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MFWire's editorial staff found these links to headlines from around the Web to give you a list of all the mutual fund news out there. If we missed a link, please share it with us by emailing editors@mfwire.com. The linked stories are not reported by MFWire nor does MFWire take responsibility for the accuracy of the linked stories. — MFWire Editors.

Recent News from around the Web
Nuveen recruits institutional sales managing director for DCIO Pension & Investment 6/21/2018 1:00:00 PM
Supreme Court rules SEC in-house judges are subject to appointments clause Pension & Investment 6/21/2018 12:30:00 PM
This Junk-Bond Fund Shines Bright Barron's 6/21/2018 8:54:00 AM
Blockchain ETFs By Any Other Name ETF.com 6/21/2018 1:10:00 AM
White House to Propose Merging Education, Labor Departments Wall Street Journal 6/20/2018 9:44:00 PM
Morningstar: Retirement plan costs must be clearer Fund Industry Intelligence 6/20/2018 8:49:00 PM
Guggeinheim in Talks to Buy Munich Re Asset Management Operations Wall Street Journal 6/20/2018 5:50:00 PM
E*TRADE's commission-free blockchain add could signal crypto moves Fund Industry Intelligence 6/20/2018 3:44:00 PM
Guggenheim Weighs Stake Sale for $250 Billion Manager Bloomberg 6/20/2018 3:30:00 PM
Reality Shares unveils blockchain ETF on China issuer interest Fund Industry Intelligence 6/20/2018 3:29:00 PM
Ascensus acquires 2 third-party administration firms Pension & Investment 6/20/2018 2:45:00 PM
ETrade adds 32 Vanguard ETFs to its no-transaction-fee platform InvestmentNews 6/20/2018 2:35:00 PM
Mutual funds feel the pinch of platform fees InvestmentNews 6/20/2018 2:32:00 PM
Wilmington Trust hires new advisor in LA City Wire 6/20/2018 2:05:00 PM
US stocks fall as trade war tensions escalate City Wire 6/20/2018 2:01:00 PM
Bill Gross' ex-wife wins restraining order over 'vengeful' behavior City Wire 6/20/2018 1:24:00 PM
Legg Mason CEO Sullivan's pay rises to $9.7 million Baltimore Business Journal 6/20/2018 1:13:00 PM
As Brinker Capital embraces RIA future, it ends two-year period of being an outsourced CIO with no named CIO RIABiz 6/20/2018 1:00:00 PM
Fund Files: American Century plans new active ETFs City Wire 6/20/2018 11:30:00 AM
PSNC 2018: Health Meets Wealth Plan Sponsor 6/20/2018 1:00:00 AM
PSNC 2018: Best Practices to Protect Yourself and Your Company from Fiduciary Liability Lawsuits Plan Sponsor 6/20/2018 12:00:00 AM
Collective Investment Trusts: The Invisible Giant Morningstar 6/20/2018 12:00:00 AM
A 'Disruptive' Idea For The 401k RFP Process 401k Specialist 6/20/2018 12:00:00 AM
Massive Savings From E-Delivery Update To 401k Disclosure 401k Specialist 6/20/2018 12:00:00 AM
PSNC 2018: Fee Considerations Plan Sponsor 6/20/2018 12:00:00 AM
Five Ways to Improve 401(k)s Wall Street Journal 6/19/2018 10:15:00 PM
PGIM Investments taps Jennison for tech fund Fund Industry Intelligence 6/19/2018 4:04:00 PM
SEC lays out priorities for next 5 years Pension & Investment 6/19/2018 3:40:00 PM
Early Call: State Street Launches Communications ETF Barron's 6/19/2018 2:26:00 PM
First Republic gatekeeper exits for Vontobel City Wire 6/19/2018 1:57:00 PM
Fund Files: Pimco raises fees, Allianz PM out, along comes a SPDR City Wire 6/19/2018 12:43:00 PM
Fund Files: Pimco raises fees, Allianz PM out, along comes a SPDR City Wire 6/19/2018 12:43:00 PM
Wealth management startup SigFig secures $50 mln round led by General Atlantic Reuters 6/19/2018 6:04:00 AM
What's 'Chaikin' With These ETFs ETF.com 6/19/2018 1:15:00 AM
PSNC 2018: A Shift in Educating Participants--What Is Financial Wellness? Plan Sponsor 6/19/2018 12:00:00 AM
Brokerage Accounts, Dividends Critical Sources of Retirement Income Plan Sponsor 6/19/2018 12:00:00 AM
PSNC 2018: Understanding Asset Allocation Vehicles Plan Sponsor 6/19/2018 12:00:00 AM
Cramer floats idea for 'gloomy' ETF with Wall Street's most downtrodden stocks CNBC 6/18/2018 6:15:00 PM
Wells Fargo to Restructure Wealth Management Business Wall Street Journal 6/18/2018 5:25:00 PM
One year on, John Copeland's roll-up growth is slow but expectations remain steadfast for big snowball RIA Biz 6/18/2018 4:05:00 PM
Famed Bad Breakup Artist Bill Gross Is [Allegedly] Painting His Disgusting Masterpiece DealBreaker 6/18/2018 3:57:00 PM
SEC says 'numerous' firms self-reported share class violations Fund Industry Intelligence 6/18/2018 3:56:00 PM
JPMorgan launches REIT ETF Fund Industry Intelligence 6/18/2018 3:48:00 PM
iShares folds multi-factor sector, narrow ETF bets Fund Industry Intelligence 6/18/2018 3:38:00 PM
Litman Gregory gatekeepers pick PMs for new alts fund City Wire 6/18/2018 1:38:00 PM
Merrill weighs lifting ban on retirement account commissions City Wire 6/18/2018 1:09:00 PM
84% of investors apply, or are considering, ESG — Morgan Stanley Pension & Investment 6/18/2018 7:00:00 AM
BlackRock Is Offering a Free Perk That Lets It See Inside Your Portfolio Wall Street Journal 6/18/2018 7:00:00 AM
When Past Performance Actually Is a Guide to Future Results Wall Street Journal 6/18/2018 6:10:00 AM
Morgan Stanley's Gorman warns Wall St to be 'paranoid' Financial Times 6/18/2018 12:00:00 AM
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