This Four-Firm Family's CEO Still Hunts
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This Four-Firm Family's CEO Still Hunts

Four fund firms is enough for Jerry Szilagyi, yet he's still looking for acquisitions.

Jerry Szilagyi
Chief Executive Officer
Catalyst Capital Advisors LLC
Szilagyi leads AlphaCentric, Catalyst Capital Advisors [profile], Rational Funds [profile], and USA Mutuals [profile]. The Rational deal closed at the beginning of 2016, and Szilagyi says he's still on the hunt.

"We're looking for interesting and unique products that we think have the opportunity to be successful in today's marketplace," Szilagyi tells MFWire, adding that "unique and alternative strategies" are of particular interest.

Szilagyi is open to: adopting funds and keeping the old advisors on as subadvisor; buying a book of business from another shop; or buying a shop or lifting out a team outright. Yet he's not looking to add a fifth separate mutual fund shop the family.

"I don't think we're really looking to do anything as a separate company in the foreseeable future ... I think four is plenty for the foreseeable future," Szilagyi says. "We are looking for opportunities for the various companies that I already oversee."

"A lot of it has to do with what other products and strategies are under that particular company," Szilagyi adds. "We try not to have very similar strategies under the same umbrella."

Yet with four different mutual fund shops, Szilagyi can offer different takes on the same type of strategy by putting them under different brands.

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