ETF Revenue and Cost Data is Coming Soon
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Monday, October 8, 2018

ETF Revenue and Cost Data is Coming Soon

An ETF research shop just launch a new service focused on ESG ETFs around the world, and they're working on an ETF revenue and cost service next.

Deborah Fuhr
Managing Partner, Founder
"We hope to roll that out before the end of the year," Debbie Fuhr, managing partner and founder of ETFGI, tells MFWire.

On Friday Fuhr unveiled London-based ETFGI's 12th research service, in this case a monthly that covers ESG ETF trends and includes a comprehensive ESG ETF database. Like ETFGI's other research products, the new service includes a monthly fact sheet, Fuhr says. The service, which divides the ESG space into nine subcategories, also includes regional information on ESG ETFs' AUM, monthly and year-to-date net flows, number of funds, and year-over-year comparison.

Notable highlights in the ESG ETF research so far include that, while the U.S. has the bulk of all ETF AUM worldwide, it is Europe (with $10 billion) that outpaces the U.S. ($9 billion) in ESG ETF AUM. And globally it is iShares, UBS, Invesco, and BNP that dominate the ESG ETF space, a different list from the overall ETF business. There were 172 ESG ETFs and ETPs worldwide, as of the end of August 2018.

ETFGI's research services are used by ETF issurers, banks, brokers, custodians, regulatorys, stock exchanges, and trade associations.

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