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Wellington Management Investments
75 State Street
Boston , MA  02109
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Main Phone: 617-951-5000
Web Site: http://www.wellington.com/

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Wellington Management is a giant institutional asset manager that is a big mutual fund subadvisor for fund firms like Vanguard and Hartford.

Wellington's roots go back to 1928, to Walter Morgan (an accountant in Philadelphia) launching a balanced mutual fund (the first in the U.S., according to the Wellington folks). Wellington Management Company launched in 1933.

Vanguard's ties to Wellington actually predate the existence of Vanguard. Jack Bogle joined Wellington in 1955. He spearheaded the firm's expansion in the mutual fund business, and in 1967 he rose to president and led a merger with Boston-based Thorndike, Doran, Paine & Lewis. After the 1974 stock market plunge hit Wellington's funds hard, Bogle was ousted from the firm, but in 1975 he launched Vanguard to take over the Wellington Funds, while hiring Wellington Management to subadvise (a role they continue to play now for several actively managed Vanguard funds).

Meanwhile, after a brief stint as a public company, 29 partners took Wellington Management private again in 1979. The firm remains a private partnership to this day.
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Key People:
Brendan Swords
Outgoing CEO, Wellington Management
Jean Hynes
Managing Partner, Portfolio Manager, Global Industry Analyst, Incoming CEO, Wellington Management
Story Archive for Wellington Management Investments
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8/17/2007 Wellington in the Hunt for New Boston Space MFWire.com
5/14/2007 New Subadvisors Spice Up Hancock's Lifestyle MFWire.com
8/9/2006 Wellington's Growth Forces Hartford Changes MFWire.com
5/30/2006 Domini Opts Out of Indexing, Sticks With Subadvisor MFWire.com
4/21/2006 Vanguard Moves to Slow Growth on Three Funds MFWire.com
3/30/2006 Vanguard Fund Manager To Step Down MFWire.com
2/1/2006 Vanguard To Launch New Equity Fund MFWire.com
12/23/2005 Vanguard Subadvisor Plans End to Soft Dollars MFWire.com
11/3/2005 Wellington's Kaplan Announces Retirement MFWire.com
9/23/2005 Vanguard Boots Subadvisor, Adds Fund MFWire.com
9/19/2005 Harbor Hires Wellington MFWire.com
9/12/2005 Domini Launches European SRI Fund MFWire.com
8/22/2005 Dreyfus Manager Leaps to Boston Firm MFWire.com
8/2/2005 Principal Adds Share Classes MFWire.com
7/25/2005 Ex-Putnam Manager to Join Wellington MFWire.com
6/29/2005 Wellington Hired to Subadvise New SRI Fund MFWire.com
5/10/2005 Hartford Adds Three Funds MFWire.com
3/23/2005 Vanguard Relaxes Some Redemption Fees MFWire.com
2/22/2005 Vanguard Goes to Israel MFWire.com
12/9/2004 No More Energy From Vanguard MFWire.com
10/28/2004 Charles Schwab Loses Two Counsel MFWire.com
6/25/2004 Hartford Closes Three Funds to New Investors MFWire.com
5/28/2004 Vanguard Makes Moves with Fund Policies MFWire.com
2/3/2004 Veteran Vanguard Manager Retires MFWire.com
2/3/2004 Seligman Hires Subadvisor MFWire.com
8/8/2003 A Shuffle of the Deck Leaves Subadvisor Out of $1.3 Billion Deal MFWire.com
6/12/2003 Vanguard Tells Investors to Cool Their Jets MFWire.com
6/4/2003 ING Goes Outside for Large Cap Fund MFWire.com
5/1/2003 Wellington Wins Canadian Mandate MFWire.com
8/5/2002 Subadvisor Switcheroo MFWire.com
6/28/2002 USAA Names Eight Subadvisors MFWire.com
5/31/2002 Vanguard Makes Manager Moves MFWire.com
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12/3/2001 Two from AmEx MFWire.com
10/4/2001 Vanguard Hopes to Make Hay with Value MFWire.com
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3/13/2000 AG Acquires North American Funds MFWire.com
12/29/1999 Odd Lots, December 29, 1999 MFWire.com
6/1/1999 Vanguard Re-Opens Windsor MFWire.com
4/13/1999 Odd Lots, April 13, 1999 MFWire.com
3/31/1999 Manulife Goes Outside for 401k Funds MFWire.com
3/25/1999 Vanguard Shakes Up Windsor Fund Advisors MFWire.com
3/8/1999 Odd Lots, March 8, 1999 MFWire.com
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