarterly report on trends in retirement income needs based on the indices. BlackRock also has a limited number of products using CoRI.

"BlackRock now offers funds in the United States that track the indexes," explained Castille, but he added that the larger aim today is getting people to focus on and understand retirement debt.

BlackRock now offers five CoRI funds with target dates from 2015 to 2023 that each have between $10 million and $14 million of AUM, according to BlackRock's Web site. All summed the CoRI fund family holds $58.3 million of assets.

He explained that CoRI was created as a guide to people seeking to understand how much they need to save and where they stand against their retirement need. It can also allow them to calculate how much they can spend in retirement.

"We want people to understand how retirement debt behaves because it is about the most likely thing on their balance sheet," he explained. "We want people to understand this before we incorporate it into pre-built portfolios."

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