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MFWire: Allianz Funds
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Allianz Global Investors
1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY  10105-4800
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Main Phone: 212-739-4282
Web Site: http://www.allianzinvestors.com/

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Allianz Funds

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  • Background:
    On July 7, 2020, AllianzGI unveiled a strategic partnership with Virtus Investment partners, which will adopt AllianzGI's $23-billion U.S. retail asset management business (including mutual funds and SMAs). AllianzGI's Dallas-based value equity team (fka NFJ) will join Virtus as one of its boutiques, AllianzGI will stay on as a subadvisor for the adopted offerings, and the AllianzGI team will focus their U.S. distribution efforts on institutional channels.

    Though founded in 1890 in Germany, Allianz did not enter the U.S. asset management business until its 1999 acquisition of NFJ Investment Group. The deal was the outgrowth of an aggressive acquisition strategy developed by German-executive Joachim Faber. Allianz later purchased RCM, Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management (2000) and a majority-stake in Pimco.

    Today, the U.S. fund arm of the German-based financial services giant relies primarily on four affiliates as investment advisors. The four are: NFJ, Allianz Global Investors Capital and RCM.

    Distribution Reorganization 2011

    Brian Gaffney joined Allianz in 2008 from Neuberger Berman and took over fund distribution from Blake Moore (who remained as head of fund management). Gaffney's major effort to date was overseeing the carve out of Pimco's fund distribution from Allianz in 2011. The reorganization included the creation of Allianz Asset Management on January 1, 2012. The division includes two discrete investment management businesses: PIMCO and Allianz Global Investors. Jay Ralph has served as chairman of Allianz Asset Management since its creation and Joachim Faber's retirement


    Allianz affiliate NFJ was founded as a value shop by Chris Najork, Ben Fischer, and John Johnson in 1989.

    Arthur E. Nicholas and Fred Applegate founded Nicholas-Applegate in San Diego in 1994. The growth equities and global and emerging markets specialist claimed $45 billion AUM when it was acquired by Allianz in October 2000. Allianz paid $980 million and a contingent payment based on future earnings growth.
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    Key People:
    Doug Eu
    Outgoing CEO of the U.S., Allianz Global Investors
    Malie Conway
    Head of U.S. Distribution, Allianz Global Investors
    Kate Thompson
    Managing Director, Head of U.S. Retail, Allianz Global Investors
    Glenn Dial
    Senior Retirement Strategist, American Century Investments
    Andy Wilmot
    Head of Sub Advisory, Retirement and Intermediary National Accounts, Allianz Global Investors
    E.Blake Moore
    President and Chief Executive Officer,
    Colleen Martin
    CFO, SVP, Controller, Allianz Global Investors Distributors
    Andrew Meyers
    Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer, Allianz Global Investors Distributors, PIMCO Funds
    William Healey
    EVP, Chief Legal Officer, Secretary, Allianz Global Investors Distributors, ALLIANZ GLOBAL INVESTORS SOLUTIONS LLC
    Story Archive for Allianz Global Investors
    Published On Story Headline Publication
    10/27/2022 A 28-Year Allianz and Pimco Vet Joins AB MFWire.com
    7/26/2022 With a Deal's Close, a $322B-AUM Firm Gains a Backer MFWire.com
    6/14/2022 A $370B-AUM Pair Are Officially Engaged MFWire.com
    5/18/2022 Under SEC Fire, a $120B-AUM Biz Will Sell MFWire.com
    2/9/2022 A Product Strat SVP Joins a $102B-AUM Firm MFWire.com
    4/28/2021 After 18 Years, a Director Exits AllianzGI MFWire.com
    3/12/2021 100 Fund Firms Win Big, With Morgan Stanley Leading the Pack MFWire.com
    2/2/2021 Near Gotham, a $4.3B-AUM Fund Firm Sells MFWire.com
    9/2/2020 After 13 Years, an AllianzGI Director Moves On MFWire.com
    7/17/2020 An Ex-AllianzGI MD Joins an Equity Income Shop MFWire.com
    7/7/2020 Virtus Adopts a $23B-AUM U.S. Biz MFWire.com
    6/11/2020 AllianzGI Consolidates Multi-Asset Leadership MFWire.com
    6/3/2020 As Eu Exits, an AllianzGI Leader Heads For the U.S. MFWire.com
    4/27/2020 After 12 Years, an Allianz MD Departs MFWire.com
    11/15/2019 A $615B-AUM AM's Chief Splits the Reins MFWire.com
    9/18/2019 The Three Most Diverse and Inclusive Asset Managers MFWire.com
    9/10/2019 OneAmerica's Schroedle Pops In a Sales Vet 401kWire.com
    9/3/2019 JPMAM Hires an Allianz GI Legal Vet MFWire.com
    7/23/2019 A Top Allianz Finance Exec Retires MFWire.com
    7/18/2019 The Queen Meets a Fundster-Turned-Academic MFWire.com
    6/21/2019 An Analytics and Sales Exec Leaves Allianz MFWire.com
    5/29/2019 A Fundster Will Take Over Part of Cambridge MFWire.com
    4/24/2019 Will Deutsche Merge DWS With a $785B Shop? MFWire.com
    4/10/2019 A 10-Year RIA Specialist Leaves Allianz GI MFWire.com
    3/21/2019 What Is Pimco's Parent Hunting For, and Where? MFWire.com
    2/14/2019 Eight Years In, a Top DC I-O Exec Exits 401kWire.com
    1/3/2019 Only Three Heads of State Beat This Fundster MFWire.com
    11/28/2018 A 20-Year Allianz GI Sales Vet Departs MFWire.com
    10/16/2018 How Fink Is Handling the Missing Saudi Journalist Scandal MFWire.com
    7/6/2018 Allianz Expects Less From Asset Management This Year MFWire.com
    5/23/2018 ICI's Diamond GMM, Day Two MFWire.com
    5/21/2018 Week In Preview, May 21-28 MFWire.com
    5/14/2018 Week In Preview, May 14-20 MFWire.com
    4/16/2018 Week In Preview, April 16-22 MFWire.com
    4/9/2018 Week In Preview, April 9-15 401kWire.com
    2/28/2018 Nuveen, Vanguard, T. Rowe, and Fidelity Dominate in the Big Apple MFWire.com
    2/27/2018 ProShares Takes the Midsize Lead MFWire.com
    2/23/2018 A DC I-O Vet in Texas Takes Over a New CIT Shop 401kWire.com
    1/29/2018 First Trust and Bridge Builder Lead the Monthly Pack, Again MFWire.com
    1/29/2018 Bridge Builder Dominated 2017 MFWire.com
    1/26/2018 Eu Creates a Distro Silo Under a 10-Year Allianz Vet MFWire.com
    1/16/2018 Week In Preview January 16-21 MFWire.com
    12/12/2017 Thompson Continues Building Out Allianz's RIA Channel MFWire.com
    10/16/2017 Week In Preview, October 16-22 MFWire.com
    10/3/2017 Follow the Fundsters - October 3, 2017 MFWire.com
    10/2/2017 ProShares Crushed It In August MFWire.com
    9/25/2017 Week In Preview, September 25-October 1 MFWire.com
    9/7/2017 Filings For Fundsters - September 7, 2017 MFWire.com
    8/31/2017 Filings For Fundsters - August 31, 2017 MFWire.com
    8/29/2017 Follow the Fundsters - August 29, 2017 MFWire.com
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    7/26/2017 Filings for Fundsters - July 26, 2017 MFWire.com
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    7/24/2017 Week In Preview, July 24-30 MFWire.com
    7/21/2017 Guggenheim and Bridge Builder Are On a Roll! MFWire.com
    7/17/2017 Week In Preview, July 17-23 MFWire.com
    7/6/2017 Ivy, Oakmark, and First Trust Had a Big May MFWire.com
    6/21/2017 A 9-Year Allianz Vet Departs MFWire.com
    6/9/2017 Filings for Fundsters - June 9, 2017 MFWire.com
    5/16/2017 These Fund Firms and B-Ds Are Seen as Great Employers MFWire.com
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    3/15/2017 PwC and Northern Trust Help Fundsters Say Goodbye to Palm Desert MFWire.com
    3/10/2017 ICI MFIM 2017 Begins This Weekend MFWire.com
    3/1/2017 Four Managers Leave Allianz's Retail Team MFWire.com
    2/28/2017 Two DC Execs Leave Allianz 401kWire.com
    2/1/2017 Hunting For Pimco's Future, Without an Allianz Global Investors Merger MFWire.com
    1/20/2017 Will You Help Elizabeth Warren Save the Fiduciary Reg? MFWire.com
    1/11/2017 Eu Anoints a New Allianz Product Chief MFWire.com
    1/6/2017 Allianz's Eu Picks Carroll's Successor MFWire.com
    12/7/2016 Follow the Fundsters - December 7, 2016 MFWire.com
    11/17/2016 One of Carroll's Chiefs Leaves Allianz MFWire.com
    11/14/2016 UniCredit Shops Pioneer: A Timeline MFWire.com
    11/14/2016 Eye for Earnings - November 14, 2016 MFWire.com
    11/9/2016 PMs Ponder President Trump MFWire.com
    11/3/2016 Filings for Fundsters - November 3, 2016 MFWire.com
    9/22/2016 Will Aberdeen, Allianz, Macquarie, or Natixis Offer $3B For a Multinational Asset Manager? MFWire.com
    6/20/2016 El-Erian Warns That Conventional Asset Management Wisdom Will Turn Upside Down MFWire.com
    4/18/2016 An Allianz Ops Vet Departs MFWire.com
    3/23/2016 101 Fund Families Win in Gotham MFWire.com
    3/11/2016 Allianz's Baete Finishes His Hunt For a New Pimco-Allianz GI Uber-Boss MFWire.com
    3/4/2016 A $480B Multinational's U.S. Equity Chief Is Retiring MFWire.com
    2/8/2016 Allianz Buys a $36B Global Bond Shop MFWire.com
    1/27/2016 More Than 300 Fundsters Make Headlines For Charity In the Big Apple MFWire.com
    11/3/2015 Allianz Trims Two Funds' Fees MFWire.com
    9/10/2015 In Stormy Weather and Markets, Allianz Gathers Gotham Reporters MFWire.com
    9/8/2015 Allianz Says Goodbye to a Key Fund Distro Exec MFWire.com
    9/3/2015 Allianz Is Eliminating a Share Class MFWire.com
    8/11/2015 28 Fund Firms Are Paying Morgan Stanley At Least $1MM MFWire.com
    5/6/2015 An Ex-PM Will Succeed Gaffney MFWire.com
    4/1/2015 Cap Group, Fidelity, and Pimco Break Out the Champagne MFWire.com
    5/8/2014 Allianz CEO Tells Pimco Critics to Shut It MFWire.com
    11/13/2013 Allianz Pulls $6B in Mandates From Pimco MFWire.com
    9/3/2013 Allianz Steps Into the Limelight MFWire.com
    7/25/2013 Fed Tapering Concerns Loom Over Allianz's Breakfast Soirée For the Media MFWire.com
    7/22/2013 Greg Saichin Leaves Pioneer for Allianz MFWire.com
    7/9/2013 When Financial Repression Translates into Sales MFWire.com
    7/9/2013 Allianz Fund Changes Investment Strategies MFWire.com
    6/21/2013 Carroll Is Expanding Allianz's Footprint MFWire.com
    6/6/2013 Gaffney Unites Allianz's Sales Effort Under One Flag MFWire.com
    5/8/2013 The Next Gig For the Week of May 8, 2013 MFWire.com
    5/3/2013 Seen and Heard at the ICI GMM MFWire.com
    5/2/2013 Alan Reid Quips That Indexing is "Un-American" MFWire.com
    3/27/2013 Allianz Anoints a Global Exec MFWire.com
    3/6/2013 Alger Lifts Out an Allianz Team MFWire.com
    2/4/2013 A Fund Sales Executive is Hired for the East MFWire.com
    1/31/2013 Rahm Emmanuel Calls On Fundsters to Abandon Guns MFWire.com
    12/10/2012 Is There A Rift Between Allianz and Pimco? MFWire.com
    11/12/2012 Is Pimco About to Get a Family Challenge? MFWire.com
    10/17/2012 Allianz Leaders Talk Elections and Global Politics MFWire.com
    6/8/2012 Mutual Fund Shops Vie For Advisors' Target Date Favor MFWire.com
    12/13/2011 Water-Related Funds Play in Shallow Pool MFWire.com
    11/15/2011 Vanguard Dominates Morningstar's New Ratings MFWire.com
    8/10/2011 Will the European Crisis Produce Another Neuberger Berman? MFWire.com
    8/3/2011 Which Small-Cap Funds Dominate in 401ks? MFWire.com
    7/26/2011 Asset Managers to Obama and Congress: Fix the Deficit For Real MFWire.com
    6/17/2011 Morningstar Looks at the Distribution Shift at Allianz MFWire.com
    4/26/2011 WSJ Likens an Allianz Fund to a Movie Star MFWire.com
    4/15/2011 Allianz Closes a Small-Cap Fund to the 401k Crowd MFWire.com
    4/5/2011 Allianz Snags an AllianceBernstein Vet 401kWire.com
    3/29/2011 Gaffney Names a Channel Chief MFWire.com
    12/13/2010 Morningstar Unveils Nominees for Domestic-Stock Manager of the Year MFWire.com
    11/19/2010 35. Joachim Faber MFWire.com
    10/19/2010 Top 20 Asset Managers Consolidate Market Share MFWire.com
    8/27/2010 Fund Firms Turn to Academics to Better Understand Investors MFWire.com
    8/3/2010 Allianz Preps for its Broadway Debut MFWire.com
    7/6/2010 Shareholders Seek Action over Pimco-Held Auction Rates MFWire.com
    7/2/2010 Pimco Hiring to Continue ... Allianz Indian JV Delayed MFWire.com
    5/26/2010 AMG Reels In Four Allianz Funds MFWire.com
    3/16/2010 Pimco Creates Six New Bond ETFs MFWire.com
    2/24/2010 Allianz Plans Target Date Fund Price Cuts MFWire.com
    2/22/2010 PIMCO's Managers Lead the Pack in Advisors' Minds MFWire.com
    2/15/2010 Industry Profitability is Back to 30 Percent, says Miyao MFWire.com
    2/9/2010 Pimco's Distributor Taps Two ETF Sales Pros MFWire.com
    2/4/2010 Delaware Names a B-D Distribution Chief MFWire.com
    1/12/2010 Allianz Restructures its Sales Team MFWire.com
    12/30/2009 50. Stacy Schaus 401kWire.com
    12/1/2009 Pimco Serves Up A Second Active ETF MFWire.com
    11/24/2009 25. Brian Gaffney MFWire.com
    11/19/2009 Pimco's Newest Hat Sparks Conflict-of-Interest Worries MFWire.com
    10/28/2009 Advisors Pick the Best Asset Manager Web Sites MFWire.com
    10/20/2009 A MassMutual Wholesaler Moves to a Subsidiary 401kWire.com
    10/12/2009 Ex-Allianz Distribution Chief Lands a New Gig MFWire.com
    10/7/2009 An Allianz Exec Discusses Retirement Income Efforts 401kWire.com
    9/23/2009 Artio Preps IPO Pricing MFWire.com
    8/10/2009 Bonds are a Hot Spot for Allianz MFWire.com
    7/22/2009 Gaffney Lures a Nuveen Exec to Allianz MFWire.com
    7/13/2009 Allianz Shuts a Small-Cap Fund to Most Investors MFWire.com
    6/2/2009 Pimco Makes Its ETF Launch Official MFWire.com
    4/20/2009 Allianz Global Investors Plants its Flag in India MFWire.com
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