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MFWire: J.P. Morgan Funds, Six Circles Funds
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J.P. Morgan Funds
270 Park Avenue
New York, NY  10017
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Main Phone: 800-480-4111
Web Site: https://www.jpmorganfunds.com/

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
J.P. Morgan Funds, Six Circles Funds

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  • Background:
    J.P. Morgan Asset Management offers a wide variety of investment products across most asset classes, including alternatives, asset allocation, equities, fixed income and more.

    The J.P. Morgan Funds were distributed primarily through the brokerage giant's private wealth channel until the turn of the century.

    Undiscovered Managers

    The bank purchased Dallas-based Undiscovered Managers LLC and its six mutual funds with about $600 million in AUM in November 2003.

    Chase Vista Funds

    In 2001 the JPMorgan Funds absorbed the Chase Vista Funds as part of the merger between J.P. Morgan & Co and Chase Manhattan Corp. The Vista Funds converted to no-load from load funds at that time. The Vista Funds included rebranded funds that the bank acquired through its April 1996 merger which Chemical Bank's Hanover Funds.

    In 1993 Chase acquired Olympus Funds and merged them into the Vista Funds family.
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    Key People:
    George Gatch
    Global Head of Funds and Institutional, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    Patricia Maleski
    Chief Control and Chief Administrative Officer, J.P.Morgan Asset Management
    Mary Erdoes
    CEO , JPMorgan Asset Management
    Joseph Azelby
    Managing Director, Head of Asset Allocation, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    Eileen Cohen
    Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    Patrik Jakobson
    Managing Director, PM, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    David Kelly
    Managing Director, Chief Global Strategist, Head of the Global Market Insights Strategy Team, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    Andrew Goldberg
    Managing Director, Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    Steve Ungerman
    Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co
    Robert Young
    COO, J.P.Morgan Funds and One Group Mutual Funds
    John Galateria
    Head of North America Institutional, Invesco
    Joseph Tanious
    Executive Director, Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    Andres Garcia-Amaya
    Executive Director, Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    Anastasia Amoroso
    Vice President, Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    James Liu
    Vice President, Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    Story Archive for J.P. Morgan Funds
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    9/9/2021 A $2.6T-AUM Titan Teams Up On Retirement Income 401kWire.com
    8/27/2021 Active Inflows Fall 40 Percent, and Passive Falls, Too, But ... MFWire.com
    8/11/2021 A Titan Preps a $9.7B-AUM MF-to-ETF Conversion MFWire.com
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    9/15/2020 JPMAM Takes the Lead As Titans' Inflows Slip Again MFWire.com
    9/4/2020 $1T Versus $13.94B MFWire.com
    8/31/2020 A Brand Experience Chief Joins a Big Apple Fund Firm MFWire.com
    8/25/2020 Money Fund Outflows Fall 64 Percent MFWire.com
    8/21/2020 Active Inflows Fall 58 Percent MFWire.com
    8/14/2020 Inflows Fall 41 Percent MFWire.com
    8/6/2020 After 21 Years, a Managing Director Exits JPMAM MFWire.com
    7/16/2020 Titans' Inflows Climb Another 85 Percent MFWire.com
    6/26/2020 Money Fund Flows Plunge 88 Percent, But ... MFWire.com
    5/29/2020 The Money Fund Inflows Flood Slows a Bit MFWire.com
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    1/22/2020 Industry Inflows Proportionately Doubled In 2019 MFWire.com
    1/16/2020 Midsize Firms' Outflows Fell 78 Percent In 2019 MFWire.com
    1/15/2020 The $183B Year MFWire.com
    12/19/2019 A Bank's Active Funds Lead MFWire.com
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    9/3/2019 JPMAM Hires an Allianz GI Legal Vet MFWire.com
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    2/12/2019 The $57B ETF Shop Deal That Wasn't MFWire.com
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    10/1/2018 Week In Preview, October 1-7 MFWire.com
    9/25/2018 The Five Most Powerful Women In Asset Management MFWire.com
    9/21/2018 JPMAM Powers an RKer's $2.43B TDFs 401kWire.com
    9/14/2018 GSAM Roars, and BlackRock Retakes the Lead MFWire.com
    8/23/2018 A $2T-AUM Firm Slims Down By 100 MFWire.com
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    4/11/2018 Active Share Catches a Regulator's Eye MFWire.com
    4/6/2018 Dimon Shares Some Index Fund and ETF Worries MFWire.com
    3/21/2018 J.P. Morgan's Board Adds an Asset Manager's Prez MFWire.com
    3/19/2018 Week In Preview, March 19-25 MFWire.com
    2/28/2018 Nuveen, Vanguard, T. Rowe, and Fidelity Dominate in the Big Apple MFWire.com
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