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MFWire: Aston Funds
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Aston Asset Management LLC
120 North LaSalle St.
25th Floor
Chicago, IL  60602
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Main Phone: 312-268-1400
Web Site: http://www.astonasset.com/

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
Aston Funds

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  • Background:
    Chicago Title & Trust Company founded the funds in 1993 as the Chicago Trust Funds with Stuart Bilton taking the helm as CEO and Ken Anderson serving as president. The initial clients for the funds were trust company clients who rolled their 401k assets into the family's three initial funds: a growth equity fund, a core-plus fixed-income, and a municipal bond fund.

    The funds tapped Montag & Caldwell as their initial subadvisor in 2004. Since that time the family has developed a strategy of bringing institutional investment managers to its mutual fund clients through the use of subadvisors.

    Alleghany Funds
    Alleghany Corporation, the parent company to Chicago Title & Trust Company, carved the fund advisor out as an independent entity in 1996. At that time the funds rebranded as Alleghany Funds.

    In the next four years the funds added Veredus Asset Management, Optimum Investment Advisors, and TAMRO Capital Partners as additional subadvisors.

    ABN AMRO Funds
    Alleghany Corp. could "not resist" an offer from ABN AMRO, a Dutch bank, and sold the funds in 2000. The funds rebranded as ABN AMRO. In 2005, they added River Road Asset Management as a subadvisor.

    Aston Funds
    ABN AMRO announced the sale of the funds in April of 2006 to Highbury Financial Inc. and the advisor's management team led by Bilton and Anderson. Highbury took a 65 percent stake in the firm and the management a 35 percent stake. The deal closed in November 2006 and the funds rebranded as Aston Funds.

    During 2007 Aston tapped Neptune Investment Management, Baring Asset Management, and Cardinal Capital Management as additional subadvisors.

    Aston further diversified its product line with the addition of two ETFs and a covered call fund.

    Highbury purchased the remainder of the minority stake from Aston's management in a deal announced August 2009.

    Acquired by AMG
    On December 14, 2009, the owner of Aston Asset Management agreed to sell itselft to Affiliated Managers Group (AMG) for $117 million. Under the agreement, Aston's holding company Highbury would merge with Manor LLC, a newly-formed Delaware firmed wholly owned by AMG.

    The deal officially closed on April 15, 2010. Aston retained its name, brand, management, employees and subadvisors. The firm managed some $8.4 billion in mutual fund net assets as of September 30, 2011.
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    Key People:
    Stuart Bilton
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Aston Asset Management
    Gerald Dillenburg
    Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, Aston Asset Management
    Christine Dragon
    Chief Administrative Officer, Aston Asset Management
    Mike Mayhew
    Managing Director, Head of Distribution, Aston Asset Management
    Joe Hays
    National Sales Director - VP of U.S. Distribution, Guardian Capital
    Betsy Clayton Heaberg
    Partner and Head of Mutual fund and Managed Account Sales, Aston Asset Management
    David Robinow
    Partner and Head of Mutual fund and Managed Account Sales, Aston Asset Management
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