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MFWire: Ivy Funds, Waddell & Reed Advisor Funds
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Waddell & Reed Investment Management Company
6300 Lamar Avenue
Shawnee Mission, KS  66201-9217
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Main Phone: 913-236-2000
Web Site: http://www.waddell.com

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
Ivy Funds, Waddell & Reed Advisor Funds

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  • Background:
    Founded in 1937, Waddell & Reed sponsors two families of mutual funds: W&R Funds and Ivy Funds [profile]. It created the Waddell & Reed Advisors Group of Mutual Funds in 1940. The company IPO'd in 1998. The funds are advised by Waddell & Reed Investment Management Company (WRIMCO) and Ivy Investment Management Company (IICO).

    The firm also owns a broker-dealer that is a primary distributor of the W&R Funds.

    The firms three broker-dealers are: Waddell & Reed, Inc. (W&R), Ivy Funds Distributor, Inc. (IFDI) and Legend Equities Corporation (LEC).

    The firm's 80 open-end mutual funds include: 20 portfolios in the Advisors Funds family, 32 portfolios in the Ivy Funds family, 25 portfolios in the Ivy Funds VIP family and three portfolios in InvestEd.
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    Key People:
    Hank Herrmann
    Chairman, CEO, Waddell & Reed Financial
    Mike Avery
    John Sundeen
    EVP, Chief Administrative Officer - Investments, Waddell & Reed Financial
    Brent Bloss
    EVP, Chief Financial Officer, Waddell & Reed Financial
    Wendy Hills
    Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel, Waddell & Reed Financial
    Steven Anderson
    Partner, MHC Capital
    Derek Burke
    CEO and President, FSC Securities
    Story Archive for Waddell & Reed Investment Management Company
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