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Stories Published Between 1/1/2022 And 4/1/2022
1/18/2022 Inflows Quintuple to $1.2T
1/18/2022 Week In Preview, January 18 - January 23
1/14/2022 Happy MLK Day Weekend!
1/14/2022 Equity Fund Flows Rise to $9.9B, But ...
1/13/2022 A Midwestern Prop Trading Shop Enters the ETF Biz
1/13/2022 13 ETFs In Less Than Three Years
1/12/2022 A $4B-AUM Boutique Launches a 2nd MF
1/12/2022 Two Fund Firms Invest In a PowerShares Vet's Direct Indexer
1/11/2022 An $84B-AUM Firm Adds Three ETFs
1/11/2022 SoftBank Bets $146MM On an AI Shop Powering U.S. ETFs, And ...
1/10/2022 A Startup Plants Its First ETF
1/10/2022 Week In Preview, January 10 - January 16
1/7/2022 A Five-Year-Old Shop Adds a Third ETF
1/7/2022 A $13.4B Start to 2022
1/6/2022 An $8.8B-AUM Boutique Adds a Fourth MF
1/6/2022 A $4B-AUM Firm Buys a Four-Year-Old Boutique
1/5/2022 Bill Miller Passes, and Divides, the Reins
1/5/2022 Victory, Virtus, Franklin, and Voya Each Seal Deals
1/4/2022 An Empire State Shop Debuts Its Fourth ETF
1/4/2022 An $18.2B-AUM Firm Buys a $1.5B-AUM ETF Biz, And ...
1/3/2022 A Four-Fund Shop Launches Two More
1/3/2022 Week In Preview, January 3 - January 9

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