Chuck Jaffe Shifts His Journalistic Raging
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Chuck Jaffe Shifts His Journalistic Raging

Chuck Jaffe is starting a new gig, half a year after leaving MarketWatch. The longtime fund-watching columnist is taking over as chief editor for, a website by and for stock traders.

With Jaffe supervising the editorial copy and overseeing the site's content strategies, traders and technical analysts who also serve as newsletter editors and seminar leaders will offer to readers daily insight at the start of the trading day.

"What's different about this is that RagingBull will be running pieces and stories about live trade that is properly disclosed," Jaffe tells MFWire. He says that while "typically there are issues with disclosure," they will input policy that will "create a tight and unique ethics policy" while sharing content useful for traders and where "investors can talk about things in a real time basis...and about doing what traders do best.” Jaffe tells MFWire that this website will post five pieces at 8:30am at the beginning of each trading day. For Jaffe, this opportunity presents the “most intriguing, different opportunity out there.”

Jaffe says this paper will help traders “get insight into high quality trading news in a short amount of time.” These articles will be written in no more than 272 words because “the Gettysburg address written by Lincoln is 272 words; if Lincoln can address the country about the greatest conflagration on US soil in 272 words then traders should be able to explain what they want to explain in 272 words or less.” The website will share “straight, actionable, and reliable” content.

Jaffe has been hosting a weekday one-hour radio show with MoneyLife since May 2012, where he discusses financial matters dedicated to a broad range of approaches about investing, personal finance, and markets. will become a sponsor of the show in July.

He was a senior columnist for MarketWatch for 14 years from February 2003 to January 2017 and often wrote about mutual funds. Prior to that he spent a decade as a columnist at The Boston Globe.

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