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MFWire: Robeco Funds, SAM Sustainable Global Active Fund
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Robeco Investment Management
1 Beacon St.
30th FL
Boston, MA  02108
Google Maps

Main Phone: 617-832-8200
Web Site: htttp://www.robecoinvest.com

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
Robeco Funds, SAM Sustainable Global Active Fund

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  • Background:
    Robeco Investment Management includes two boutique asset managers in the U.S.: Robeco Boston Partners, a value equities manager founded in 1995; and Robeco Weiss, Peck & Greer, a core quantitative equity manager founded in 1970. Robeco Investment Management itself is a subsidiary of the global asset manager Robeco Group, which boasted $212 billion in assets as of March 31, 2011 and is based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Dutch bank Rabobank started selling Robeco's funds in 1990, bought half of Robeco in 1997 and bought the other half in 2001. The bank itself launched in 1898.

    Robeco Group bought Weiss, Peck & Greer in 1998, then snagged Boston Partners in 2003. Robeco USA changed its name to Robeco Investment Management in February 2005, while also moving to a new headquarters in midtown Manhattan. Robeco consolidated WPG and Boston Partners into Robeco Investment Management in 2007. Then in 2008 Robeco unveiled a deal to send its $4.8-billion-AUM fixed income business (formerly part of Weiss, Peck, and Greer) to Morgan Stanley.

    Thanks to its Dutch parent, the U.S. arm of Robeco has several siblings, including: another U.S. mutual fund firm, Chicago-based Harbor Capital Advisors [see profile]; and SAM Group [see profile], a Swiss asset manager who offers a U.S. socially responsible investing (SRI) fund through Robeco. Robeco Group, founded in 1929, managed over $189 billion worldwide as of September 30, 2011.

    Robeco boasted $902 million in non-money market U.S. mutual fund assets as of November 22, 2011. Its lineup of nine mutual funds includes two long/short funds, a small-cap value fund and an all-cap value fund, all with investor and institutional shares, as well as a small/micro cap value fund. The firm works with no sub-advisors.

    Robeco emphasizes minimizing downside risk, preserving capital, and maximizing the power of compounding, and its teams centers their investment philosophy around three "fundamental truths" of investing:

    1) low valuation stocks outperform high valuation stocks;

    2) companies with strong fundamentals, e.g. high and sustainable returns on invested capital, outperform companies with weak fundamentals; and

    3) stocks with positive business momentum, e.g. rising earnings estimates, outperform stocks with negative business momentum.

    The firm has offices in: Boston; Greenbrae, California; Los Angeles; New York; and San Francisco.
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    Key People:
    Mark Donovan
    Co-CEO, Lead PM, Large-Cap Value Securities, Boston Partners
    Joseph Feeney
    Co-CEO, Chief Investment Officer, Boston Partners
    William Butterly
    Chief Operating Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, ROBECO INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT
    Matthew Davis
    Chief Financial Officer, Boston Partners
    Paul Healey
    Senior Managing Director, Windhaven Investment Management
    David Pyle
    Large Cap Value Portfolio Manager, Robeco Investment Management
    Martin MacDonnell
    Large Cap Value 130/30 Portfolio Manager, Robeco Investment Management
    Duilio Ramallo
    Premium Equity/All Cap Value Portfolio Manager, Robeco Investment Management
    Steven Pollack
    Mid Cap Value Portfolio Manager, Robeco Investment Management
    Christopher Hart
    PM, Global Equity and International Equity Products, Boston Partners
    David Dabora
    BP Small Cap Value Portfolio Manager, Robeco Investment Management
    George Gumpert
    BP Small Cap Value Portfolio Manager, Robeco Investment Management
    Robert Jones
    Long/Short Equity Portfolio Manager, Robeco Investment Management
    Eric Connerly
    Long/Short Research Fund Portfolio Manager, Robeco Investment Management
    Richard Shuster
    Lead PM, Small- and Micro-Cap Equity Products, WPG Partners (Boston Partners)
    Gregory Weiss
    WPG Small Cap Value Portfolio Manager, Robeco Investment Management
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