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Stories Published Between 7/1/2008 And 10/1/2008
9/30/2008 Evergreen Parent to Buy Up Lehman Debt from its Funds
9/30/2008 Wachovia Asserts New Business Model is Strong
9/30/2008 Sentinel Chief Finds Himself in an Enviable Position
9/30/2008 The Industry Debates Evergreen's Future
9/30/2008 Morgan Stanley Wants in on Money Fund Guarantee Program
9/30/2008 The Reserve Scraps its Primary Fund
9/30/2008 Dodge & Cox, Fido Boosted their Wachovia Stakes in Q2
9/29/2008 Is Allegiant the Next Fund Shop to be Sold?
9/29/2008 Neuberger Sells!
9/29/2008 The Treasury Details Money-Market Guarantee Program
9/29/2008 UPDATE 1| Citi Deal For Wachovia's Banking Ops Raises More Questions
9/29/2008 WSJ Puts a Face on Reserve Investors' Pain
9/29/2008 Will Neuberger Finally be Sold this Week?
9/29/2008 Northern Trust Beefs Up Support for Money Funds
9/28/2008 NYT: Feds Press for a Swift Wachovia Sale
9/26/2008 Evergreen Rumors May Resurface as its Parent Falters
9/26/2008 Will Citi Get Back into the Fund Business?
9/26/2008 More Investors to Receive Fair Funds
9/26/2008 Payden & Rygel Targets Retirement Plans with New Fund
9/26/2008 Big Boston Companies are Hiring
9/26/2008 Evergreen Hails Fed Liquidity Program
9/26/2008 Money Funds are on the Rebound
9/26/2008 Bond ETFs are Thrown Off Track
9/26/2008 Another Brokerage Moves to Protect Investors in Reserve Fund
9/25/2008 Pioneer Hires Three
9/25/2008 Industry Heavyweights Weigh in on Bailout Plan
9/25/2008 Neuberger Sale is Held Up
9/25/2008 Fund Chief Speaks of Spooked Investors
9/25/2008 Second Brokerage Pledges to Make Primary Fund Investors Whole
9/25/2008 Miller Tweaks His Tack
9/25/2008 WSJ Spotlights Brokerages' Money Fund Actions
9/24/2008 Putnam Strikes Money Fund Accord with Federated
9/24/2008 TD Ameritrade Pledges to Make Reserve Fund Investors Whole
9/24/2008 Opportunity Still Lurks for Fund Managers
9/24/2008 Wachovia and Morgan Stanley Marriage No More
9/24/2008 Franklin Investors to See Fair Fund Checks
9/24/2008 Sun Life Shops for U.S. Assets
9/24/2008 The Reserve Faces Another Suit
9/24/2008 WSJ Spotlights Reserve's Risky Bets
9/24/2008 Regions Settles Probe on AmSouth Funds for $11 Million
9/23/2008 FRC is Up for Sale, Say Sources
9/23/2008 Cronin is Out at Putnam
9/23/2008 Pru Plans Money Market Merger
9/23/2008 American Goes Full Steam Ahead With Expansion Plans
9/23/2008 American Beacon Closes Troubled Money Fund Portfolio
9/23/2008 Hancock Integration Plan Creates New Jobs
9/23/2008 Legg Mason, BlackRock are Added to the SEC No-Short List
9/23/2008 Two Fund Firms Stop Lending Shares to Short-Sellers
9/22/2008 Brokerage Sues Reserve over Alleged 'Tip Offs'
9/22/2008 Star Fund Manager Still Sees Opportunity in Hedging
9/22/2008 Ohio Fund Company Tells Shorts to Bring it On
9/22/2008 OpFunds Revises Ad Strategy
9/22/2008 The Reserve Seeks More Time to Liquidate Funds
9/22/2008 Funds Find Steady Flows
9/22/2008 Vilar Pleads Innocence As Trial Looms
9/22/2008 Is a Buyout in the Cards for Legg Mason?
9/22/2008 Heads Up For More Money Fund Bailout Details
9/19/2008 Lynch Gives His Two Cents About Turmoil
9/19/2008 Treasury Move is Embraced by the Industry
9/19/2008 Short Selling Rule Puts Three ETFs Out of Commission
9/19/2008 Putnam Fund Put on Watch by S&P
9/19/2008 Legg Lends a Hand to Three Money Funds
9/19/2008 ICI Gives Props to Money Market Plan
9/19/2008 Investors Continue to Bolt for Money Fund Exits
9/19/2008 Treasury Makes Unprecedented Guarantee to Money Funds
9/18/2008 Lord Abbett is the Target of a Share Class Suit
9/18/2008 Two More Fund Firms Prop Up Money Funds Against OutFlows, Lehman
9/18/2008 Suit Targets Fund that Broke the Buck
9/18/2008 Is Neuberger Headed for Team Ownership?
9/18/2008 Big Boston Shop Shutters a Money Fund
9/18/2008 WSJ Highlights Ironic Twist for The Reserve's Bent
9/18/2008 Trio of Private Equity Firms Made Final Bids for Neuberger Unit
9/18/2008 Wachovia Asks Morgan Stanley for a Second Date
9/18/2008 On the Verge of Spin-Off, Phoenix Taps Finance Chief
9/18/2008 Korean Banker Talks about the Lehman Deal That Might Have Been
9/18/2008 Reserve Freezes 23 Funds to New Investors
9/17/2008 Dreyfus Plans Launch of a Sustainability Fund
9/17/2008 Oak Value Promotes One
9/17/2008 Fund Firms Tout the Health of their Money Funds
9/17/2008 The Crowds Are Restless at Neuberger Berman
9/17/2008 Russell, Wachovia to Shore Up Money Funds with Lehman Exposure
9/17/2008 UPDATE 1 | Shrapnel From Lehman Implosion Hits Bent and Co.
9/16/2008 PowerShares to Launch Half a Dozen New Funds
9/16/2008 Two Fund Complexes to Become One
9/16/2008 Matthews Thinks Small With its New Fund
9/16/2008 Several Mutual Fund Managers Share in Lehman's Misery
9/16/2008 Pimco Fund Guaranteed $760 Million of AIG Debt
9/16/2008 Phones are not Ringing Off the Hook at Fund Firms
9/16/2008 Eaton Vance Brings in a Credit Suisse Alum
9/15/2008 Trio of Funds Firms Stand to Lose on Lehman Bets
9/15/2008 Lehman Nears a Deal for its Investment Unit
9/15/2008 FRC Founder Creates a New Firm
9/15/2008 Alger Builds Out its Institutional Sales Team
9/15/2008 BlackRock Shareholders Seem to Like the Merrill-BofA Deal
9/15/2008 American Beacon Takes Flight
9/15/2008 Expense Ratios Drop 15 Bps For One Bond Fund
9/15/2008 Federated Acquires Again
9/15/2008 Lehman's Bankruptcy Means All of Neuberger is for Sale
9/15/2008 A Senior Legg Exec to Depart
9/15/2008 What Will Be Neuberger's Fate?
9/12/2008 Fido to Buy Back $300 Million of Auction Rate Securities
9/12/2008 Is Neuberger Still For Sale?
9/12/2008 Fidelity Names a New Manager for Two Growth Funds
9/12/2008 Private Equity Aside, Who Else Might be Coveting Neuberger?
9/12/2008 Spotlight Shifts to Funds Holding Lehman
9/12/2008 Bent Sides With SEC 's Money Fund Proposal
9/11/2008 Alpine Woods Works on a New Fund
9/11/2008 More Details Emerge on Lehman Asset Sale
9/11/2008 Is Alliance Capital's Smiter Leaving the SEC?
9/11/2008 WSJ Sees One Executive Comp Debate Divide Funds
9/11/2008 U.S. Global's Q4 Net is Down 40 Percent
9/10/2008 Goldman Slashes its Outlook on Asset Managers
9/10/2008 While Others Reel, This Fund Wins Big from the Fannie-Freddie Drama
9/10/2008 McNabb Opens Up To MStar
9/10/2008 Lehman Reveals its Plan for its Investment Management Unit
9/9/2008 Fetting Makes Another Big Hire at Legg Mason
9/9/2008 Hancock Horizon Hires an Earnest Sub–adviser
9/9/2008 A Bank-Owned Asset Manager is Quitting the Muni Bond Fund Biz
9/9/2008 Smelling Opportunities, American Beacon Reopens the Gates to a Fund
9/9/2008 Freddie's Fall Hits Miller Hard
9/9/2008 German Annuities Draw American Insurer
9/8/2008 Scheve's Departure Leads to Legg Mason Vet's Return
9/8/2008 A Janus Portfolio Manager Picks a New Path
9/8/2008 UMB Appoints a Distribution Services Director
9/8/2008 Allianz and Pimco Tap a Transfer Agent
9/8/2008 Brokers, ARS Fill Special WSJ Section
9/8/2008 Lauricella Smiles On Open-End Buy-Write
9/8/2008 Matrix Investment Chief Gains Fund Track Space
9/8/2008 BGI Hires a Morgan Stanley Vet for a Key ETF Post
9/8/2008 Which Fund Firms Bet the Most on Fannie and Freddie?
9/8/2008 Mutual Funds and ETFs Unite!
9/8/2008 Evergreen Scraps a Fund Line
9/5/2008 Sick of surfing? Check Out Jobs in Middle America
9/5/2008 Aberdeen to Add to U.S. Fund Line
9/5/2008 Pioneer Hires Ex-Hedgie
9/5/2008 Industry Trade Group Comes Out Against Money Fund Rule
9/5/2008 Pimco Sees a Change at the Top
9/4/2008 Stories Stick in Down Markets
9/4/2008 Legg is Cut by a Swiss Knife
9/4/2008 Lehman Sets a Date for the Next Round of Bids
9/4/2008 Invesco PowerShares to Launch a Biotech ETF
9/4/2008 New Van Eck ETF Chases Global Hard Assets
9/4/2008 Pimco Confirms that its ETF Lineup Will Feature Active Products
9/3/2008 Brand, Benchmarks and B-Ds, Better Distribution in Three Easy Steps
9/3/2008 Turner Fills a Senior Sales Post
9/3/2008 WAMCO's CIO Makes a Return
9/3/2008 Janus Brings Fund-of Funds to Market
9/3/2008 Gabelli is Mulling Green Funds
9/3/2008 Reynolds Lays Down a Fashion Rule at Putnam
9/2/2008 New Harbor Fund Drops Anchor in Newport Beach
9/2/2008 Touchstone Names Institutional Biz Dev VP
9/2/2008 Munder is Getting Out of the Money Market Fund Biz
9/2/2008 Global Indexes are Often Short on the Up and Coming
9/2/2008 Vanguard and American Century are Sued Over Illegal Bets
9/2/2008 Goldman Goes to India
9/1/2008 Phoenix Picks Post Spin-Off Space
9/1/2008 ING Exec Moves to Hartford
9/1/2008 East Coast Job Surfing
8/29/2008 OpFunds and T. Rowe Get Props for Websites
8/29/2008 ETFs Muscle in on Mutual Fund Territory
8/29/2008 Money-Fund Directors Slam Proposed Credit Rule Change
8/29/2008 Lazard Has a Fund Opening and Closing in the Works
8/28/2008 Forbes Picks the Greatest Money Managers of All Time
8/28/2008 Russell Plans Name Change for Some Funds
8/28/2008 Hennessy Readies Distribution Push
8/28/2008 Exec Flies Back to Phoenix
8/28/2008 Canadian Bank Moves Into Chinese Fund Market
8/28/2008 WSJ Features Fannie and Freddie Watchers
8/27/2008 Lehman Picks Finalists in Hypothetical Asset Management Sale
8/27/2008 How Wasatch Ended Up Making its First Ever Acquisition
8/27/2008 Why Fundies Read the WSJ and Not the NYTimes
8/27/2008 Calvert Names New Equities Chief
8/27/2008 Cuomo Puts Fidelity and Goldman Under the Microscope
8/27/2008 MStar Analyst Tells Remaining Schwab YieldPlus Investors to Get Out
8/26/2008 Wasatch Buys Bank Funds
8/26/2008 Private Equity Firms Peek at Lehman Unit's Financials
8/26/2008 Putnam Hopes to Convince Investors to Stay in the Market
8/26/2008 A Law Firm Files Another Claim Against Schwab
8/26/2008 Russell Misses with Fund-of-Hedge Funds Adventure
8/26/2008 A New ETF Rides to Market
8/26/2008 WSJ Looks at the Fund Industry Post-Scandal
8/26/2008 Old Mutual Bets on Real Estate
8/25/2008 A DWS Portfolio Team Exits the Company
8/25/2008 An AMG Exec Sees a Fiery End to His Home
8/25/2008 Invesco Hires an Old Mutual Vet
8/25/2008 Federated is Tops in Merrill's Eyes
8/25/2008 Closed-End Fund Shareholders to Vote For Seligman-Ameriprise Deal
8/25/2008 Jaffe Ponders the Fund Scandal's Impact
8/25/2008 XShares Shutters More ETFs
8/22/2008 A ChiTown Law Firm Targets AMF Ultra Short Fund
8/22/2008 Potential Neuberger Deal Has Some Pitfalls
8/22/2008 West Coast Jobs Grab the Spotlight
8/22/2008 For the Third Time in 12 Months, Van Kampen Reopens its Muni Fund
8/22/2008 Fido Answers Galvin, Responds to Customer Complaints
8/22/2008 Eaton Vance Mulls ETFs
8/22/2008 DoL Takes On Advice For IRAs, 401ks
8/22/2008 Brennan Thumbs Down SEC Proposal
8/21/2008 Forward and Accessor to Integrate Sales Teams
8/21/2008 Pimco Raises Expense Ratios on Four Funds
8/21/2008 Vanguard Puts 'Happy Days' on Hold
8/21/2008 Will Merrill Sway BlackRock and Pimco?
8/21/2008 SSgA is Sued Again over Bond Fund
8/21/2008 SRIs Get the Fund Track Spotlight
8/20/2008 Reserve's New Sales Head Plans to Expand Team
8/20/2008 Eaton Vance Misses Analyst Expectations
8/20/2008 Federated Shops for Shares
8/20/2008 SEC Unveils a New Idea
8/20/2008 Galvin Wants Fido to Buy Back Auction-Rate Securities
8/20/2008 Five Fundies Make Post-Election Predictions
8/19/2008 The Reserve Names Sales Chief
8/19/2008 Forward Anoints a New President
8/19/2008 Plaintiffs Choose Legal Eagles in Schwab Fund Suit
8/19/2008 Auction-Rate Securities, Banks and Closed-End Funds Tango
8/19/2008 Lehman Drops the Book on its Asset Management Unit
8/19/2008 Evergreen Names Head of Muni-Bond Group
8/18/2008 Suit Against Rydex is Dismissed
8/18/2008 Putnam Investors See First of Fair Fund Money
8/18/2008 Dueling Legal Minds Could Give Oakmark Fee Case a New Life
8/18/2008 WSJ Takes Aim at Target Funds' Cost
8/18/2008 Fido Finds Cuomo at its Door
8/15/2008 Ariel Makes Layoffs
8/15/2008 Lazard to Pull in Outstanding Equity Units
8/15/2008 Stock Fund Assets Fall in July
8/15/2008 Bent Remembers Brown
8/15/2008 Co-Founder of the Reserve Fund Dies
8/15/2008 WSJ Spotlights Top ETF Performers
8/15/2008 Will Losses Force Steel's Hand on Evergreen Sale?
8/14/2008 Fido Makes Infrastructure Improvements
8/14/2008 Integrity Posts Higher Q2 Earnings
8/14/2008 Legg Looks for a New Distribution Head
8/14/2008 AMG Drops a Bucket of Cash in the Buyout Pool
8/14/2008 WSJ Tackles Hot Commodity ETFs
8/14/2008 Dreyfus Taps Ex-Pioneer Exec for a Sales Post
8/13/2008 New ETF Website Gives Investors Fast Facts
8/13/2008 A New Player Jumps into the Active ETF Pool
8/13/2008 Barron's Drops its Annual Top Fund Manager List
8/13/2008 Putnam Wins A $12-Million Mandate
8/13/2008 El-Erian Sees More Banks Going the Way of Merrill
8/13/2008 Calamos Taps A Familiar Face as CFO
8/13/2008 Legendary Value Investor Inspires Three New Products
8/12/2008 USAA Funds is Expanding its Investor Base
8/12/2008 RIA Firm Uses ETFs in New Strategy
8/12/2008 A DB Unit Partners Up to Boost Transparency of Money Fund Reporting
8/12/2008 Zacks Shifts into Neutral
8/12/2008 Are Closed-Enders Feeling a Twinge of Regret?
8/12/2008 American Funds Business Gets a Once-Over
8/11/2008 Strategic Insight Founders Mull Sale, Say Sources
8/11/2008 Active ETFs Are Not Off to a Smashing Start, Study Says
8/11/2008 MStar Picks Up a Software Provider
8/11/2008 Vanguard Tweaks a Fund's Mandate
8/11/2008 Allianz Switches Subadvisers for its Value Fund
8/11/2008 Fund Track Revisits Barclay's 529 Plans
8/8/2008 New SEC Site Takes Out the Dirty Laundry
8/8/2008 Distribution is Key to the Ameriprise-Seligman Deal
8/8/2008 East Coast Job Fair
8/8/2008 Cap Group to Expand Indy Operations
8/8/2008 BlackRock Preps to Swallow Two Funds
8/8/2008 Pax is Shuttering a Fund
8/8/2008 Barclays Tries Its Hand at 529s
8/8/2008 Two Vanguard Reopens Win WSJ Play
8/7/2008 XShares Sees Another High-Level Departure
8/7/2008 Schwab's YieldPlus Continues to Draw Fire
8/7/2008 Two Vanguard Funds Set Sail for the Open Market
8/7/2008 Gross Sees Treasury as Fannie and Freddie's Partner
8/7/2008 PRIM Dumps Old-Fashioned Asset Managers for Hedgers
8/7/2008 Morningstar Gives Alternatives Managers a Place of Their Own
8/6/2008 Fidelity Seeks a New HR Services Head
8/6/2008 OpFunds Hires a Marketer for its Big 5-0
8/6/2008 A Canadian Bank Marks Itself as a Buyer
8/6/2008 NatCity Wraps Up Round One of Allegiant Bids
8/6/2008 GAMCO Reports Lower Earnings, Will Buy Back More Shares
8/6/2008 Will Risky Bets Sink Janus Again?
8/6/2008 Janus Investors to See Settlement Checks, Finally
8/5/2008 Lehman Starts Shopping its Investment Unit
8/5/2008 Morningstar Move May Change Some Funds' Ratings
8/5/2008 I-Banker Puts Out Full M&A Report
8/5/2008 Two Matthews Funds are Back on the Market
8/5/2008 Third Avenue Buys into Distress
8/5/2008 Putnam Halves Load Redemption Periods
8/5/2008 Evergreen is Slapped With a Bond Fund Suit
8/5/2008 Jaffe Talks Buy and Hold
8/4/2008 Market Drop Prompts RidgeWorth to Uncork a Fund
8/4/2008 Another Evergreen Exec Departs
8/4/2008 Fund Consultant Jumps Firms
8/4/2008 Van Wagoner is Out at Eponymous Fund
8/4/2008 Skippers Own Up to Their First Half Mistakes
8/4/2008 Lower Expenses Give Vanguard ETF Emerging Market Advantage
8/1/2008 Morgan Keegan Faces Five More Suits
8/1/2008 An LA Fund Shop Drops it Second Fund
8/1/2008 McNabb Set to Sail into Vanguard CEO Spot
8/1/2008 An Oppenheimer Vet Dies
8/1/2008 BNY Mellon Bets on a Muni Bond Fund
8/1/2008 WSJ: Wind ETFs are a Fast Growing Breed
8/1/2008 Fund Firm Searching for Alternatives
7/31/2008 MFS is Hit with a Share Class Suit
7/31/2008 Aguilar Gets the Thumbs Up
7/31/2008 New 130/30 Fund Hits the Market
7/31/2008 ICI Reveals Q2 Lobbying Spending
7/31/2008 Putnam Restructuring Continues
7/31/2008 Phoenix Unveils New Name
7/31/2008 In-Kind Invoked By ChiTown Fund
7/31/2008 SEC Proposes Soft Dollars Guidance
7/30/2008 John Hancock Renovates its Advisor Portal
7/30/2008 Things are Not So Peaceful at Pax
7/30/2008 New Fund Group Gives Away Mandate
7/30/2008 State Street Picks Up a New Mandate
7/30/2008 Hancock Revamps Sales Team
7/30/2008 Touchstone Swaps One International Fund for Another
7/30/2008 Fido Keeps Course After Congressional Scolding
7/29/2008 Pimco to Test Drive a New Vehicle
7/29/2008 Northern Trust Makes Room for a New Role
7/29/2008 Fund Invests in a Novel Take on Congress
7/29/2008 A New Fund Legend is Born
7/29/2008 Insurers Try Out Jargon-Free Annuity Docs
7/28/2008 Evergreen Hires a Top Marketer
7/28/2008 Will Steel Put Evergreen on the Block?
7/28/2008 New Fido Funds Read AA Only
7/28/2008 Alger Gets Healthy With a New Hire
7/28/2008 Centralizing Fund Admin is a Concern for a Quarter of Execs
7/28/2008 SEI Serves Up An Institutional Offering
7/28/2008 Cox to Take a Hard Line on Soft Dollars?
7/28/2008 Natixis Taps a Retirement Chief
7/28/2008 Blogging Funds or Blogging for Funds?
7/25/2008 Sentinel Prepares for a Sales Push
7/25/2008 Vanguard Swaps One Manager for Two on Growth Fund
7/25/2008 Franklin is in the Mood for Shopping
7/25/2008 Battling Analysts Weigh in on Possible Neuberger Sale
7/25/2008 A Bond Fund Shop Sees a Change at the Top
7/25/2008 American Files For a New Fund
7/25/2008 Moody's Says Fido is on Track for a Good Year
7/25/2008 Profit Up at Janus, Down at Franklin
7/24/2008 Schroders to Introduce Itself This Fall
7/24/2008 Matthews Expands its Product Line
7/24/2008 GAMCO Taps an Ex-Bear Exec for a C-Level Post
7/24/2008 State Street is Hit With Another Suit Over an Ultra-Short Bond Fund
7/24/2008 SSgA Alters Redemption Rules for its Money Market Fund
7/24/2008 Negative Outlook Gets Fund Manager Press
7/23/2008 Keeley Sees Green
7/23/2008 Fink Still Wins, Even if Thain Loses
7/23/2008 AMG Makes a Double Play
7/23/2008 Fetting Says Legg to Pursue Deals and New Channels
7/23/2008 NatCity Set to Shop its Funds Arm
7/23/2008 DoL Proposes Fee Disclosure Regs for 401k Participants
7/22/2008 Bettinger to Take the Reins at Schwab
7/22/2008 Matthews Scores a Deal with a Wirehouse
7/22/2008 Ten More SPDRs Add to the SSgA Web
7/22/2008 Wells Fargo Finishes Fund Mergers
7/22/2008 Sassano Settles With SEC Over Market Timing Through Fido
7/22/2008 Newly Rechristened PNC Global to Boost its Headcount
7/22/2008 Cohen, Dividend Gain Ink Over Falling Stock Dividends
7/21/2008 Fund Administrator Expands Executive Team
7/21/2008 Are Money Market Funds Safe From Fannie and Freddie Fallout?
7/21/2008 Osterweis Gets WSJ-Time For Stock Picks
7/21/2008 Analysts See T. Rowe Stock Heading North
7/21/2008 WisdomTree Wins Retirement Mandates
7/18/2008 ETF Launches Continue at Fast Clip
7/18/2008 Former Foreside Exec Moves to a Fund Firm
7/18/2008 Tom Bailey Gets Hometown Press
7/18/2008 Putnam Pushes a New Product
7/18/2008 Ziegler Boosts Number of Consultant Callers
7/18/2008 WSJ Spotlights BlackRock's Numbers
7/17/2008 Tice Talks
7/17/2008 Fund Investors Aren't Put off by Market Troubles
7/17/2008 Fink Confirms Thain's Decision: No Merrill Lynch BlackRock Sale will Come
7/17/2008 Rydex is Adding to its Currency ETF Lineup
7/17/2008 Fido Watcher Hires a New Top Editor
7/17/2008 WSJ Gives More on Scudder's Disappearance
7/16/2008 No Sale! Thain will Hang onto BlackRock Stake
7/16/2008 SKBA Capital to Sub-Advise New Fund
7/16/2008 AufWiedersehen, Scudder
7/16/2008 WisdomTree Opens Up the Gulf
7/16/2008 Globe Points Out Three 'Safe' Funds
7/16/2008 GM Move May Cause Mutual Funds to Hit the Brakes
7/16/2008 WSJ: Prudent Play is Still Costly
7/15/2008 JennisonDryden Eyes 401ks for its New Small-Cap Fund
7/15/2008 Why Federated is Bringing in the Bears
7/15/2008 More Fannie and Freddie Bets Draw Headlines
7/15/2008 Fannie, Freddie Paper Still Good, Say Money Fund Managers
7/15/2008 Federated Makes An Acquisition
7/15/2008 Fidelity Makes Moves to Woo Asian Institutions
7/14/2008 PFPC Rebrands with a Familiar Name
7/14/2008 Another Day, Another Bond Fund Investigation
7/14/2008 Four Fund Firms Could Lose as Much as $4 Billion on Fannie, Freddie Troubles
7/11/2008 Loomis Sayles Puts a Cap on a Fund
7/11/2008 Calvert Gets its Feet Wet With a New Fund
7/11/2008 Gross Gets Dragged into the Lehman Mess
7/11/2008 PowerShares Looks to the Middle East and Africa
7/11/2008 Tsai Dies: Go-Go Era Fund Manager Passes Away
7/11/2008 Management Wins Funds' Proxy Vote
7/11/2008 Legg Mason's Miller is in Last Place. Can He Come Back?
7/10/2008 New Fund-of ETFs Has 401k Hopes
7/10/2008 Northern Trust Entices Columbia Vet to Chi-Town
7/10/2008 An Invesco Aim Fund Undergoes a Skipper, Name Change
7/10/2008 North Track Funds Parent Changes Hands
7/10/2008 India Attracts Yet More Fund Firms
7/10/2008 Is Neuberger Berman About to Hit the Auction Block?
7/9/2008 Merrill Lynch 'In Talks' with BlackRock
7/9/2008 Lord Abbett Makes Mid and Large Cap Moves
7/9/2008 Another Boston Fund Firm Hit with Bond Fund Suit
7/9/2008 Enterprise Fund Distributors' Last Client Turns Out the Lights
7/9/2008 New First Eagle Hire Could be the Next Eveillard
7/9/2008 FAF Makes Sub-Advisor Switch
7/9/2008 Cieszko to Take Reins at Evergreen
7/8/2008 Fund World Loses an Investing Legend
7/8/2008 Vanguard To Move ETFs to the Arca
7/8/2008 XShares' June Moves are in the Headlines Again
7/8/2008 Hometown Paper Offers Up More Seligman-Ameriprise Deal Details
7/8/2008 Janus Buys Further into a Value Shop in a $90 Million Deal
7/7/2008 Seligman Sells
7/7/2008 Former Bear Big Plans Entrance to the U.S. Fund Business
7/7/2008 Piedmont Investment Advisors Launches its First Mutual Fund
7/7/2008 Fido Acquires Surprise Assets
7/7/2008 Pricey Sector ETFs are Weighing on the Average
7/7/2008 Thain is Close to a BlackRock Decision
7/7/2008 Alger Branding Move Gets WSJ Play
7/4/2008 Happy July Fourth!
7/3/2008 A Texas Fund Firm Gains a Golden Distribution Expertise
7/3/2008 Funds Take Back Seat to Performance in the WSJ Q2 Wrap
7/3/2008 Morningstar Dumps Three ETFs
7/3/2008 Fund Bigwigs Saw Their Paychecks Shrink in 07
7/2/2008 Fidelity Taps a Watson Wyatt Consultant for a New Post
7/2/2008 A Hedger Caught Timing Mutual Funds Saw a Sweet Rebound, Then His Bets Went Sour
7/2/2008 Shareholder Slaps American Funds with a 12b-1 Suit
7/2/2008 I-Bankers See Battered Banks Selling off Asset Management Businesses
7/2/2008 Domestic Stock Funds Trump International Peers
7/1/2008 Frost Finds Funds
7/1/2008 Aberdeen Officially Enters U.S. Fund Business
7/1/2008 Fido Boots Up With Two New Hires
7/1/2008 Merk Gets a Window into the Mind of the Fed
7/1/2008 First American Takes its Global Infrastructure Fund to the Masses
7/1/2008 Subprime Fallout Lawsuit Hits Yet Another Ultra-Short Bond Fund
7/1/2008 Legg Mason to Pay Another $240 Million to Bolster its Money Funds
7/1/2008 Q2 Review: Commodity Funds Were Winners
7/1/2008 Mutual Fund to Hedge Fund Pipeline Sees a Reversal

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