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Stories Published Between 7/1/2007 And 10/1/2007
9/28/2007 Pennsylvania Puts Forth its Best Jobs
9/28/2007 American Century's Ex-CEO Set to Roar on Morningstar's Board
9/28/2007 XShares Adds REIT Funds to its Menu
9/28/2007 Cap Group Courts Toyko
9/28/2007 China: The Next Mutual Fund Frontier?
9/27/2007 First Eagle Loses Another Eveillard Successor
9/27/2007 Olstein Adds New SVP and Portfolio Manager
9/27/2007 SSgA Blows Away the Competition in FRC's August Inflows Report
9/27/2007 Pax Makes Peace with a New Fund
9/27/2007 MyShares Banks on Wal-Mart for its new ETF
9/27/2007 Pyramis to Expand Institutional Long/Short Lineup
9/27/2007 U.S. Global Investors to Take Control of MegaTrends from Sub-Adviser
9/27/2007 Vanguard Uses Mutual Funds to Anchor its Retirement Income Products
9/27/2007 Lawson Gives Abby Reign Over Fido's Fund Business
9/27/2007 Morningstar Sees Fido and Putnam Stewardship Slide
9/26/2007 Summit Tests the Target-Date Waters
9/26/2007 Goldman Invests in a New Unit Co-Head
9/26/2007 Cerulli Survey: What a Gatekeeper Wants
9/26/2007 Are ETF Migrations the Beginning of an All ETF Exchange?
9/26/2007 Social Responsibility Needs Integrity
9/26/2007 Bowne Hires Secret Weapon in XBRL Wars
9/26/2007 American Funds Take Top Honors in Adviser Survey
9/26/2007 Vanguard Mega-Cap Launch: Part 2
9/25/2007 Invesco Wants Back on the NYSE
9/25/2007 AIM Fills One of Two Vacant Sales Head Positions
9/25/2007 kasina Affirms E-mail's Sales Power
9/25/2007 Dodge & Cox is the Crown Jewel of the 2007 Luxury Brand Status Index
9/25/2007 SEC Reaches an XBRL Milestone
9/25/2007 Making the Grade at Morningstar
9/25/2007 Evergreen in the Market for New Sales Head as it Shuffles Distribution Teams
9/25/2007 Hancock's Chief: Multi-Manager Makes the Most Sense in Lifecycle Funds
9/25/2007 Muni-bond ETFs Proliferate Despite Credit Woes
9/25/2007 Want to Launch a 130/30 Fund? Talk to BoNY
9/24/2007 Vanguard Seeks to Expand ETF Line-up
9/24/2007 Fido International Promotes Longtime Loyalist
9/24/2007 Fink Says BlackRock is Safe from Sub Prime
9/24/2007 A Fund Manager Departs and Riversource Announces Consolidations
9/24/2007 Asset Management is a Hot Jobs Area
9/21/2007 Wechsler 'Danses' to the Beat of a New Hire
9/21/2007 New York, New York, The Address of Your New Job?
9/21/2007 The East Coast Johnsons' Fortune Expands
9/21/2007 South Korea, Taiwan Poised to Become Major Players in Emerging Market Funds
9/20/2007 Hedge-Like Strategies Failing Some Mutual Funds
9/20/2007 SunStar Marks Marketing Milestone
9/20/2007 Off to the Retail Market for Five New Funds
9/20/2007 AIM Tweaks Portfolio Teams of Two Funds
9/20/2007 ALPS Fund Services Hires CFO
9/20/2007 XShares Names CEO, Secures $10 Million Funding
9/20/2007 Cox Crows About XBRL
9/20/2007 Columbia Looks Inside to Find CIO
9/20/2007 DTCC Updates Profile System for Easier Prospectus Access
9/20/2007 Mutual Funds See Record Flows as a Result of Fed's Deep Discount
9/20/2007 Fund Managers Leap Into the Stock Market After Rate Cut
9/20/2007 Checkmate for 'The Bishop' Bomber
9/19/2007 Columbia's New Ad Campaign Focuses on Brand Awareness
9/19/2007 SEC Smacks the Greenbacks Out of Evergreen
9/19/2007 Matthews Adds an Extra CEO
9/19/2007 Putnam's Portfolio Managers Put Their Heads Together to Seek Out Market Opportunity
9/19/2007 PowerShares Taps Top Talent for Portfolio Management
9/19/2007 Citi and Legg Mason Come to a New Agreement
9/18/2007 Accessor to Add a 120/20 Strategy to its Portfolio
9/18/2007 Nuveen Deal a Go
9/18/2007 SAM Gets a Grand U.S Introduction
9/18/2007 Pioneer Builds Out Institutional Biz with Key Appointments
9/18/2007 Fido Re-tools the Name of its RIA Group
9/18/2007 Nationwide Gets Out of Active Management
9/18/2007 Have Bond Funds Caught Subprime Flu?
9/18/2007 What's on Your Interest Rate Cut Wish List?
9/17/2007 Confluence Unites to Make First Totally Integrated Fund Admin Platform
9/17/2007 SAM is Ready for U.S. Debut
9/17/2007 John Hancock Becomes the First to Submit XBRL Filing for the SEC's Risk/Return Taxonomy
9/17/2007 MFS Chooses BladeLogic to Provide Data Automation Solutions
9/17/2007 American Beacon Money Market Funds Make a Mark
9/17/2007 Accumulating Assets Lead Lord Abbett to Restructure Executive Team
9/17/2007 IndexIQ Taps ProFunds Vet as New President
9/17/2007 Mutual Fund Proxy Votes: More Disclosure, More Confusion
9/17/2007 U.S. Stock Funds Fall from Investor's Favor
9/17/2007 SEC Zeroing in on Fund Pricing
9/17/2007 ICI to SEC: Rename, Don't Ditch, 12b-1
9/14/2007 T. Rowe's Top Legal Eagle To Retire
9/14/2007 New Jobs on the Other Side of the Law
9/14/2007 Cohen & Steers' Chameleon Fund
9/14/2007 Litman/Gregory Searching for New Sub-advisor for Newly Re-opened Fund
9/14/2007 Delaware Shareholders Approve Changes to Fund Policy
9/14/2007 Will a Volatile Market Spell the End of Sector ETFs?
9/14/2007 GAO Set to Admonish SEC, Again
9/14/2007 Atkins Echoes Cox
9/13/2007 Victory Shares a New Class
9/13/2007 Money-Market Fund Assets Reach Another Record
9/13/2007 SEC Makes a Risky Business of Fund Firm Investigations
9/13/2007 Northern Trust Taps Top Talent For Quant Team
9/12/2007 Rydex Lands 401k Distribution Deal
9/12/2007 Ivy Hires Sales Exec
9/12/2007 Final Fair Fund Money Goes to Pilgrim Baxter Funds Shareholders
9/12/2007 Enhanced Index Funds Fall Behind Benchmarks
9/11/2007 Ex-PIMCO Exec Comes Back For More ... at the Very Top
9/11/2007 SSgA Creates Muni Bond Web
9/11/2007 Columbia to Distribute Excelsior Funds
9/11/2007 Inflows Stagnant: What's a Fund Manager to Do?
9/11/2007 Arrow Slashes Fund's Expense Ratio
9/11/2007 Munder Makes a Move with Two New Funds
9/11/2007 Denver Asset Manager To Shut Down Three Hedge Funds
9/11/2007 Franklin Buys Majority Stake in Software Firm
9/11/2007 New T. Rowe Fund Mines Volatile Markets
9/11/2007 Two Value Managers See Bargains
9/10/2007 BGI Drops One Muni-Bond ETF onto the AMEX, Files for Two More
9/10/2007 More ETFs Slide Onto PowerShares' Line-up
9/10/2007 Goldman Sachs Saves the Date with New Mutual Funds
9/10/2007 Egenera to Power Pioneer's PeopleSoft
9/10/2007 Bush's Envoy to Darfur Groups: You May Have Outlived Your Usefulness
9/10/2007 A US Diplomat Worries Over Sudan Activists Getting in the Way
9/10/2007 FBR Prospectus Changes Could Irk Shareholders
9/10/2007 Janus Turns the Corner, Again
9/10/2007 ETFs Are Missing Their 401k Opp
9/10/2007 Old Mutual Seeks to Raise Brand Profile in the U.S.
9/7/2007 Back-Office Jobs Bonanza
9/7/2007 WMSI CEO Takes a Starring Role at BFDS
9/7/2007 Top Dog at Fido's UK Retail Fund Biz to Step Down
9/7/2007 Schlosstein Plans Own Alts Firm
9/7/2007 Western Banks Target Japanese Affluent
9/6/2007 Calamos in the Hunt for New General Counsel
9/6/2007 AIM's High Income Municipal Fund Re-Opening for Limited Engagement
9/6/2007 Schlosstein Walks From BlackRock
9/6/2007 Some Funds Upped Disclosure as the Market Went Down
9/6/2007 Lange is Up, Cohen Down
9/5/2007 Money Market Fund Assets Continue Record Climb
9/5/2007 Heartland Advisors Taps Outsourcer to Provide Distribution Services
9/5/2007 Accessor Capital Management Switches Up Sub-Advisers
9/5/2007 Aberdeen Names US Mutual Fund Chief
9/5/2007 Van Eck Debuts New ETF on the Amex
9/5/2007 Security Benefit's Asset Management Arm Names Product Development and Platform Distribution Chief
9/5/2007 Vanguard Enhances Service Offerings for Lower Minimums
9/5/2007 ISS Says Vote 'Yes' to Nuveen Sale
9/5/2007 U.S. Bank Rolls Out Money Fund Platform
9/5/2007 Morningstar Settles With Former Aussie Chief
9/5/2007 Nuveen Settles Shareholder Lawsuits
9/5/2007 Ren Cheng Gets a Promotion
9/5/2007 Courts Says No to Rewarding Putnam Whistle-Blower
9/5/2007 Stowers Resigns Board Seat
9/5/2007 Save Darfur to Bring Fidelity Company
9/5/2007 Market Volatility Boosts Gold ETFs
9/5/2007 Are State Street Shares A Bargain?
9/4/2007 First Eagle Funds Take Flight
9/4/2007 Tweedy Browne Expands Fund Roster
9/4/2007 OneSource 'Selects' Two Tamarack Funds
9/4/2007 American Century Sees Another Portfolio Manager Pack Up
9/4/2007 SEC Warns Funds Not to Use 22c2 Info for Marketing
9/4/2007 Legg Mason Communicates a New Hire
9/4/2007 WSJ: ETF Spread Unanticipated
9/4/2007 Evergreen Adds Disclosure Statement to Prospectuses
9/4/2007 Franklin's Johnsons Look to Dubai for Growth
9/4/2007 Barclays Capital Borrows
9/4/2007 Eaton Vance's Stock Falls From Favor
9/4/2007 Fido To Open R&D Facility In Ireland
8/31/2007 AFBA Lands Two Distribution Deals
8/31/2007 Fortune Drags Questions of Abby's Health from the Shadows
8/31/2007 Principal Slapped With Suit Over Rollovers
8/30/2007 Fragasso's Job Becomes Collateral Damage of Lawsuit
8/30/2007 First Trust Launches Two ETFs
8/30/2007 M&I Names Investment Division Director
8/30/2007 Northern Trust Hires New VP for Value Investors Division
8/30/2007 PowerShares Goes Beyond (the ETF) Limit
8/30/2007 Franklin's Paw Brushes With the WSJ
8/30/2007 Money-Fund Assets Climb Higher Yet
8/30/2007 Target-Date Funds Shed Their Conservative Rep
8/30/2007 American Century Formally Declares New Team at Heritage Fund
8/30/2007 Star Portfolio Manager to Exit Janus
8/29/2007 Pittsburgh Paper Names Confluence to Hot 100 List
8/29/2007 Update 1| Schwab's Funds CEO Steps Aside
8/29/2007 State Street to Upgrade Fund Interface
8/29/2007 Mutual Fund Store Founder Lands TV Gig
8/29/2007 Conduits Transmit Stock Loss to State Street
8/29/2007 Kranefuss Sees Yet More ETF Expansion at BGI
8/29/2007 ETFs From New York May Get a Pad in Tokyo
8/28/2007 Federated Wraps Up Rochdale Fund Aquisition, Hires Two To Run It
8/28/2007 New FRC, SwanDog Study Suggests Ways to Strengthen Marketing Efforts
8/28/2007 SEC Appoints New Surveillance Chief
8/28/2007 Pittsburgh Asset Manager Racks Up 400K Lobbying Tab
8/28/2007 Vanguard Loses Its Top Billing in FRC's July Fund Inflows Report
8/28/2007 American Century Star Takes a Break
8/28/2007 ICI Discloses Lobbying Price Tag for First Half '07
8/28/2007 Fund Giants Pass on Language of Love Test
8/28/2007 An SSgA Cash Enhanced Fund Blows Up
8/28/2007 Fidelity Discovers Sweet Tomatoes
8/27/2007 MediaWatch: Ignites Fills Two Staff Positions
8/27/2007 Schwab and AIM Know a Worthy Cause When they See One, Do You?
8/27/2007 Mutual Fund Investors Are Making A Comeback
8/27/2007 Back-Office Provider Jumps Into Advisory Biz
8/27/2007 Fido Sinks its Teeth into Retail Checking Account Business
8/24/2007 Exchange Your Job for Better One
8/24/2007 Janus Lawsuit: Black Acknowledged Violation of Contract
8/24/2007 Investors Retreating From Bank-Loan Funds
8/24/2007 Eaton Vance Stock Receives Downgrade
8/23/2007 BlackRock Taps Nuveen Exec To Head U.S. Private Client Biz
8/23/2007 FBR Capital Markets Names New Mutual Fund Sales Head
8/23/2007 Report: As ETF Launches Accelerate, Market Share Stays With the Big Two
8/23/2007 SEC Commish to Join Law Firm
8/23/2007 Bargain REITs and Bonds Spell Opportunity for Some Fund Managers
8/23/2007 New Janus Lawsuit May Offer Clues to Recent Departures
8/23/2007 Money Market Funds Scale Back Exposure to Riskier Investments
8/22/2007 Vanguard Seeks to Adopt A Schwab Fund
8/22/2007 Sentinel Asset Management Turns Lemons into Lemonade
8/22/2007 Title Holders in Dalbar's New Website Ranking Report Hold Their Places
8/22/2007 Claymore Launches Three ETFs on NYSE Arca
8/22/2007 Oak Associates Extends Contract With Outsourcer
8/22/2007 Eaton Vance Reports Rise In Net Income
8/22/2007 PowerShares to Launch 11 ETFs
8/22/2007 Putnam Axes 75 Jobs
8/22/2007 Janus' Institutional Asset Management Head Resigns
8/22/2007 Turner Says Close That Portfolio Before it Gets Too Big
8/22/2007 WSJ: Closed End Funds May Bring Opportunity
8/21/2007 Is Fidelity Entering a New Era?
8/21/2007 T. Rowe, Fidelity, and Franklin Templeton Want You to Know Their Name
8/21/2007 Dreyfus to Merge Three Muni-Bond Funds
8/21/2007 Marsico Helps Out KKR Affiliate
8/21/2007 Money Market Fund Creator Slams 'Abuse' Of Concept
8/21/2007 WSJ: Global REITs, Friend or Foe to the Investor
8/21/2007 Asset Manager Stock Performance Tied to Overall Marketplace
8/21/2007 Abby's Unit Sees a String of High-Level Departures
8/21/2007 Many Leveraged, Narrow Focus ETFs Seeing Big Declines
8/20/2007 Two REIT Funds Move from the AMEX to the NYSE
8/20/2007 Nuveen: Thursday's Blue Light Special
8/20/2007 SEC's Expanded XBRL Voluntary Program Kicks Off
8/20/2007 kasina Finds Three Secrets to Make the Most of Value-Added Programs
8/20/2007 Five Recruiting Firms Vie for the Right to Find Raymond Mason a Successor
8/20/2007 Money Market Funds From Fido, et al. Held Over $6B of CDOs Containing Subprime in June
8/20/2007 Direxion Puts Education First With New Publications, Tools
8/20/2007 Update 1: The Reserve Proactively Soothes Clients Fears
8/17/2007 Turner Hires New Member of Growth Equity Investing Team
8/17/2007 Patriotic New England Job Hunting
8/17/2007 Son Joins Mother's Financial Planning Firm
8/17/2007 Wellington in the Hunt for New Boston Space
8/17/2007 Fed Opens the Discount Window
8/17/2007 Withdrawals Higher Than During Sept. 11 Aftermath
8/17/2007 WSJ, Bloomberg Zero In On REIT Funds
8/16/2007 WSJ: Evergreen Fund May Have Come In Contact With SubPrime
8/16/2007 Brandywine Funds' Adviser Pens Soothing Letter to Shareholders
8/16/2007 Lord Abbett Loses Two to Lehman Brothers Asset Management
8/16/2007 Fred Alger Looks on the Bright Side
8/16/2007 T. Rowe in the Hunt for Portfolio Team Member
8/16/2007 Van Eck Intros Nuclear Energy ETF on the AMEX
8/16/2007 Stone Harbor Picks Back-Office Provider
8/16/2007 Investors Pulling Dollars From Emerging Market Funds Amid Market Worries
8/16/2007 Money Fund Assets Hit Record High
8/15/2007 Cerulli Report: Professional Gatekeepers Abound
8/15/2007 Delaware Taps T. Rowe Vet As Head of High-Yield Investments
8/15/2007 Another Day of Decline for Fund Stocks
8/15/2007 Fund Company Stocks Rebound
8/15/2007 XShares To Launch ETF Based On Carbon Emission Allowances
8/15/2007 Thornburg Assures Staff Mortgage Arm's Woes Not Affecting Funds
8/15/2007 Vanguard Adds New Portfolio Manager to Two Funds
8/15/2007 ETF Firms to SEC: Give Us a Break
8/15/2007 Fido Further Trims Stake In PetroChina
8/15/2007 Regions is Heard on the Street
8/15/2007 More Focus on Sentinel and Other Money Market Kin
8/14/2007 Mutual Fund Stocks Dip with the Market
8/14/2007 Sentinel Stands Guard Over its Good Name
8/14/2007 Citi Sells Bisys Fund Distributors
8/14/2007 Midday Market Report: Fund Stocks Slide With Broader Market
8/14/2007 New Player Enters the Fund Business
8/14/2007 Barclays Fund Reportedly Challenged
8/14/2007 UPDATE 17 | The Q2 Earnings Reports Are In...
8/14/2007 Boston Herald: Some Advisors Unsettled by Fido Departures
8/14/2007 Market Jitters Prove a Boon to Money Funds
8/14/2007 New Firsthand Fund is No Pearl
8/14/2007 WSJ: Frugal Indexing Pays
8/13/2007 Media Watch: The Family Wealth Report Gets New Publisher
8/13/2007 Putnam Names Global Distribution Head
8/13/2007 The Boston Company's Sheppard Lands New Gig
8/13/2007 SEC Unveils Fair Fund Plan For One Group Funds
8/13/2007 BGI REIT Hit by Market Woes
8/13/2007 Old Putnam HQ Commands Top Dollar
8/13/2007 WaPo: Calvert Wins Plaudits from Hometown Paper
8/13/2007 WSJ: Buy Fund Stocks
8/10/2007 Market Posts Smaller than Expected Loss, Fund Firms Benefit
8/10/2007 The Northeast Offers Up some Job Possibilities
8/10/2007 Pimco Positioned to Gain from CDO Woes
8/10/2007 Afternoon Stock Report Finds Some Fund Firms Making Gains
8/10/2007 XTF Names New CEO
8/10/2007 Mutual Fund Stocks Continue to Tumble Friday Morning
8/10/2007 Morningstar is More than Funds
8/10/2007 David Tice is at it Again
8/10/2007 MetLife Unit Settles Late Trading Charges
8/10/2007 Boston Company COO Will Follow Portfolio Team Out the Door
8/9/2007 Bear Stearns Names New Asset Management Chief
8/9/2007 Money Managers Not Immune to Sub-Prime Flu
8/9/2007 Report: Asset Management M&A Focuses on Finding a Diamond in the Rough
8/9/2007 Market Worry Spreads to Asset Managers
8/9/2007 Campos to Depart the SEC
8/9/2007 Boston Globe Spotlights Fido's 'New Odd Couple'
8/9/2007 Study: Soft Dollar Use To Rise
8/9/2007 Bear Stearns Pens Letter to Reassure Clients
8/8/2007 BGI Moves Five More iShares ETFs to NYSE Arca
8/8/2007 Northern Trust Joins Target-Date Bandwagon
8/8/2007 Suit Hints at Rydex Price Tag
8/8/2007 Marketer Sues Rydex, Claims Broken Promises
8/8/2007 Baird Bond Fund Lands On OneSource Select Funds List
8/7/2007 PowerShares to Intro First Muncipal Bond ETFs
8/7/2007 S&P to Add New Index
8/7/2007 Another Unexpected Departure From Fidelity
8/7/2007 TD Institutional Hunts For Sales Chief to Take on Chuck
8/7/2007 Midwest Asset Manager Named as Sub-Advisor to First Focus Fund
8/7/2007 Marsico and BofA Find Deal Mutually Beneficial
8/7/2007 IXIS Funds Undergo Name Change
8/7/2007 Pension Protection Act Sparks Target-Date Boom
8/6/2007 SEC's Deputy Director of Corporate Finance To Depart
8/6/2007 Munder Lifts Out Portfolio Team from The Boston Company
8/6/2007 Julius Baer Said to be Considering an IPO
8/6/2007 DWS Scudder Adds Fund-of Funds
8/6/2007 WSJ Spotlights Grantham's Dire Predictions
8/6/2007 Longtime BoNY CIO Moves On
8/3/2007 A Western Road Trip Reveals Many Fund Company Jobs
8/3/2007 Great-West Wraps Up Putnam Purchase
8/3/2007 PowerShares' Bond Sees High Growth Potential For the Rest of 2007
8/3/2007 BGI Goes International with New REIT ETF
8/3/2007 Fidelity Targets Japan's Retirees
8/3/2007 Waddell's Herrmann: Private Equity Firms Need Not Apply
8/2/2007 AllianceBernstein to Merge Two Funds
8/2/2007 ICI Names New General Counsel
8/2/2007 First American Adds Three Quant Funds
8/2/2007 Evergreen CIO Becomes One of the Departed
8/1/2007 Vanguard Prepares Employees for the Real Thing
8/1/2007 SEC Picks Members Who Will Stand Behind Pozen on New Committee
8/1/2007 Turner Promotes Five to Co-Managers of Growth Equity Investing Team
8/1/2007 Portfolio Manager Steps Down From 2 Delaware Funds
8/1/2007 Greenwich Advisors to Launch India Fund
8/1/2007 Janus Fair Fund Distribution Pushed Back
8/1/2007 Congress Approves Protections for Companies that Divest From Iran and Sudan
8/1/2007 Senate Dems Tell Cox His Calls to Congress to Ban Soft Dollars are 'Inappropriate'
8/1/2007 Nuveen Adds Growth Equity Fund
8/1/2007 BoNY a Surprise Entry to FRC's List of Top-Selling Funds
7/31/2007 RS Investments to Launch First New Fund Since Guardian Merger
7/31/2007 Morgan Stanley to Spin Off MSCI
7/31/2007 Big Apple Fund Firm Lands On Pershing's Platform
7/31/2007 OppenheimerFunds Adopts eDocs Service
7/31/2007 Report: Citi-Legg Mason Distribution Pact Runs Into Snag
7/30/2007 Jensen Appoints Director
7/30/2007 Investors Want Corporate Accountants to Keep Their SOX On
7/30/2007 Claymore Offers Up Luxury With a Low Expense Ratio
7/30/2007 MFS Implements Next Gen ContentWelder Software
7/30/2007 Ned and Abby Speak Out
7/30/2007 Janus Stock Bucks Market Decline
7/30/2007 Magellan Makes Magic, Again
7/30/2007 CR Bard to Replace Digene in HealthShares Index
7/27/2007 Bisys Shareholders Greenlight Citi Deal
7/27/2007 SEC Appoints New Chief Economist
7/27/2007 Heartland Fund Companies Are Hiring
7/27/2007 TIAA-CREF Names New EVP of Individual Client Services
7/27/2007 Rainier Brings In Ex-U.S. Trust Exec For New Post
7/26/2007 So You Want to Get Your ETF Approved...
7/26/2007 Nuveen Appoints President and Executive Director of Investment Services
7/26/2007 Confluence Names New VP of Client Services
7/26/2007 ING Investment Management Names New CEO
7/26/2007 PowerShares Files For Nine ETFs
7/25/2007 Deeper Pockets Allow PowerShares to Slip Its Ad Bonds
7/25/2007 Vanguard Adds To ETF Lineup
7/25/2007 Legg Shops for International Stock Manager
7/25/2007 ETF Securities Hires Product Designer Away From BGI
7/24/2007 Satovsky Forms RIA
7/24/2007 NYSE Hits Smith Barney With A $50 Million Fine
7/24/2007 Industry Groups Miffed Over the SEC's Possible Removal of Shareholder Rights
7/24/2007 Sentinel Adds Equity Analyst
7/24/2007 Vanguard Share Class Switch-Up Upsets Some Advisors
7/23/2007 The Hartford To Plunk Down $115 Million In Settlement
7/23/2007 Sentinel Rebrands, Pulls the Plug on Green Mountain Boy
7/23/2007 Transamerica Boosts Fund Sales Team
7/23/2007 Touchstone Hires Wholesaler
7/23/2007 Schwab to Launch California AMT Tax-Free Fund
7/23/2007 Claymore ETF Unit Hits Milestone
7/23/2007 Alpine Woods Investments Co-Founder Gives Back
7/23/2007 Fund Firms Seen To Chalk Up Rise in Q2 Profits
7/20/2007 Chuck Schwab: We Can Grow With or Without a Buy
7/20/2007 Enjoy an Endless Summer of Job Hunting in California
7/20/2007 XShares Launches ETF on Philly Exchange
7/20/2007 ICI, SIFMA Pen 12b-1 Letter to the SEC
7/20/2007 Principal to Add 1,500 Iowa Jobs
7/19/2007 Texas Asset Manager Lands on Russell 2000
7/19/2007 Chief Economist to Depart the SEC
7/19/2007 ICON Advisers Gets New Marketing VP
7/19/2007 The Mutual Fund Store Crosses the Street
7/19/2007 Military Fund Shop Makes the Move to Multi-Manager Model
7/19/2007 Fidelity Inks Deal for New Office Space
7/18/2007 You're Never Too Young for a Mutual Fund
7/18/2007 Judge Junks RiverSource Fee Suit
7/18/2007 Investors Put Fund Cost Above All Else
7/18/2007 Portfolio 21 to Intro New Share Class
7/17/2007 KBW Asset Management Names Replacement for Retiring Fund Manager
7/17/2007 RR Donnelley Teams with Microsoft to Offer XBRL Solution to Fund Firms
7/17/2007 Not Such A Sweet Ring to SIRA
7/17/2007 AIM Takes A More Activist Role in Proxy Votes
7/17/2007 Fund Firms Fish For Younger Investors
7/17/2007 No More Legal Aid for Former Putnam Manager
7/17/2007 Will Waddell & Reed go the Way of Nuveen?
7/16/2007 Fidelity Appoints President
7/16/2007 Study: Fund Firms Fare Well in Customer Service
7/16/2007 Saturna Hires Three
7/16/2007 Delaware Investments Names New Co-Manager for Fund
7/16/2007 New Publication from T. Rowe Targets New Investors
7/16/2007 Payden & Rygel Taps Fellow Californian To Subadvise Target-Date Funds
7/16/2007 Who's Up Next At Fidelity?
7/16/2007 Fund Firms' Stocks Outshine Mutual Funds
7/13/2007 Evergreen's Large Cap Fund to Undergo Name, Strategy Change
7/13/2007 Openings Appear at Old Line State Fund Firms
7/13/2007 XShares Obtains SEC Exemption from '40 Act Investment Limits
7/13/2007 FRC: Advisors Want Wholesalers Who Understand
7/13/2007 Morningstar Unit Gets Patent on Portfolio Creation Method
7/12/2007 SEC Publishes Final Fund XBRL Submission Rules
7/12/2007 Forward Hires New Subadvisor For Large-Cap Fund
7/12/2007 $325 Million in Fair Funds Coming to Invesco Shareholders
7/12/2007 Ameriprise Sub Fined Over Directed Brokerage
7/12/2007 SEC Judge: Fund Exec Inflated Invoices
7/12/2007 Baron Picks Fund Services Provider
7/11/2007 SEC Approves Anti-Fund Fraud Rule
7/11/2007 Claymore Adds Two to ETF Menu
7/11/2007 Post BofA-US Trust Deal, What Will Happen to Excelsior Funds?
7/10/2007 Morningstar Names New President of Investment Services
7/10/2007 SEC Names Acting Regional Director in LA Office
7/10/2007 SEI Launches New Shariah-Compliant Fund
7/10/2007 U.S. Bancorp Fund Services Hires Two
7/10/2007 Munder Promotes FitzGerald
7/10/2007 Study: High Growth to Continue for Newer Buy-Side Products
7/10/2007 Vanguard Sails Past Rivals In Fund Sales
7/10/2007 Investor Class Action Partner Pleads Guilty
7/9/2007 Northern Trust Names Head of Institutional Strategy and Product Development
7/9/2007 Russell Awards $626-Million Mandate
7/9/2007 Wells Fargo Adds New Share Class to Two Funds
7/9/2007 Study: Asset Management M&A Up in 2007
7/9/2007 John Hancock Global Opportunities Fund Goes Retail
7/9/2007 WSJ: Vanguard Targets Barclays' Flagship ETF
7/9/2007 Janus's New Discipline Pays Off
7/9/2007 Rice Hall Reopens Fund
7/6/2007 ICAP CEO Dies
7/6/2007 Work in the Great Outdoors, or for a Company Named for Them
7/6/2007 What's Your 22c-2 Status?
7/6/2007 Pioneer Plans to Merge Two Funds
7/5/2007 Kinetics Asset Management Selects Sub-Advisor
7/5/2007 Barings' CIO To Retire
7/5/2007 Manager Changes Spur Redemptions at Fidelity International
7/3/2007 So Security Benefit is Buying Rydex. Now What?
7/3/2007 Schwab Steps Away From the Table
7/3/2007 Goelzer Re-Elected to PCAOB Board
7/3/2007 More Job Cuts on the Horizon With Completion of State Street Deal
7/3/2007 Schwab to Return $3.5B to Stockholders
7/3/2007 Nasdaq To Unveil ETF Market
7/3/2007 Two Join Stradley Ronon
7/2/2007 Columbia Investors Get their Fair Share
7/2/2007 Fifth Third Adds New 130/30 Fund
7/2/2007 Wells Fargo Broadens Target-Date Lineup
7/2/2007 Ameristock Joins the ETF Crowd
7/2/2007 State Street Wraps Up IFS Acquisition
7/2/2007 Trading Costs Soar in Large Volume Trades
7/2/2007 Advisors Champion ETFs

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