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Stories Published Between 4/1/2023 And 7/1/2023
6/30/2023 SEC Questions BlackRock's Spot ETP App
6/30/2023 Stock Fund Flows Bounce Back By $20B
6/29/2023 JPMAM Leads a $145B Rebound
6/29/2023 Strategic ETP Closures Outpace Launches By 80 Percent
6/28/2023 JPMAM Takes the Active Inflows Lead With $5.5B
6/28/2023 Fewer Fundsters Plan Channel Tweaks In 2023
6/27/2023 Five Months, $514MM Per Fund In Inflows
6/27/2023 Ross Will Help Guide a Series Trust
6/26/2023 Envestnet's Active Passive Funds Net $339MM
6/26/2023 Week In Preview, June 26 - July 2
6/23/2023 BondBloxx Repeats, Winning With $476MM
6/23/2023 Stock Funds Suffer a $37B Flows Reversal
6/22/2023 With $951MM, Baird Repeats Its Win
6/22/2023 Is Fidelity Really Bidding for Grayscale? Really?
6/21/2023 Bridge Builder's Inflows Triple As Large Firms' Outflows Rise
6/21/2023 Pimco Agrees to Pay $9MM Over a $1.9B-AUM Fund Duo
6/20/2023 SSGA Takes the Lead With $15.6B
6/20/2023 Week In Preview, June 20 - June 25
6/16/2023 Happy Juneteenth Weekend!
6/16/2023 Long-Term Inflows Rebound By $38B
6/16/2023 Is Larry Creating a Spot Bitcoin ETF ... Or an ETC?
6/15/2023 DWS Ready to Attack the U.S. Market
6/15/2023 Is Larry's Team Mulling a Bitcoin ETF?
6/15/2023 Under a New Chief, a Startup Crosses $750MM In AUM
6/14/2023 Via Machine Learning, an NYC Shop Powers a New Long/Short ETF
6/14/2023 8 Years, 47 ETFs, $24B In AUM
6/13/2023 A Thematic Shop Plugs In a 5-Stock ETF
6/13/2023 $1.05B In Ten Months
6/12/2023 A 49-Year-Old Value Shop Preps Its First ETFs
6/12/2023 Week In Preview, June 12 - June 19
6/9/2023 A 35-Year-Old Gotham Shop Soars Into ETF Country
6/9/2023 70 Weeks of Outflows In a Row, and Counting
6/8/2023 Natixis Bids Adieu to a Three-Year-Old, Active ETF
6/8/2023 Pershing Weaves In Direct Indexing
6/7/2023 First Trust Preps a $48MM-AUM, 3-Fund Liquidation
6/7/2023 Larry and Rob Get Bodyguards
6/6/2023 A Houston Startup Teams Up For an ETF
6/6/2023 A Re-Tickered Thematic ETF Reaches One Year
6/5/2023 Janus Henderson Folks Trumpet Their Brighter Future Together
6/5/2023 Week In Preview, June 5 - June 11
6/2/2023 Sullivan Hires One AB C-Suiter While Two More Rise
6/2/2023 Equity Fund Flows Improve By $2.7B
6/1/2023 Fidelity Adds Hundreds to a Campus, Despite Giving a Piece Away
6/1/2023 What's Next For Bob and His Team?
5/31/2023 Invesco's Old and New Chiefs Team Up For a Milestone
5/31/2023 Abby Donates a 250,000-Square-Foot Building
5/31/2023 The Mountain Comes to Bob. Jenny Makes the Deal
5/30/2023 A Former Index Investing Leader Leaves DWS
5/30/2023 Week In Preview, May 30 - June 4
5/26/2023 Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
5/26/2023 Will the Mountain Come to Bob?
5/26/2023 Long-Term Flows Rebound By $10B
5/25/2023 Six Influential Fundster Allies In Washington
5/25/2023 Reynolds Reveals Putnam's 12th Active ETF
5/25/2023 Gensler Wants to Close the Swing Pricing Gaps
5/24/2023 These Flows Fell By $354B In April
5/24/2023 What Holds Back Fundsters' Videos For FAs?
5/23/2023 With $1.4B, Fido Takes the Active Inflows Lead
5/23/2023 AXS Buys a Two-Fund Firm In California
5/22/2023 Bridge Builder Repeats, Netting $58MM Per Fund
5/22/2023 Week In Preview, May 22 - May 29
5/19/2023 Outflows Fall 98 Percent Among the Smallest Firms
5/19/2023 Inflows Fall $8.8B In a Week
5/18/2023 BondBloxx Leads With $308MM
5/18/2023 One Year, $685MM In AUM
5/17/2023 Baird Wins With $1.081B
5/17/2023 A 26-Year-Old Fixed Income Shop Sells to Shelton
5/16/2023 DFA Leads As Large Firms' Flows Improve By $20.6B
5/16/2023 A Florida CPA/RIA Enters the ETF Biz
5/15/2023 Vanguard Leads a $20.5B Recovery
5/15/2023 Week In Preview, May 15 - May 21
5/12/2023 A Digital Assets Fund Giant Preps 3 ETFs
5/12/2023 Money Fund Inflows and Long-Term Outflows Fall By Billions
5/11/2023 Pimco Adds an Active Commodity Fund
5/11/2023 Who Will Take Over This $42B-AUMA Firm?
5/10/2023 IndexIQ and CBRE Team Up Again
5/10/2023 Know Your FA Audience
5/9/2023 CCM Sells a $70MM-AUM Pair of Funds
5/9/2023 15 Years, $2.7B In AUM
5/8/2023 A Cali-Nevada Duo Enters the ETF Biz
5/8/2023 Week In Preview, May 8 - May 14
5/5/2023 A Global X Co-Founder Preps a 22-Fund Family
5/5/2023 Long-Term Outflows Quadruple to $15.7B
5/4/2023 Breakwave Floats a Third ETF
5/4/2023 BondBloxx and DFA Win Big In Gotham
5/3/2023 Touchstone Enters the Thematic ETF Biz
5/3/2023 Hunt Invests In a $5B-AUM Shop
5/2/2023 Clients Want a "Good Destination And a Proper Ride"
5/2/2023 Jenny Bets On a Managed Options Specialist
5/1/2023 Five Subadvisors Will Power Harbor's Newest Fund
5/1/2023 Week In Preview, May 1 - May 7
4/28/2023 One Month, $362B In Inflows
4/28/2023 Inflows Jump $116B In a Week, But ...
4/27/2023 Pimco Versus the Hushed Whispers of Recession
4/27/2023 Active Outflows Jump By $51B, But ...
4/26/2023 Sierra Debuts Its 7th Fund
4/26/2023 Bridge Builder Wins With $302MM Per Fund
4/25/2023 Robot Overlord or Solution to Info Overload? M* Adopts AI
4/25/2023 With $338MM, BondBloxx Leads
4/24/2023 USCF Wins With $852MM
4/24/2023 Week In Preview, April 24 - April 30
4/21/2023 With $3B, Pacer Takes the 2023 Lead
4/21/2023 A One-Week, $92.8B Flows Collapse
4/20/2023 Large Firms' Flows Sour By $14B Even As Schwab's Inflows Climb
4/20/2023 A 34-Year-Old Firm Adds to Its Ownership Group
4/19/2023 With $7B, BlackRock Regains the Lead
4/19/2023 15 Years, $6B In AUM, 68 Employees
4/18/2023 A Behavioral Science Ally Will Help Power a 3rd Harbor ETF
4/18/2023 An Insurer Sells a $9.3B-AUM MF Biz
4/17/2023 T. Rowe Preps a $13B-AUM Dual Handoff
4/17/2023 Week In Preview, April 17 - April 23
4/14/2023 JPMAM Preps a Four-Fund, $1.9B-AUM Transformation
4/14/2023 Equity ETF Flows Improve By $8B
4/13/2023 Cap Group Preps Three More ETFs
4/13/2023 Virtus Seals an $8.3B-AUM Deal
4/12/2023 Teucrium Gets Into Metal
4/12/2023 AM Profits Fall Six Percent, And ...
4/11/2023 VanEck Switches On Another Thematic ETF
4/11/2023 Equity Fund Outflows and Money Fund Inflows Fall By More Than Half
4/10/2023 A $276.5B-AUM Firm's Fund Services Chief Retires
4/10/2023 Week In Preview, April 10 - April 16
4/6/2023 Happy Easter Weekend!
4/6/2023 Three of the Best Fund Firms to Work For In 2023
4/5/2023 An NFL Alum Is Buying Into the ETF Biz
4/5/2023 Pan Pushes Back Against Yellen's Mutual Fund Warning
4/4/2023 Gundlach Unveils a Pair of ETFs
4/4/2023 A $27.5B-AUM Firm Will Shutter a $48MM-AUM Octet
4/3/2023 April Fools For Fundsters
4/3/2023 Week In Preview, April 3 - April 9

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