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Stories Published Between 10/1/2022 And 1/1/2023
12/30/2022 Happy 2023!
12/30/2022 12 of MFWire's Most Popular Stories of 2022
12/29/2022 In Memoriam
12/29/2022 A $66MM-AUM Trio Merges Into a $378MM-AUM Duo
12/28/2022 With $18B, a Fund Firm Repeats Its Money Fund Win
12/28/2022 One of a $285B-AUM Firm's Founders Dies
12/27/2022 Passive Inflows Fall $40B As Active Outflows Rise 47-Fold
12/27/2022 An ETF Legend Dies At 69
12/23/2022 Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
12/23/2022 Equity MF Outflows Fall 89 Percent
12/22/2022 The Average Fund Suffers $1.2MM In Outflows
12/22/2022 For Partner Nine, an AM Network Bets On a 36-Year-Old Shop
12/21/2022 With $188MM, a Gotham Shop Leads
12/21/2022 A Four-Year-Old Multi-Boutique Will Buy a Three-Year-Old Peer
12/20/2022 A Liquid Alts Shop Leads With $196MM
12/20/2022 A $463B-AUM Firm Adopts a Familiar, $635MM Duo
12/19/2022 Pacer Leads As Midsize Outflows Shrink By $5B
12/19/2022 A Year Post-Sale, a $10B-AUM Boutique Enters the ETF Biz
12/16/2022 11 Months, $205B In Outflows
12/16/2022 Net Flows Sour By $30B In a Week
12/15/2022 Titans' Inflows Collapse, Despite a $938B AUM Boost
12/15/2022 The Feds Smite a Trader At a $1.1T-AUM Firm
12/14/2022 A $40B-AUMA Fund Firm Debuts Active ESG SMAs
12/14/2022 Two Years, $4.88MM In AUM
12/13/2022 A $1.5B-AUM Shop Nearly Doubles a New Product Suite
12/13/2022 Steinmetz Will Advise a New Market Intel Firm
12/12/2022 A $34MM-AUM ETF and a $59MM-AUM Quintet Will Shutter Soon
12/12/2022 Week In Preview, December 12 - December 18
12/9/2022 Chi-Town and Space City Allies Switch On an ETF
12/9/2022 Non-Equity Fund Flows Jump $35B
12/8/2022 What's Next For a $494MM-AUM, 7-Fund Startup?
12/8/2022 Two Years, $63MM In AUM
12/7/2022 A $125MM-AUM, 13-Year-Old Fund Switches Subadvisors
12/7/2022 Eight of the Most Responsible Fund Firms Are ...
12/6/2022 A Departing Distro Leader Reflects and Looks Ahead
12/6/2022 Two of the Best Fund Firms For Parents In 2022
12/5/2022 An ETF Chief Departs From a $196B-AUS Firm
12/5/2022 Week In Preview, December 5 - December 11
12/2/2022 In 2023, a Top Distro Leader Will Leave a $541B-AUM Firm
12/2/2022 Outflows Return, Except In Money Funds and Muni Bond ETFs
12/1/2022 Eyeing Revolution, a $60B-AUM Firm Plugs In a New ETF
12/1/2022 $19B In AUM and Counting
11/30/2022 A 15-Year-Old Fund Family Adds Its Sixth MF
11/30/2022 What Market Woes? These Inflows Surpass $500B
11/29/2022 A $4B-AUMA Multi-Boutique Adds a 4th Fund to a New Suite
11/29/2022 75 Years, $1.3T In AUM
11/28/2022 Goldman Leads With $22B
11/28/2022 Week In Preview, November 28 - December 4
11/25/2022 Morgan Stanley Brings on an ETF Marketer
11/25/2022 An Active ETF Startup Celebrates Two Years
11/23/2022 Happy Thanksgiving!
11/23/2022 SEC Smites a $1.5T-AUM Titan Over a $238MM-AUM ESG Trio
11/22/2022 One Month, $102B In Net Outflows
11/22/2022 A $627B-AUM U.S. AM Partners With a European Bank
11/21/2022 An Insurer's ETF Arm Leads With $99MM
11/21/2022 Fundsters' Bonuses Could Fall By a Quarter In 2022
11/18/2022 SSGA Leads With $105MM Per Fund
11/18/2022 Muni Bond ETFs Have Their Biggest Week On Record
11/17/2022 An ETF Shop Leads For Seven Months and Counting
11/17/2022 How Is FLX Using Its New Capital?
11/16/2022 WisdomTree Repeats With $2.068B
11/16/2022 Barings, Allianz, and Broadridge Bet $10MM On an Ally to Fundsters
11/15/2022 Large Firms Dominate October Outflows
11/15/2022 50 Years, $10B In AUM, and 11 Funds
11/14/2022 A $45B Reversal
11/14/2022 Week In Preview, November 14 - November 20
11/11/2022 A 52-Year-Old Firm Teams Up to Power a New ETF
11/11/2022 Net Flows Fall $62B
11/10/2022 An MF National Accounts Exec Joins a PE Giant
11/10/2022 $50MM In a Month and a Half, And ...
11/9/2022 Crossing $10B, a Fund Firm Teams With a $366B-AUM Quant Shop
11/9/2022 More Than 8,000 Fundsters In Eight Years
11/8/2022 A $1.8T-AUM Firm Adds Its 15th ETF
11/8/2022 Active MFs Rank Fourth When It Comes to Product Dev Plans
11/7/2022 Invesco and 15 Other Firms Win Big In NYC
11/7/2022 Week In Preview, November 7 - November 13
11/4/2022 Musk and Baron Talk Twitter, Zombies, and More
11/4/2022 A One-Week, 26-Fold Inflows Increase
11/3/2022 A $61B-AUM Firm Debuts an Income-Focused Fund of Funds
11/3/2022 Mr. Market Boosted Fund Firms By 7.5 Percent Last Month
11/2/2022 An Ex-Pimco EVP Co-Founds an RIA
11/2/2022 Four Fundsters With the Most Market Influence In 2022
11/1/2022 A $1.23T-AUM Firm Adds Its Ninth ETF
11/1/2022 20 Fund Firms Win Big In Manhattan
10/31/2022 A Two-Year-Old Shop Adds Two Income ETFs
10/31/2022 Week In Preview, October 31 - November 6
10/28/2022 A $2.2T-AUM Firm Debuts Its 2nd ETF Batch
10/28/2022 Equity Fund Inflows Rise 90 Percent
10/27/2022 A 28-Year Allianz and Pimco Vet Joins AB
10/27/2022 What Worries FAs About ESG?
10/26/2022 With $17B, Schwab Leads Again
10/26/2022 An $870B-AUM Firm's Americas Chief Will Pass the Reins
10/25/2022 Net Active Flows Worsen By $67B
10/25/2022 A 276-Employee Fund Firm Goes Private
10/24/2022 $1.82MM Flowed Out of the Average Fund Last Month
10/24/2022 Week In Preview, October 24 - October 30
10/21/2022 A Bond ETF Startup Wins In September
10/21/2022 Long-Term Flows Rebound By $9B
10/20/2022 Nine Months, $3.43B of Inflows
10/20/2022 A New Prez Takes Over a $13B-AUM Fund Fam
10/19/2022 WisdomTree Leads With $1.9B
10/19/2022 30 Years In, a Fund Firm Prez Retires
10/18/2022 Nine Percent of Large Firms Net Inflows
10/18/2022 20 Years, $1.4B In AUM
10/17/2022 Only One Titan Wins As Industry Outflows Jump
10/17/2022 Week In Preview, October 17 - October 23
10/14/2022 A $13B-AUM Firm's Climate Investment Suite Expands
10/14/2022 The One-Week, $32B Flows Swing
10/13/2022 A $41B-AUM Fund Firm Expands a Behavioral Science Alliance
10/13/2022 One Fund, 103 Days, and $663MM More AUM
10/12/2022 A $610B-AUM Firm Debuts a 3-Bps Fund
10/12/2022 A $507B-AUM Firm Rebrands
10/11/2022 A $67B-AUM Firm Adds to a $6B-AUM Suite
10/11/2022 15 Execs Rise At a $210B-AUM Firm
10/10/2022 A Startup Launches Its Third Fund In Two Months
10/10/2022 Week In Preview, October 10 - October 16
10/7/2022 A $785MM-AUM Firm Uncorks a Third Fund
10/7/2022 Long-Term Outflows Fall By $20B
10/6/2022 Three ETFs In Less Than Four Months
10/6/2022 2022's Seven Most Powerful Women In Asset Management
10/5/2022 New Multiboutique Name, Same Boutiques and Funds
10/5/2022 20 Fund Firms Win Big With FAs
10/4/2022 An Alts-Focused ETF Shop Targets the Next Economy
10/4/2022 Mr. Market Took Fund Firms Down 13 Percent In September, But ...
10/3/2022 A Gotham ETF Shop Combines Bitcoin and Income
10/3/2022 Week In Preview, October 3 - October 9

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