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MFWire: Goldman Sachs Funds
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Goldman Sachs
200 West Street
New York, NY  10282
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Main Phone: 212-357-1675
Web Site: Click Here

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Goldman Sachs Funds

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  • Background:
    Goldman Sachs & Company traces its founding to 1869 when it was founded by Marcus Goldman. Samuel Sachs joined Goldman as a partner in 1892. Goldman was listed on the NYSE in 1999.

    Goldman's investment arm, Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), was formed in 1981.

    The group managed $956 billion AUM as of March 2014.

    The firm manages roughly 70 mutual funds across equities, fixed income, money market and alts, which the firm categorizes as "specialty" funds.

    Goldman offers about 12 such specialty funds and is looking to expand in the alts space. Goldman hired Nadia Papagiannis from Morningstar as director of alternative investment strategy in Jan., 2014, and announced plans to expand into more retail alternatives, partly via its funds of funds business, as well as through a partnership with Fidelity.

    In June 2012, Goldman filed plans to close its target-date funds.

    In July 2005 GSAM bought six of the seven Golden Oaks funds owned by Citizens Bank (Flint, MI). The deal added $400 million of AUM to Goldman Sachs Funds.

    In February 2012, Goldman bought the Burlington, Vermont-based fixed income manager Dwight from Old Mutual. Dwight had $33.8 billion as of December 31, 2012.

    GSAM agreed to acquire a "smart beta" shop, Westpeak Global Advisors in April 2014.
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    Key People:
    Tim O'Neill
    Global Co-Head of the Consumer and Investment Management Division (CIMD), Goldman Sachs
    Eric Lane
    Global Co-Head of the Consumer and Investment Management Division (CIMD), Goldman Sachs
    Jim O'Neill
    Chairman, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
    Scott McHugh
    Treasurer and Senior Vice President , GSAM, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
    George Travers
    Chief Financial Officer- Credit, Apollo Management
    Esta Stecher
    Chair of the Board of Directors, General Counsel, Goldman Sachs
    Gregory Palm
    General Counsel and Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    Robert Jones
    Managing Director, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Quantitative Investment Strategies Team, Goldman Sachs
    Katinka Domotorffy
    Managing Director, Head of Quantitative Investment Strategies, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Goldman Sachs
    Jonathan Beinner
    Managing Director, Co-Head of U.S. and Global Fixed Income Teams, Goldman Sachs
    Tom Kenny
    Managing Director, Co-Head of U.S. and Global Fixed Income Teams, Goldman Sachs
    Jonathan Sheridan
    Head of Portfolio Implementation and Trading/Portfolio Manager -- Alternative Liquid Trading Strategies, Credit Suisse
    Alan Cohen
    Global Head of Compliance, Managing Director, Goldman
    John Perlowski
    Story Archive for Goldman Sachs
    Published On Story Headline Publication
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    9/20/2013 AST Will Merge Two Growth Funds MFWire.com
    9/16/2013 Goldman Sachs Launches a Multi-Asset Fund MFWire.com
    9/9/2013 Some Big Shot Firms Stay With Emerging Markets MFWire.com
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