Fundsters Have Boosted Headcount Here By 25 Percent
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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Fundsters Have Boosted Headcount Here By 25 Percent

Fundster leaders have noticeably increased their focus on a particular area of their teams recently.

Thomas "Neil" Bathon
Fuse Research Network
Founder, Partner
The average asset manager in 2023 has 41.1 full-time employees in their marketing department, according to new research unveiled last week by the team at Fuse Research Network. That's more than 24.5-percent higher than the average of 33 marketing FTEs for the prior five years (2018 through 2022).

The finding comes from a recently released Fuse report, entitled Marketing 2023: Optimizing Marketing Strategies.

"Despite challenging market and economic conditions, the number of marketing full-time employees has continued to grow while hiring plans remain relatively robust," the Fuse team writes.

Michael Evans, director of BenchMark research at Fuse, confirms that the marketing headcount boost is happening across firms of different sizes, despite recent industry layoffs.

"Growth in marketing personnel, not only at the overall level but also across all firm tiers, validates that many of the changes that elevated marketing's role during the pandemic are here to stay, and the contributions of marketing to the sales effort will only increase," Evans states. "It is particularly telling that marketing headcount has grown, even as firms implement significant cost-cutting measures. Firm leadership likely does not want to risk the ground marketing has gained over the last several years regarding its influence and impact on sales."

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