Mass Customization, ESG Style
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Monday, April 29, 2019

Mass Customization, ESG Style

An ally to asset managers and broker-dealers is looking to help them offer ESG versions of various strategies.

Bryan Dori, CEO of Archer, last month unveiled the ESG Model Marketplace, a platform to connect asset managers' models with distributors, who can customize then customize those models with ESG specifications. Archer's clients are traditionally the asset managers, who can outsource their SMA structure to Archer, yet for the ESG Model Marketplace platform Archer could also work with distributors (i.e. B-Ds, banks, TAMPs, etc.) as clients, says Jon Anderson, vice president of marketing and solutions at Archer. The marketplace is integrated into Archer's Model Workstation.

"You can take the models that you are already bringing in and apply a set of ESG rules," Anderson tells MFWire.

The question behind the ESG Model Markerplace, Dori tells MFWire, is "how do you scale that level of customization" to have "maybe thousands of iterations based on individual client preferences." For both B-Ds and asset managers, the idea is "to make it as turnkey as possible," Dori adds. He predicts that passive strategies may be customized first, as they'll be easier to tweak with ESG ideas.

"We're actively speaking to various distribution firms," Dori says. "A lot of these firms are trying to figure out what path to go down and what level of customization that they want what types of strategies do they want. How much customization do you allow?"

It will be up to each asset manager which strategies or models they'll allow to be ESG-tweaked in the marketplace.

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