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MFWire: Janus Henderson Funds
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Janus Henderson Group plc
151 Detroit Street
Denver, CO  80206
Google Maps

Main Phone: 303-544-4742
Web Site: http://www.janus.com

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
Janus Henderson Funds

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  • Background:
    On October 3, 2016, Janus and London-based Henderson Global Investors [profile] unveiled a planned "merger of equals". The deal closed at the end of May 2017, creating Janus Henderson Group plc, based in London but listed on the NYSE and on the ASX.

    Known in the past as a growth equity fund shop, Janus has diversified its investment expertise to include value equities. The cherry on its sundae was the hiring of "Bond King" Bill Gross from Pimco in September, 2014 -- a move which gives the fund firm immediate gravitas in fixed income. In July 2015 Janus brought another Pimco veteran onboard by buying Sydney, Australia-based Kapstream and adding it to Gross' global macro fixed income efforts.

    Janus' asset-management disciplines include growth, core, international, value, mathematical, alternative and fixed-income. These products are sold through advisors and financial intermediaries, to institutional investors and directly to retail investors.


    Tom Bailey founded Janus in Denver in 1970 with 30 investors and $500,000 of assets. By the end of the century, Janus had grown into one of the nation's largest fund firms, known for its growth-focused and research-based investing.

    Kansas City Southern Industries purchased a minority stake from Bailey in 1984. That stake was later spun off into Stilwell Financial and sold when Janus Capital Group IPO'd on the NYSE (ticker: JNS) in 2003.

    Janus became one of the fastest growing fund complexes during the 1990s bull market by riding the reputations and portfolios of a high profile portfolio managers.

    After becoming one of the industry's five largest fund firms by 2000, the Denver-based fund firm was beset by the twin setbacks of a collapsing market for many of the stocks in its funds holdings and an investigation into whether the firm allowed late trading and market timing. The firm settled the state and federal securities law issues with a $226 million payment.

    To restore its luster, Janus brought in former Schwab vice chairman Steve Scheid as chairman in January 2004. Scheid took over as CEO in April of that year and brought in Gary Black from Goldman Sachs as the firm's CIO.

    Janus purchased Perkins, Wolf, McDonnell & Co. and INTECH in two separate deals in 2003 as part of an effort to diversify its business.

    Gary Black took over as CEO in 2006. His tenure was marked by a shift from the "star" manager system that had long been used at the firm and repeated rumors that the fund was seeking a buyer or merger partner.

    Tim Armour replaced Gary Black as interim CEO of Janus on July 14, 2009.

    After a five month-long search, Janus' board named Richard Weil, a 13-year PIMCO veteran, CEO on January 7, 2010.

    Bruce Koepfgen was appointed to the newly created positions of President in July, 2013. He was previously CFO and Jennifer McPeak, who had been Treasurer, replaced him in that role.

    In October 2014 Janus revealed a deal to buy VS Holdings, the parent of ETF shop VelocityShares [profile].
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    Key People:
    Ali Dibadj
    CEO, Board Member, Janus Henderson Group plc
    Roger Thompson
    Chief Financial Officer, Janus Henderson Group plc
    Myron Scholes
    Chief Investment Strategist, Janus Capital Group
    Bruce Koepfgen
    President, Janus Capital Group
    Robin Beery
    Executive Vice President and Head of U.S. Distribution, Janus Retirement Alliance
    Jennifer McPeek
    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Janus
    Glenn Schafer
    Chairman, Janus
    Drew Elder
    EVP, Head of US Intermediary Distribution, Janus Capital Group
    Dave Master
    self empolyed, David B Masters LLC
    George Batejan
    EVP, Global Head of Technology and Operations, Janus Capital Group
    David Grawemeyer
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Janus Capital Group
    Gibson Smith
    Founder, Chief Investment Officer, Smith Capital Investors, LLC
    Augustus Cheh
    President, Janus Capital International
    Brennan Hughes
    Chief Accounting Officer, Treasurer, Janus Capital Group
    Jonathan Coleman
    Head of Growth Equities & Portfolio Manager, Janus Capital Group
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