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AdvisorShares Investments LLC
2 Bethesda Metro Center
Suite 1330
Bethesda, MD  20814
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Main Phone: 877-843-3831
Web Site: http://www.advisorshares.com

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  • Background:
    Noah Hamman, an alum of Rydex (now part of Guggenheim) and Merrill Lynch and a founding equity partner of Arrow Investment Advisors [see profile], founded AdvisorShares in late 2006. The Bethesda, Maryland-based exchange-traded mutual fund firm describes itself "as a platform for the development of actively managed ETFs."

    As of June 25, 2012, AdvisorShares has more than $605 million in assets under management. Its lineup includes 14 actively managed ETFs, as of June 25, 2012, powered by 13 sub-advisors, including:

    • Accuvest Global Advisors;
    • -American Wealth Management;
    • -Baldwin Brothers;
    • -Cambria Investment Management;
    • -Community Capital Management;
    • -First Affirmative Financial Network;
    • -Madrona Funds;
    • -Peritus Asset Management;
    • -Ranger Alternative Management;
    • -Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management;
    • Rockledge Advisors;
    • -TrimTabs Asset Management;
    • -WCM Investment Management

    AdvisorShares also partners with Philippe Cousteau Jr and his Global Echo Foundation.

    In November of 2008, Fund.com bought a minority stake in AdvisorShares. Fund.com offers a lead generation platform, as well as information on ETFs and mutual funds through its eponymous website.

    Fund.com also gives AdvisorShares several siblings. In 2009 Fund.com bought Whyte Lyon Socratic, an online education specialist, as well as a participating preferred stake in Vensure Employer Services, a professional employer organization. Whyte Lyon president Joe Bianco also succeeded Daniel Klaus as chairman of Fund.com.

    Then in 2010 Fund.com bought Weston Capital Management, a hedge fund distributor and originator with more than $1 billion in assets. At the time Hamman anticipated "working with Weston to originate ETFs as well as help other managers launch their own ETFs."

    As of March 31, 2017, the firm has a total AUM of $1.08 billion.
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    Key People:
    Noah Hamman
    Founder, CEO, AdvisorShares
    Dan Ahrens
    Executive Vice President, AdvisorShares
    James Carl
    Managing Director, Distribution, AdvisorShares
    Charles Robertson
    Director of Marketing, AdvisorShares
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