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Stories Published Between 1/1/2022 And 4/1/2022
3/31/2022 A $134B-AUM Fund Firm Directly Enters the ETF Biz
3/31/2022 A $111B-AUM Fund Firm Will Buy an Alt Credit Shop
3/30/2022 With Three Launches, a $10B-AUS Boutique Enters ESG
3/30/2022 A $1.54T-AUM Titan Preps a New HQ
3/29/2022 A CFO Joins a $3.5B-AUM Fund Firm
3/29/2022 5 Years, 8 ETFs, $1.1B In AUM
3/28/2022 An ETF Journalist Joins an Ally to Fundsters
3/28/2022 Week In Preview, March 28 - April 3
3/25/2022 Targeting SMAs, a Legg Vet Joins a $575B-AUM AM's Leadership Team
3/25/2022 Flows Swing $37B In a Week
3/24/2022 Ned Johnson Dies
3/24/2022 Fundsters' Bonuses Surged In 2021, But ...
3/23/2022 These Outflows Fell $85B In a Month
3/23/2022 A $432B-AUM Firm's Board Picks Two CEOs, But ...
3/22/2022 Inflows Fall $97B, Mostly Due to Active Funds
3/22/2022 A $1.5B-AUM Startup's Chief Passes the Reins, But ...
3/21/2022 A 48-Year-Old Fund Firm Leads, Proportionately
3/21/2022 Week In Preview, March 21 - March 27
3/18/2022 A $3B-AUM Fixed Income Shop Leads In Feb
3/18/2022 $9B Flows Out of Long-Term Funds
3/17/2022 A 66-Year-Old Boutique Leads, But Small Firms' Inflows Slow
3/17/2022 A $739B-AUM Fund Firm Preps a $750MM-Plus Deal
3/16/2022 ProShares Repeats Atop Midsize Firms' Shrinking Inflows Pack
3/16/2022 A $64B-AUM Firm Preps a $150MM Adoption-Conversion Combo
3/15/2022 Schwab's Five-Month-Old Lead Widens
3/15/2022 2022's Six Most Ethical Fund Firms
3/14/2022 Industry Flows Rebound Fivefold to $48B, But ...
3/14/2022 Week In Preview, March 14 - March 20
3/11/2022 A $6B-AUM Shop Adds Three Managed Outcome ETFs
3/11/2022 Industry Outflows Return, But ...
3/10/2022 Fidelity Leads As 97 Fund Firms Win Big
3/10/2022 An Insurer Puts More Chips On a $1.5T-AUM Giant
3/9/2022 A New RIA Sails Into the ETF Biz
3/9/2022 Bathon Hires a Journalist-Turned-Fund-Research-Vet
3/8/2022 An Ally to Nearly 50 Asset Managers Rebrands
3/8/2022 The 29 Most Influential Women In the U.S. Fund Biz
3/7/2022 Three Years In, a $29MM Pair Transforms
3/7/2022 Week In Preview, March 7 - March 13
3/4/2022 SSGA Doubles Down On a Nine-Year Partnership
3/4/2022 A $78B-AUM Firm Powers On a Thematic Fund
3/3/2022 A $2.7T-AUM Titan Debuts Its First ETFs
3/3/2022 Mister Market Is Hitting Fund Firms Harder In 2022, But ...
3/2/2022 Five Join an Industry Charity's Board
3/2/2022 A $372B-AUM Boutique Teams Up With an HBCU
3/1/2022 ETFs: Not Your Grandfather's Mutual Fund
3/1/2022 A $134B-AUM Firm Moves East, But ...
2/28/2022 One Month, $119B In Outflows
2/28/2022 Week In Preview, February 28 - March 6
2/25/2022 Passive Inflows Plunge By $74B, And ...
2/25/2022 Long-Term Outflows Fall 47 Percent
2/24/2022 As Russia Invades Ukraine, "Investors Want to Know What Assets Managers Are Thinking"
2/24/2022 A Fixed Income Startup Builds Its First ETF
2/23/2022 Proportional Inflows Fall Tenfold In a Month
2/23/2022 From SEC Chief to Two-Time NFL Investigator
2/22/2022 A November Launch Dominates In January
2/22/2022 Week In Preview, February 22 - February 27
2/18/2022 Happy Presidents' Day Weekend!
2/18/2022 Outflows Nearly Triple to $46.4B
2/17/2022 USGI Leads With $332MM As Small Firms' Inflows Return
2/17/2022 A NorCal Startup Debuts Its First Seven ETFs
2/16/2022 41 Percent of Shrinking Inflows Go to These Firms
2/16/2022 A Tennessee Startup Crosses $1B In AUM
2/15/2022 Schwab Four-Peats As Large Firms' Marketshare Rises
2/15/2022 A $4.5T-AUM Titan Adds a Go-Anywhere Bond Fund
2/14/2022 AUM Slips Five Percent As Inflows Fall 90 Percent
2/14/2022 Week In Preview, February 14 - February 20
2/11/2022 Harbor Gains SVPs on Opposite Coasts
2/11/2022 $19.7B Flows Into ETFs, But ...
2/10/2022 A $78B-AUM Multi-Boutique's M&A Strat Targets Four Areas
2/10/2022 From $5B to $10B In 10 Months
2/9/2022 A Product Strat SVP Joins a $102B-AUM Firm
2/9/2022 The 16 Most Admired Fund Firms Are ...
2/8/2022 A $5.1B-AUM Boutique Adds Three ETFs
2/8/2022 The 41 Best Fund Firms For LGBTQ+ Workers
2/7/2022 A $4.4B-AUM ETF Shop Takes On Inflation
2/7/2022 Week In Preview, February 7 - February 13
2/4/2022 A $55B-AUM Firm Enters the ETF Biz
2/4/2022 Stock Funds Bring In $4.8B, Despite Rising Industry Outflows
2/3/2022 New Allies Power an ESG ETF-of-ETFs
2/3/2022 Amid Leadership Changes, a $432B-AUM Firm Frees a Subsidiary
2/2/2022 A Florida Startup Enters the Thematic ETF Biz
2/2/2022 An $80B-AUM Firm Closes On an $8B-AUM Deal
2/1/2022 ICI Replaces GMM, And ...
2/1/2022 10 Years, 5 Stars, $937.5MM In AUM
1/31/2022 Money Market Flows Fell 23 Percent Last Year, But ...
1/31/2022 Week In Preview, January 31 - February 6
1/28/2022 Expect Miracles Keeps In Touch and Tackles Financial Literacy
1/28/2022 Long-Term Fund Outflows Triple to $9.2B, But ...
1/27/2022 SSGA Leads As Passive Inflows Rise 60 percent
1/27/2022 Pondering a Robo's $1.4B Price Tag
1/26/2022 Inflows Per Fund Fall 10 Percent, But ...
1/26/2022 In 2021, the Top Fund Firm For Remote Work Was ...
1/25/2022 A Contrarian Boutique Leads With $812MM In Inflows
1/25/2022 With Two Launches, a Baird Arm Enters the ETF Biz
1/24/2022 The Current State of Martech Stacks at Asset Managers
1/24/2022 Week In Preview, January 24 - January 30
1/21/2022 With $2B of Inflows, an Ex-TAMP Leads This Pack
1/21/2022 Net Outflows Triple to $61.2B
1/20/2022 Despite a Rough Finale, Midsize Inflows Returned In 2021
1/20/2022 Vanguard Will Adopt a $178MM Fund
1/19/2022 Schwab's Inflows Nearly Triple to $50B
1/19/2022 Who Will Take Over This $4.1T-AUM Firm?
1/18/2022 Inflows Quintuple to $1.2T
1/18/2022 Week In Preview, January 18 - January 23
1/14/2022 Happy MLK Day Weekend!
1/14/2022 Equity Fund Flows Rise to $9.9B, But ...
1/13/2022 A Midwestern Prop Trading Shop Enters the ETF Biz
1/13/2022 13 ETFs In Less Than Three Years
1/12/2022 A $4B-AUM Boutique Launches a 2nd MF
1/12/2022 Two Fund Firms Invest In a PowerShares Vet's Direct Indexer
1/11/2022 An $84B-AUM Firm Adds Three ETFs
1/11/2022 SoftBank Bets $146MM On an AI Shop Powering U.S. ETFs, And ...
1/10/2022 A Startup Plants Its First ETF
1/10/2022 Week In Preview, January 10 - January 16
1/7/2022 A Five-Year-Old Shop Adds a Third ETF
1/7/2022 A $13.4B Start to 2022
1/6/2022 An $8.8B-AUM Boutique Adds a Fourth MF
1/6/2022 A $4B-AUM Firm Buys a Four-Year-Old Boutique
1/5/2022 Bill Miller Divides and Passes His Reins
1/5/2022 Victory, Virtus, Franklin, and Voya Each Seal Deals
1/4/2022 An Empire State Shop Debuts Its Fourth ETF
1/4/2022 An $18.2B-AUM Firm Buys a $1.5B-AUM ETF Biz, And ...
1/3/2022 A Four-Fund Shop Launches Two More
1/3/2022 Week In Preview, January 3 - January 9

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