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MFWire: Nuveen Investments
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Nuveen Investments
333 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL  60606
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Main Phone: 800-257-8787
Web Site: http://www.nuveen.com

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
Nuveen Investments

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  • SEC Fund Filings by CIK

  • Background:
    In January 2017, higher education retirement plan giant TIAA rebranded its entire asset management arm, formerly TIAA Global Asset Management, under the Nuveen name.

    On April 14, 2014, TIAA-CREF (now called TIAA) unveiled a deal to buy the $221 billion AUM Nuveen for $6.25 billion. The purchase reportedly included $4.5 billion in debt and $1.75 billion in cash.On October 1, 2014, TIAA-CREF confirmed that the deal had closed.

    Nuveen provides a multi-boutique asset management model and offers porfolios through the NWQ, Nuveen Asset Management, Santa Barbara, Symphony, Tradewinds, Winslow Capital and Gresham investment teams.

    2007 Sale
    Madison Dearborn led a group of private equity deal to take the asset manager private in November of 2007. The deal was valued at $5.4 billion. Other investors included: Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity, Wachovia Capital Partners (now part of Wells Fargo, Citi and DB Investment.

    First American Funds Purchase
    Nuveen added 41 mutual funds when it purchased the First American Funds (FAF Funds) from U.S. Bancorp in July 2010 for $80 million. U.S. Bancorp also acquired a 9.5 percent stake in Nuveen as part of that transaction.

    Early History
    John Nuveen founded the firm as The John Nuveen Company in 1898. It initially specialized in investing and underwriting municipal bonds.

    Investors Diversified Service (IDS) purchased Nuveen in 1969. Nuveen was sold in 1974 to the St. Paul Companies.

    It launched its first tax-free mutual funds in 1976.

    Nuveen (JNC) listed on the NYSE in 1992.

    Mutual Fund Acquisitions
  • Flagship Resources, Inc. (1996)
  • Institutional Capital Corporation (ICAP Funds) (1996)
  • First American Funds (2010)
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    Key People:
    Jose Minaya
    President, Chief Investment Officer, Nuveen
    Vijay Advani
    CEO, Nuveen
    Carl Katerndahl
    Executive Vice President, Head of Retail and High Net Worth Distribution, Nuveen Investments
    Anthony Ciccarone
    Executive Vice President, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Advisory Solutions, Nuveen Investments
    John Amboian
    Non-Executive Chairman, Nuveen Investments
    Rob Leary
    Outgoing CEO, Nuveen
    William Huffman
    President, Nuveen Asset Management, Nuveen Asset Management
    Margo Lynn Cook
    President, Nuveen Advisory Services, Nuveen Investments
    Tom Schreier
    Outgoing Vice Chairman Wealth Management, Nuveen Investments; Chairman, Nuveen Asset Management, Nuveen Investments
    Frank Wheeler
    Global Head of Distribution and Marketing, Matthews Asia
    Glenn Richter
    Stephen Ban
    Managing Director, Business Development & Portfolio Advisory, Nuveen Asset Management
    John MacCarthy
    Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel, Nuveen Investments
    Greg Bottjer
    Head of Global Product Strategy and Development, Cohen & Steers
    Paul Redden
    Regional Sales Director, Mid-Atlantic, Nuveen Investments
    Story Archive for Nuveen Investments
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    4/20/2023 Large Firms' Flows Sour By $14B Even As Schwab's Inflows Climb MFWire.com
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    2/10/2023 Long-Term Flows Jump By $7.1B MFWire.com
    1/19/2023 A Nuveen Managing Director Waves Goodbye After 10 Years 401kWire.com
    12/16/2022 11 Months, $205B In Outflows MFWire.com
    12/15/2022 The Feds Smite a Trader At a $1.1T-AUM Firm MFWire.com
    11/7/2022 Invesco and 15 Other Firms Win Big In NYC MFWire.com
    10/18/2022 Nine Percent of Large Firms Net Inflows MFWire.com
    9/21/2022 In the Big Apple, a DC I-O Key Accounts Vet Joins Nuveen 401kWire.com
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    7/21/2022 Pru and TIAA Alumni Join a DC I-O Team 401kWire.com
    7/19/2022 Nuveen's McCarthy Hires In Illinois 401kWire.com
    7/7/2022 A $1.2T-AUM Firm Adds a Retirement Marketing Chief 401kWire.com
    6/22/2022 A Pru Alum Will Build a New Team At a $1.2T-AUM Firm 401kWire.com
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    3/23/2021 Fidelity and Vanguard Led the Way In February MFWire.com
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    9/10/2020 After 16 Years, a Midwestern Exec Leaves Nuveen MFWire.com
    9/8/2020 A $1T-AUM Giant's Ex-Chief Prepares His Exit MFWire.com
    8/3/2020 How Will the TIAA Buyouts Affect Nuveen? MFWire.com
    6/25/2020 At a $1T-AUM Firm, the CMO's Reach Extends MFWire.com
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    9/26/2019 Matthews, 361, and JPMAM Win Big In Chi-Town MFWire.com
    9/26/2019 Principal Leads an Awards Pack 401kWire.com
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    3/19/2019 Bogles' Bunch Dominates Both Sides MFWire.com
    3/8/2019 T. Rowe, Fidelity, Pimco and OpFunds Crush It In Gotham MFWire.com
    2/21/2019 Flows Rebound, and Vanguard Retakes the Lead MFWire.com
    1/25/2019 Expect Miracles Takes Manhattan For a Fifth Time MFWire.com
    1/16/2019 A $988B Asset Manager's DC I-O Chief Leaves 401kWire.com
    12/7/2018 Advani Builds Nuveen's 13th Affiliate MFWire.com
    10/17/2018 New Lens: Active vs Passive Winners MFWire.com
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    2/28/2018 Nuveen, Vanguard, T. Rowe, and Fidelity Dominate in the Big Apple MFWire.com
    2/2/2018 Erin Donnelly Hires an Ex-Am Century DC I-O Exec 401kWire.com
    1/19/2018 An ETF Newcomer Ties BlackRock In an Awards Race MFWire.com
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    9/25/2017 McCarthy Hires a BNY Mellon Vet 401kWire.com
    9/25/2017 A Chitown DC I-O Vet Joins an ETF Strategist 401kWire.com
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    6/28/2016 Stork and Reaper -- June 28, 2016 MFWire.com
    6/17/2016 Three Fund Firms Brought In More than $2B Each In May MFWire.com
    5/31/2016 After 40 Years, a Nuveen Veteran Retires MFWire.com
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