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MFWire: Legg Mason Funds & Western Asset Funds & LM Funds & Citifunds Trust
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Legg Mason
100 International Drive
Baltimore, MD  21202
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Main Phone: 800-451-2010
Web Site: http://www.leggmason.com

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
Legg Mason Funds & Western Asset Funds & LM Funds & Citifunds Trust

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  • Background:
    On February 18, 2020, the Legg deal unveiled a deal to sell the firm to another giant asset manager, Franklin Templeton. The deal closed on July 31, 2020.

    Founded as a broker-dealer in 1899, Legg Mason later became primarily an asset management firm with global operations.

    In 2005 it swapped its remaining brokerage business, including its Private Client and Capital Markets business, to CitiGroup in exchange for Citi Asset Management.

    Mark R. Fetting, a "non-family" chief, succeeded co-founder Raymond A. "Chip" Mason as CEO in 2008. Fetting is the first non-Mason to take the reins. Then in September 2012 Legg announced that Fetting would step down on October 1.

    The firm's asset management subsidiaries (and the year acquired) include:

  • Legg Mason Capital Management, Baltimore
  • Western Asset Management, Pasadena, CA (1986)
  • Brandywine Global, Philadelphia (1986)
  • Batterymarch Financial Management, Boston (1995)
  • Royce & Associates (2001)
  • ClearBridge Advisors, New York (2005)
  • The Permal Group, New York (2005)

    On November 17, 2011, the firm announced that legendary PM Bill Miller was relinquishing his post as PM of the Legg Mason Capital Management Value Equity strategy to Sam Peters, effective in April 2012.

    Mark Fetting stepped down from his post as chief executive officer and chairman in October 2012.

    After serving as Fetting's interim replacement, Joseph Sullivan was named permanent CEO in February 2013.
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    Key People:
    Joe Sullivan
    Chairman, CEO, Allspring Global Investments
    Bill Miller
    Chairman, Chief Investment Officer, Founder, LMM (dba Miller Value Partners)
    Matt Schiffman
    Managing Director Head of Global Marketing / Head of US Retail Distribution , Legg Mason, Inc.
    Pete Nachtwey
    Chief Financial Officer, Legg Mason
    Thomas Lemke
    General Counsel, Legg Mason
    Jeffrey Nattans
    Head of M&A, Business Development, Legg Mason
    C.R. Shaw
    Head of US Product Marketing, Legg Mason
    Jeff Masom
    Global Head of Institutional Distribution, RBC GAM
    Fran Cashman
    Managing Director, Co-Head of U.S. Sales, Legg Mason Investment Counsel
    Jennifer Murphy
    Chief Adminstrative Officer, Legg Mason
    Gary Kleinschmidt
    Co-founder / CEO, Safeguard Asset Management
    W. Reed
    Non-Executive Chairman, Legg Mason
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