A Gotham ETF Startup Helps Others Market
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Monday, November 16, 2020

A Gotham ETF Startup Helps Others Market

A two-year-old startup ETF shop recently launched a new arm to help other asset managers.

New York City-based Defiance ETFs launched Defiance Analytics, a digital marketing technology platform dedicated to asset management distribution for the 'retail investor.'

"What is going on right now in finance is there is a massive transfer of wealth ... and what we realize is that people our age want to invest in things they believe in, so fast forward to today, Defiance Analytics gives asset management a chance to raise assets in the most competitive industry, Matthew Bielski, CEO of Defiance ETFs tells MFwire.

The new platform powers an asset gathering machine, which has activated financial institutions to license its marketing technology as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), in order to digitally distribute ETFs and other investment products in both the self-directed and retail channels.

Bielski explains to MFWire there are many barriers to enter the ETF space, such as it taking three years to even enter, and once an ETF firm does, success is hard to come by; "The success is impossible. Some are, but most aren't," Bielski tells MFWire.

"Defined Analytics is an asset gathering company for technology," Bielski tells MFWire. "What that means is that we give an ETF the best chance of being successful through our digital platform. And the reason why ETFs are not successful is they aren't gathering assets."

"We not only have the best digital marketing but we also have the most ETF expertise in the industry," Bielski explains to MFWire. ETF asset managers and FinTech companies around the world make up the Defiance Analytics client and prospect base; "Some of our clients are some of the largest in tech companies in the world, and ETF providers," Bielski tells MFWire. "They are all long term strategic partnerships, and we work very closely with these firms."

"The acceleration and growth of our business has been impacted by COVID," Jacob Ingram, chief marketing officer at Defiance ETF, tells 401kwire.

"Defiance Analytics was built before COVID, we just hadn't launched it ... then COVID accelerated it significantly because wholesalers are sitting at home trying to sell ETFs," Bielski explains to MFWire. "How can you give products to advisors without being a sales person? [With Defiance Analytics] we can deliver products, ETFs, in a time where we are all at home and working from home."

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