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MFWire: Putnam Funds
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Putnam Investments
One Post Office Square
Boston, MA  02110
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Main Phone: 617-292-1000
Web Site: http://www.putnam.com

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
Putnam Funds

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  • Background:
    On January 1, 2024, Franklin Templeton bought Putnam from Great-West and entered a long-term strategic partnership with Great-West and Power.

    Putnam Investments is owned by Great-West Lifeco Inc, a unit of Canada's Power Financial. Power Financial is controlled by the Desmarais family of Montreal.

    George Putnam founded the mutual fund firm in 1937. Marsh & McLennan Companies purchased Putnam in 1970.

    In 2007, Great-West Lifeco purchased Putnam Investments from Marsh.

    2003 Fund Scandals
    In the fall of 2003, Putnam was one of a number of firms accused of allowing market-timing trades by investors. That investigation led to the resignation of then-CEO Larry Lasser who was replaced by Ed Haldeman. Ultimately, the fallout from the accusations led to Marsh's sale of the company to Great-West Lifeco Inc.

    The Desmarais family hired Fidelity veteran Robert Reynolds in June 2008 to replace Haldeman as Putnam's CEO in 2008.

    In June, 2011 Putnam entered into a multiple-year marketing partnership with the Kraft Sports Group, owner of the New England Patriots, the New England Revolution and Gillette Stadium.

    In March 2014, Bob Reynolds was promoted to the position of president and chief executive of Great-West Lifeco U.S. Inc., the owner of both Putnam and the Denver based Great-West Financial. The position of president and chief executive officer of Great-West Financial was also his upon the retirement of Mitchell Graye in May, 2014.

    In April 2014, Great-West purchased the retirement business of JP Morgan Asset Management.
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    Key People:
    Bob Reynolds
    CEO and President, Putnam Investments
    Bill Connolly
    Global Head of Distribution, Putnam Investments
    Michael Woodall
    Chief of Operations, Putnam Investment
    Aaron Cooper
    Chief Investment Officer - Equity, Putnam Investments
    Bill Kohli
    Co-Chief Investment Officer - Fixed Income, Putnam Investments
    Rob Schoen
    Chief Investment Officer - Global Asset Allocation, Putnam Investments
    Robert Burns
    Managing Director, General Counsel, Putnam Investments
    Robert Leveille
    Chief Compliance Officer, Invesco Advisers and Invesco Funds
    Cathy Saunders
    Managing Director, Head of Corporate Sustainability and Public Policy, Putnam Investments
    Clare Richer
    Board Member, Principal Financial Group
    Frank McNamara
    General Counsel, Putnam Investments
    Benjamin Filmore
    Regional Investment Consultant, Putnam Investments
    Donald Gentile
    Regional Investment Consultant, Putnam Investments
    Jackie VanderBrug
    Head of Sustainability Strategy, Putnam Investments
    Story Archive for Putnam Investments
    Published On Story Headline Publication
    5/7/2024 A Putnam Veteran and Former Empower Leader Joins Lazard 401kWire.com
    1/2/2024 Great-West Sells Putnam, As Planned MFWire.com
    12/27/2023 Expect a $925MM Deal to Close Soon MFWire.com
    9/21/2023 Seven of the Most Trustworthy Fund Firms In 2023 MFWire.com
    6/1/2023 How Much Will a $136B-AUM Deal Boost Franklin's DC I-O Biz? 401kWire.com
    6/1/2023 What's Next For Bob and His Team? MFWire.com
    5/31/2023 The Mountain Comes to Bob. Jenny Makes the Deal MFWire.com
    5/26/2023 Will the Mountain Come to Bob? MFWire.com
    5/25/2023 Reynolds Reveals Putnam's 12th Active ETF MFWire.com
    4/21/2023 With $3B, Pacer Takes the 2023 Lead MFWire.com
    3/20/2023 BNY Mellon Leads With $2.3B MFWire.com
    2/10/2023 Putnam Transforms a 19-Year-Old TDF Suite 401kWire.com
    10/5/2022 20 Fund Firms Win Big With FAs MFWire.com
    9/7/2022 A Wirehouse Alum Joins a $176B-AUM Firm's Senior Leadership Team MFWire.com
    8/23/2022 A Biz School Opens a Building Named For a $176B-AUM Firm's Chief MFWire.com
    6/8/2022 An 85-Year-Old Firm Preps 8 ETFs MFWire.com
    5/26/2022 A $180B-AUM Firm Preps an ESG TDF Family 401kWire.com
    2/16/2022 41 Percent of Shrinking Inflows Go to These Firms MFWire.com
    1/20/2022 Despite a Rough Finale, Midsize Inflows Returned In 2021 MFWire.com
    7/1/2021 A $198B-AUM AM Adds an Asset Allocation Co-Chief MFWire.com
    6/2/2021 Next Up For a $197B-AUM Active Shop: More Alts? MFWire.com
    5/26/2021 Reynolds Kicks Off Putnam's ETF Push MFWire.com
    4/21/2021 DC I-O Rises At a $193B-AUM Shop 401kWire.com
    3/12/2021 100 Fund Firms Win Big, With Morgan Stanley Leading the Pack MFWire.com
    10/8/2020 Get More Out of LinkedIn 401kWire.com
    9/14/2020 26 Years In, a Putnam C-Suiter Will Yield to a 23-Year Vet MFWire.com
    8/6/2020 Fundster CEOs Get Out the Vote, and One Hosts a Fundraiser MFWire.com
    4/24/2020 Reynolds Imagines a Post-COVID-19 Future MFWire.com
    3/6/2020 170 Fundsters Gather As 92 Fund Firms Win Big MFWire.com
    1/14/2020 Reynolds Hires a Retail Chief MFWire.com
    11/22/2019 Reynolds Thanks an Exiting 20-Year Putnam Leader MFWire.com
    11/18/2019 Reynolds Makes a Model and SMA Push MFWire.com
    11/5/2019 Putnam's Parent's Chief Keeps Looking For Deals and Efficiencies MFWire.com
    7/29/2019 Week In Preview, July 29-August 4 MFWire.com
    5/7/2019 What Putnam's Parent Is Hunting For MFWire.com
    4/29/2019 Week In Preview, April 29-May 5 MFWire.com
    4/4/2019 A Boston MF Scion Dies At 92 MFWire.com
    3/8/2019 T. Rowe, Fidelity, Pimco and OpFunds Crush It In Gotham MFWire.com
    2/8/2019 Bob Reynolds Passes a Baton MFWire.com
    2/4/2019 Week In Preview, February 4-10 MFWire.com
    1/25/2019 Expect Miracles Takes Manhattan For a Fifth Time MFWire.com
    1/25/2019 Putnam's Parent Refocuses Its U.S. Biz On Three Units MFWire.com
    1/24/2019 Great-West Sells Most of Its Non-401k, Non-MF Biz 401kWire.com
    12/18/2018 A Wirehouse's Sibling Wins In November MFWire.com
    12/12/2018 An Always Active Fund Firm's 2019 Campaign Begins MFWire.com
    10/12/2018 Abby and Bob Party With Sir Paul MFWire.com
    10/11/2018 As First Trust Takes the Lead, Bridge Builder Slows MFWire.com
    9/6/2018 Putnam's Big Move Is Almost Here MFWire.com
    6/28/2018 McKay Brings a Former DC I-O Chief to Putnam 401kWire.com
    5/16/2018 With a $10B War Chest, a Multinational Targets U.S. Asset Managers MFWire.com
    5/9/2018 A Canadian Multinational Keeps Hunting For U.S. Asset Managers MFWire.com
    4/30/2018 Week in Preview, April 30-May 6 MFWire.com
    4/3/2018 How Do Fundsters Support FA's Social Media Savvy? MFWire.com
    3/5/2018 Week In Preview, March 5-11 MFWire.com
    2/26/2018 Week In Preview, February 26 - March 4 MFWire.com
    2/1/2018 Reynolds Reorgs and Rebrands His Original Putnam Flagships MFWire.com
    1/29/2018 First Trust and Bridge Builder Lead the Monthly Pack, Again MFWire.com
    1/26/2018 Picture This: KPA-Guided Cost-Benefit Analysis For Plan Design 401kWire.com
    1/25/2018 SSgA Had a Great December MFWire.com
    1/17/2018 Putnam Transforms a $4.75B Pair of Funds MFWire.com
    11/21/2017 An Irish Charity Gathers Fundsters to Honor a Star PM MFWire.com
    10/30/2017 Reynolds Puts a Putnam Veteran In Charge of a Sister Shop MFWire.com
    9/18/2017 Bob Reynolds Renews His Retirement Policy Pitch, In Print 401kWire.com
    8/4/2017 Filings for Fundsters - August 4, 2017 MFWire.com
    7/24/2017 Week In Preview, July 24-30 MFWire.com
    7/18/2017 Follow the Fundsters - July 18, 2017 MFWire.com
    7/13/2017 20 Fund Firms Team Up With LPL For a New Mini-Mart MFWire.com
    6/28/2017 WisdomTree and UBS Execs Will Lead This Trade Group MFWire.com
    5/25/2017 The New Fund Fuss - May 25, 2017 MFWire.com
    5/24/2017 What Will We See From Putnam in Q3? MFWire.com
    5/19/2017 Filings for Fundsters - May 19, 2017 MFWire.com
    5/12/2017 Filings for Fundsters - May 12, 2017 MFWire.com
    5/5/2017 Follow the Fundsters - May 9, 2017 MFWire.com
    5/3/2017 An ESG Guru Builds a Putnam Team MFWire.com
    4/17/2017 Filings for Fundsters - April 17, 2017 MFWire.com
    3/31/2017 M*, Putnam and Legg Mason Win Big at the Mutual Funds Industry Awards MFWire.com
    3/28/2017 Follow the Fundsters - March 28, 2017 MFWire.com
    3/24/2017 Filings for Fundsters - March 24, 2017 MFWire.com
    3/21/2017 Cooper Finds a Diamond and Shakes Up a Putnam PM Team MFWire.com
    3/20/2017 Filings for Fundsters - March 20, 2017 MFWire.com
    3/4/2017 Putnam Wins a Charitable Victory, On Ice MFWire.com
    3/2/2017 Filings for Fundsters - March 2, 2017 MFWire.com
    2/7/2017 Follow the Fundsters - February 7, 2017 MFWire.com
    12/30/2016 The Most Popular MFWire Stories of 2016 MFWire.com
    12/14/2016 Mutual Fund Milestones - December 14, 2016 MFWire.com
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    11/29/2016 Filings for Fundsters - November 29, 2016 MFWire.com
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    11/15/2016 Reynolds' $65MM Putnam Shake Up MFWire.com
    10/31/2016 Filings for Fundsters - October 31, 2016 MFWire.com
    10/7/2016 Filings for Fundsters - October 7, 2016 MFWire.com
    9/16/2016 Filings for Fundsters - September 16, 2016 MFWire.com
    9/14/2016 Find Yourself Watching the Patriots, With a Little Help From Putnam MFWire.com
    8/25/2016 An Ex-Wirehouse Chief Joins Putnam's Board MFWire.com
    8/24/2016 Here Are the Nine Fund Firms On LPL's New NTF Platform MFWire.com
    8/23/2016 Meet the Next Generation of the Power Behind Putnam MFWire.com
    8/19/2016 Preview of LPL Focus 2016 MFWire.com
    8/19/2016 Filings For Fundsters - August 19, 2016 MFWire.com
    8/18/2016 Filings For Fundsters - August 18, 2016 MFWire.com
    8/16/2016 Filings For Fundsters - August 16, 2016 MFWire.com
    8/15/2016 Filings For Fundsters - August 15, 2016 MFWire.com
    6/17/2016 Three Fund Firms Brought In More than $2B Each In May MFWire.com
    5/24/2016 The Next Leg In Putnam's FA Support Program MFWire.com
    5/16/2016 Seven Months and Counting: Vanguard Is Still On Top MFWire.com
    5/6/2016 Putnam Voyager's 47-Year Journey Ends MFWire.com
    4/27/2016 A Dozen Fund Firms Win in Gotham MFWire.com
    4/14/2016 DoubleLine, AB, and BlackRock Killed It In March MFWire.com
    3/23/2016 101 Fund Families Win in Gotham MFWire.com
    3/18/2016 DoubleLine and AB Crush It MFWire.com
    1/20/2016 Reynolds Makes Putnam's Latest FA-Support Maneuver MFWire.com
    1/12/2016 Putnam Is Moving In Two Years MFWire.com
    11/23/2015 Demand For Our Research, From the Platforms, Is Higher Than It's Ever Been MFWire.com
    10/1/2015 Reynolds Sports Another Key Partnership MFWire.com
    9/17/2015 Bob Reynolds Favors This Presidential Candidate MFWire.com
    9/14/2015 Reynolds Snaps Up Another Top Fido Vet, This Time In Tech MFWire.com
    8/11/2015 28 Fund Firms Are Paying Morgan Stanley At Least $1MM MFWire.com
    8/10/2015 Gatch and Reynolds Will Stand By Active Through the Tough Times MFWire.com
    6/2/2015 Reynolds Re-Ups His Japanese Alliance MFWire.com
    4/1/2015 Cap Group, Fidelity, and Pimco Break Out the Champagne MFWire.com
    3/27/2015 And the Winners Are ... Empower, Vanguard, and Many More MFWire.com
    3/26/2015 "The Most Dominant Fund Company In History" MFWire.com
    2/24/2015 Keep an Eye On Putnam and Three Others MFWire.com
    10/30/2014 Reynolds and Murphy Power On a New Brand 401kWire.com
    10/30/2014 Putnam Retirement No More MFWire.com
    10/22/2014 OppFunds, Putnam, Aberdeen and U.S. Global See STARS in Chitown MFWire.com
    7/25/2014 Connolly Builds His Putnam Wrecking Crew MFWire.com
    5/28/2014 Bob Reynolds Takes on Ned and Abby at Their Own Game MFWire.com
    5/23/2014 ICI GMM: Distribution Honchos Discuss Winning Strategies and Challenges MFWire.com
    4/28/2014 Four More Bang Stadion's Anti-Risk Drum MFWire.com
    4/25/2014 New Brinker Funds Get Nods from Custodial Platforms MFWire.com
    4/4/2014 After J.P. Morgan, What Other Deals Could 2014 Bring? MFWire.com
    4/4/2014 Regarding Dimon and Reynolds' Big Play MFWire.com
    4/3/2014 Dimon Prepares to Sell Off Part of JPAM MFWire.com
    2/6/2014 With One Finger Swipe You Can Lose a Client MFWire.com
    1/13/2014 Putnam's Ewing Talks with Barron's MFWire.com
    1/7/2014 From Fighters to Bond Funds: Bloomberg Profiles Putnam's Kohli MFWire.com
    12/31/2013 WSJ Dubs PowerShares a Boring Investor MFWire.com
    12/30/2013 These Were MFWire's 13 Most Popular Stories of 2013 MFWire.com
    12/27/2013 A Putnam Scion Raises $1.4MM for his Big Data Firm MFWire.com
    11/21/2013 Putnam Goes Ligety Split MFWire.com
    11/1/2013 Putnam and State Street Will Take on Pay Inequality MFWire.com
    10/22/2013 Putnam Garners Best of Fund Family Kudos MFWire.com
    10/15/2013 Advisors Like LinkedIn, Says Putnam MFWire.com
    10/11/2013 Reynolds Declares Neutrality in Boston Mayoral Race MFWire.com
    10/10/2013 Does the Fund Industry Need More Owners Like the Late Paul Desmarais? MFWire.com
    9/23/2013 Seen and Heard at the 2013 NICSA GMM MFWire.com
    8/21/2013 OpFunds, Putnam Win Industry Awards MFWire.com
    8/19/2013 Pub Ponders Putnam's Elusive Profits MFWire.com
    8/6/2013 Don Yacktman Passes the Torch to His Son MFWire.com
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