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MFWire: Guggenheim Funds, Rydex Target Beta Funds, CurrencyShares, BulletShares
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Guggenheim Investments
2455 Corporate West Drive
Lisle, IL  60532
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Main Phone: 630-577-2243
Web Site: http://www.guggenheimfunds.com

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
Guggenheim Funds, Rydex Target Beta Funds, CurrencyShares, BulletShares

Research Links
  • SEC Fund Filings by CIK

  • Background:
    On April 9, 2014, John Klein had left his position as Guggenheim president.

    On February 28, 2012, Deutsche Bank confirmed that it is now in "exclusive negotiations" to sell much of its global asset management business, including the DWS [profile] mutual fund business in the U.S., to Guggenheim. Yet Guggenheim and Deutsche ended the negotiations in May 2012 for all save the alternatives business.

    Guggenheim Partners acquired Claymore Securities, an ETF-specialist, in 2009 and re-branded the firm with the Guggenheim moniker in September 2010. Meanwhile, in February 2010 Guggenheim Partners led a coalition to snap up Security Benefit for $400 million. That deal brought SGI | Security Global Investors and Rydex | SGI [profile] into the Guggenheim fold.

    The Security Benefit deal closed in August 2010, and in September 2011 Guggenheim Partners combined its 11 asset management arms, including the former Claymore and Rydex ETF and leveraged- and inverse-mutual fund businesses, into a single, new, $119-billion-AUM subsidiary; Guggenheim Investments. At the time, Guggenheim planned to keep the Rydex brand alive only for the Rydex Target Beta funds.

    In November 2011, Guggenheim's Canadian unit is reportedly a strategic target for a pair of local banks, Bank of Montreal and Royal Bank of Canada, and Invesco PowerShares Capital Management.

    As of March 31, 2017, the firm has a total AUM of $260 billion.
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    Key People:
    Jerry Miller
    President, Guggenheim Investments
    David Hooten
    CEO and Chairman of the Board, Guggenheim Funds - Claymore Securities, Inc.
    Michael Rigert
    Vice Chairman, Guggenheim Funds - Claymore Securities, Inc.
    Chris Parisi
    Senior Managing Director, Head of Intermediary Distribution, Guggenheim Funds Distributor
    Bruce Albeida
    CFO and Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Funds
    Kevin Robinson
    General Counsel and Corporate Secretary and Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Funds - Claymore Securities, Inc.
    Dominick Cogliandro
    Chief Operating Officer and Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Funds
    Tom Futrell
    Chief Investment Officer and Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Funds - Claymore Securities
    Anne Kovechar
    Senior Managing Director of Compliance, Guggenheim Funds - Claymore Securities, Inc.
    Anthony DiLeonardi
    Vice Chairman, Guggenheim Funds - Claymore Securities, Inc.
    Charles Stucke
    Chief Investment Officer, Guggenheim Investment Advisors
    Story Archive for Guggenheim Investments
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    2/21/2023 Midsize Flows Improve By $36B MFWire.com
    1/20/2023 ProShares Takes the Lead With $15B MFWire.com
    12/28/2022 One of a $285B-AUM Firm's Founders Dies MFWire.com
    11/16/2022 WisdomTree Repeats With $2.068B MFWire.com
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    8/24/2022 Money Funds Rake In $29B MFWire.com
    7/21/2022 ProShares Leads As 17 Percent of Midsize Firms Win Inflows MFWire.com
    4/19/2022 ProShares Three-Peats With $2.59B MFWire.com
    3/22/2022 Inflows Fall $97B, Mostly Due to Active Funds MFWire.com
    3/16/2022 ProShares Repeats Atop Midsize Firms' Shrinking Inflows Pack MFWire.com
    1/20/2022 Despite a Rough Finale, Midsize Inflows Returned In 2021 MFWire.com
    9/16/2020 2020 Inflows Reach 46 Percent of This Shop's AUM MFWire.com
    8/17/2020 For Two-Thirds of Midsize Firms, 2020 Flows Are Still In the Red MFWire.com
    7/17/2020 Two-Thirds of 2020 Outflows Came From Midsize Firms MFWire.com
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    5/18/2020 Midsize Outflows Plunge 96 Percent MFWire.com
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    1/16/2020 Midsize Firms' Outflows Fell 78 Percent In 2019 MFWire.com
    9/17/2019 14 Asset Managers Win Big In Gotham MFWire.com
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    10/31/2013 TCW's Risk Chief Fills Post at Guggenheim MFWire.com
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    9/24/2013 Guggenheim Fires Off Two More BulletShares MFWire.com
    8/28/2013 Bloomberg Covers Rags-To-Riches ETFs MFWire.com
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    8/7/2013 ETF Roundup: The SEC Staff Caves to Guggenheim and DWS on Self-Indexing and Transparency MFWire.com
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