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Stories Published Between 1/1/2006 And 4/1/2006
3/31/2006 Fidelity Contrafund Closing To New Accounts
3/31/2006 AllianceBernstein Watches Unbundling Trend From The Sidelines
3/31/2006 AIM Goes Global on Seven New Retail Funds
3/31/2006 Schroders Expands Team, Shuffles Funds in U.S.
3/31/2006 Putnam Chief Earned More Than Cherkasky In '05
3/30/2006 Amvescap's Management Transition Not Cheap
3/30/2006 All Hotchkis Funds Now Closed
3/30/2006 Royce Closes Micro-Cap Fund
3/30/2006 Vanguard Fund Manager To Step Down
3/30/2006 Morningstar Data Revisited by Zero Alpha Group
3/30/2006 SEC Still Pondering Late Trading Regs
3/30/2006 Ex-Pru Securities Manager Charged In Market Timing Scheme
3/29/2006 Vanguard Rolls Out RSS Service
3/29/2006 Fund Companies Respond to CEO Pay Issue
3/29/2006 Phoenix To Boost Fund Lineup
3/29/2006 Currency Fund Scores Spot At Fidelity
3/28/2006 Federated Investors Closes on Acquisitions
3/28/2006 Papers Give Little Scrutiny to Fund Proxy Study
3/28/2006 Fund Firms Leave Advisors Short on Online Tools
3/28/2006 Oil ETF To Debut At Amex
3/27/2006 Calvert Taps SVP
3/27/2006 Future NASD Chief Reassures Industry
3/27/2006 Report: Dreyfus Allowed Market Timing by Millenium
3/27/2006 If Gabelli Goes, GAMCO Has Pinch Hitter
3/24/2006 New TFS Fund Bets Big on Strong Performance
3/24/2006 Judge: Morgan Brokerage Chief Can Have Role In Recruitment
3/24/2006 Michigan RIA Launches Utopian Fund Family
3/24/2006 Alpine Woods Takes Aim At Institutional Market
3/23/2006 Legg Mason Names New President
3/23/2006 Merrill Gets Reprieve from Gorman's Hiring Squad
3/23/2006 Janus Chief Shares Ten Percent of $4M Bonus
3/23/2006 Evergreen To Merge Funds
3/23/2006 Justice Department Moves on Gabelli Case
3/23/2006 Fido Laptop With Customer Data Stolen
3/22/2006 Pioneer's Wholesaling Solution Featured in Case Study
3/22/2006 PIMCO Promotes 65
3/22/2006 Pyramis Names CIO
3/22/2006 Riepe Takes BoD Seat at Genworth
3/22/2006 Fund Firms Take Interest In New Performance Measure
3/22/2006 Oppenheimer, Gartmore Families Win Lipper 2006 Overall Awards
3/21/2006 Four Wholesalers Exit Oppenheimer
3/21/2006 Google Joins Financial News Arena
3/21/2006 Fidelity Fund Eyes Benchmark Switch
3/21/2006 ICI Will Improve Disclosure Through Technology
3/20/2006 American Century Taps Munder CIO
3/20/2006 Vanguard Readying Target-Date Funds
3/20/2006 ING Funds Presents Case for Internationalism
3/17/2006 Former Vice Fund Manager Rolls Out New Fund
3/17/2006 Fidelity Sponsors Storefront
3/17/2006 AIM Gets Shareholder Nod For Fund Mergers
3/17/2006 Who Clinton and Mario Gabelli Share
3/16/2006 Bear Stearns Settles With Regulators
3/16/2006 T. Rowe Price's Roche To Retire
3/16/2006 Vantagepoint IRA Broadens Horizons
3/16/2006 American Funds To Battle NASD
3/15/2006 NASD Fines Merrill Lynch
3/15/2006 Reserve Uncovers Glitches
3/15/2006 First Trust To Add More ETFs
3/14/2006 Bank of America Appoints New CSG Director
3/14/2006 Report: Bear Stearns Reaches $250M Settlement With Regulators
3/14/2006 Dreyfus Taps Former Scudder Distributors CEO
3/13/2006 ING Funds Opens New Avenue to International Investment
3/13/2006 WM Rolls Out R Shares
3/13/2006 Former SEC Directors Back Fund Fee Reform
3/13/2006 SEC Announces Roundtable Meetings on Sharpening Interactive Tools
3/13/2006 Leuthold To Close Two Funds
3/13/2006 Shareholders Stall AIM Fund Mergers
3/10/2006 Rising Cash Levels Not a Market Call
3/10/2006 Asset Managers Pour Into India
3/10/2006 Gorman Leaves MS Branch Chiefs Smiling
3/10/2006 RS Partners Managers Cautious About Year Ahead
3/10/2006 ManuLife Shops
3/9/2006 Dimensional Fund Advisors Launches Equal-Weighted Funds
3/9/2006 Nationwide Plans to Keep Gartmore U.S.
3/9/2006 Touchstone Brings Large Cap Fund to Retail
3/9/2006 Gabelli Now Faces Feds
3/9/2006 Fund Mergers On The Upswing
3/8/2006 Touchstone Closes Constellation Deal
3/8/2006 Baron Capital Group President, Portoflio Manager Jump Ship
3/8/2006 Schroder Eyes Fee Hike For Two Funds
3/7/2006 AIFS Eyes National Reach For Funds
3/7/2006 Russell Opens Retail Office in Tampa
3/7/2006 Brazos Capital Names New MD
3/7/2006 Most Fund Cos. Shying From Performance-Based Fees
3/7/2006 OppFunds Taps Tech Chief
3/7/2006 TIAA-CREF Mixes Sales with Assets
3/7/2006 Janus Ups Buyback; Changes Board Elections Rules
3/7/2006 Dreyfus to Drop B-Share Sales on Premier Funds
3/6/2006 RiverSource to Float TMFs for 401k Clients
3/6/2006 Morningstar Recognizes Target Funds
3/6/2006 Evergreen Rolls Out Three Fund of Funds
3/6/2006 Janus Says Some Suit Claims To Be Dismissed
3/3/2006 Court Junks Marsh Class Suit
3/3/2006 Babson CEO Moves Out of Funds
3/3/2006 Amvescap Chairman To Step Down In April
3/3/2006 Morningstar Makes Foray Into ETF Rankings
3/2/2006 Fido Posts 20% Profit Jump
3/2/2006 Members Capital Advisors Tweaks Fund Lineup
3/2/2006 Principal Investors Funds Score Well With Barron's
3/2/2006 John Hancock Launches New Subadvised Fund
3/2/2006 Van Kampen Rolls Out Fund of Funds
3/1/2006 DTCC: Rebates More Than Doubled In '05
3/1/2006 ING Appoints Senior Portfolio Manager
3/1/2006 Withdrawals At Putnam Hit $21B In '05
3/1/2006 SEC Staff Favor New Guidelines on E-mail Monitoring
2/28/2006 Fido Pairs Up with JP Morgan Chase
2/28/2006 FBR Puts Funds Up for Adoption
2/28/2006 Mutual Fund Store Lands VC Cash
2/27/2006 Oppenheimer Will Raise Investment Minimum on Two Funds
2/27/2006 Touchstone Investments' AUM Hit $4.25B
2/27/2006 Janus LBO Plan Is Off
2/24/2006 IXIS Asset Management Group Names US CEO
2/24/2006 Smith Barney Offers Legg Mason Mutual Wrap
2/24/2006 Evergreen Directors to Mull Tender Offer
2/24/2006 Rydex To Add Six ETFs
2/24/2006 Marsh May Move to Expand Putnam
2/23/2006 Morningstar Posts Q4 Profit
2/23/2006 Fund Assets Hover Close To $10 Trillion
2/23/2006 UBoC Launches Online Mutual Fund Trading
2/23/2006 More Unbundling Deals For Lehman?
2/22/2006 Regulators Will Sort Out a Mixed Bag of 529 Plan Rules
2/22/2006 Mellon Sub Makes Foray Into DC Market
2/22/2006 MassMutual Makes Moves
2/22/2006 U.S. Bancorp Adopts a New Brand
2/22/2006 Northern Trust Picks President
2/21/2006 Waddell & Reed Shakes Up Portfolio Management Team
2/21/2006 Phoenix Promotes Three To SVP
2/21/2006 Ex-Fido VP Joins Columbia Management
2/17/2006 T. Rowe Price Funds Adopts Caterpillar Funds
2/17/2006 No More Driving on Mason Street . . .
2/17/2006 . . . 401(k) Plans Riding Mason St. Funds Get Road Map
2/17/2006 Janus Wins DST Battle with the IRS
2/17/2006 Fidelity To Close International Fund
2/17/2006 State Street Teams Up With Red Sox
2/16/2006 RiverSource Rolls Out Six New Mutual Funds
2/15/2006 Wells Fargo Launches Podcast Feature
2/15/2006 Bank of America Investment Arm Creates Three Funds
2/15/2006 Highfields Trims Janus Stake
2/15/2006 BlackRock Pulls Trigger on MLIM Deal
2/15/2006 Savvy BlackRock Pays After Christmas Sale Price for MLIM
2/15/2006 Marsh CEO: Putnam Not On The Auction Block
2/15/2006 James Advantage Looks to Add New Fund
2/14/2006 Hartford Taps SEI Executive for CCO Role
2/14/2006 New Touchstone Wholesaler for Aloha State
2/14/2006 Schwab Launches TIPS Fund for Retirees
2/14/2006 Stevens Again Calls for Slimmer Disclosures
2/13/2006 Money Fund Shop Reports Asset Rebound
2/13/2006 Merrill Lynch Fund Arm is in Play
2/13/2006 Fido May Build in N.C.
2/13/2006 Are Stale Quantities a Problem?
2/13/2006 ABM AMRO To Offer Target-Date Funds
2/13/2006 Merrill Lynch Swoops Into Talks With BlackRock
2/10/2006 Church Capital Launches First Mutual Funds
2/10/2006 Amvescap Reports 4th Quarter Loss
2/9/2006 American Century Places its Bet on Lance
2/8/2006 SEC Drops Morningstar Data Error Probe
2/7/2006 ICON Names New Portfolio Manager For Three Funds
2/7/2006 Bay State Pension Plan May Axe Fido
2/6/2006 Legg Mason To Close Two Salomon Funds
2/6/2006 Wachovia Broadens Annuity Sales Forces Horizons
2/6/2006 State Street Adds Three ETFs
2/6/2006 Hancock Taps Bank Channel Manager
2/3/2006 CheckFree Adds State Street Vet to Board
2/3/2006 T. Rowe Signs Riepe As Consultant
2/3/2006 Janus' InTech Deal Shows the Value of a Clean Name
2/2/2006 Henderson Adds a Fifth
2/2/2006 IMS Sees National Rep in its Future
2/2/2006 Is Scudder Going the Way of Kemper?
2/2/2006 Rydex Launches Branding Campaign
2/2/2006 ING Lands AssetMark Mandate
2/2/2006 Vanguard Closes Doors on Wannabe Explorers
2/2/2006 Newest Fund Sates Wm Blair's Appetite
2/2/2006 Princeton Slow on the Uptake?
2/1/2006 TCW Excommunicates Galileo
2/1/2006 Vanguard To Launch New Equity Fund
1/31/2006 Morgan Stanley Adds to SMA Platform
1/31/2006 California Bank Fund Group is Adopting
1/30/2006 Federated Taps Insider To Lead Advisory Subs
1/30/2006 SEC Chief Undergoes Surgery
1/30/2006 Merrill Picks New Brand For Funds
1/27/2006 DST Systems Fails To Land New Fund Clients
1/27/2006 Klein Decisions Ties Into Morningstar
1/26/2006 Surgeons To Launch Mutual Fund
1/26/2006 No Plans To Sell Putnam, Says Marsh CEO
1/26/2006 TIAA-CREF Shareholders Approve Fee Hike
1/25/2006 ICIM Names New President
1/25/2006 Huntington Plans New Fund
1/24/2006 Eaton Vance Taps ForstmannLeff Portfolio Manager
1/24/2006 Janus Reshuffles Portfolio Manager Lineup
1/23/2006 ReFlow Adds Three Board Members
1/23/2006 Amvescap Buys PowerShares
1/19/2006 Turner Adds Client Services Manager
1/18/2006 Illington Funds Taps NYLIM Vet
1/18/2006 NASD Enforcement Chief Moves On
1/18/2006 AIM Names Health Care Funds Manager
1/17/2006 Eaton Vance Names Next Chief
1/13/2006 Nuveen Dual Lists Two More Funds
1/13/2006 Janus To Add Fund
1/13/2006 NASD Picks Successor To Glauber
1/12/2006 Another Acting Director for the SEC's Investment Management Division
1/12/2006 AIG SunAmerica Adds a Portfolio Manager
1/11/2006 Dalbar Names Winners of Customer Service Awards
1/11/2006 Diamond Hill Adds Fund
1/10/2006 New ING Fund Makes Room for Six Subadvisors
1/10/2006 Diamond Hill Adds Fund
1/9/2006 NASD Files Case Against A.G. Edwards
1/9/2006 TIAA-CREF is Losing Mo.
1/9/2006 Hancock Names Custodian for New Lifestyle Funds
1/9/2006 Miller Cuts Back at Legg Mason
1/9/2006 SEC and Chamber of Commerce Face Off in Court
1/6/2006 AARP, Scudder Move On
1/6/2006 Fidelity To Move Up To 1,500 Employees Out of Boston
1/5/2006 Rhode Island May be in Fido Worker's Future
1/5/2006 Fidelity Unveils Low-Cost Treasury Funds
1/5/2006 T. Rowe Price Widens Advisor Class Lineup
1/4/2006 PWC Settles Heartland Suit
1/4/2006 Davis Selected Takes 2005 Morningstar Honors
1/4/2006 Vanguard Fund Gets Sixth Advisor
1/4/2006 Ameriprise Moves to World Trade Center
1/3/2006 Mellon Builds a New Home for Dreyfus
1/3/2006 Touchstone Rechristens Fund
1/3/2006 Rydex is a Refco Victim
1/3/2006 Miller is Below Average, But Keeps Streak Alive

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