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MFWire: Federated Funds
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Federated Hermes
Federated Investors Tower
1001 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15222
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Main Phone: 800-341-7400
Web Site: Click Here

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Federated Funds

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  • Background:
    In September 2021, Federated Hermes wrapped up its acquisition of nine Hancock Horizon funds from Hancock Whitney Bank's Hancock Advisors. The funds were merged into six existing funds and one newly created one.

    On August 18, 2021, the Federated Hermes team unveiled a deal to buy BTPS' remaining 29.5-percent stake in Hermes Fund Managers Limited (HFML).

    Founded in 1955, Federated Investors (now called Federated Hermes) was bought out by Aetna in 1982. Then the Donahue family bought Federated back in 1989, finally buying out Aetna's remaining stake. Federated has been publicly traded on the NYSE since May 14, 1998. It remains under the control of the Donahue family. J. Christopher Donahue, Rhodora J. Donahue and John F. Donahue all own pieces of the company. Standard & Poor's added Federated's stock to its S&P 500 index in 2003.

    Federated's initial funds focused in fixed income. It launched its first money market fund in 1974 and by the 1990s was known for its ability to provide private label money funds for banks.

    After its IPO, Federated embarked on a strategy of acquisitions to build a broader capability to manage funds across the asset class spectrum.


    Acquired the William Penn Funds with $550 million managed assets in 1995.

    Acquired Investment Advisers, Inc. with $346 million managed assets in 2000.

    In 2001 it adopted the $3.2 billion Kaufmann Fund, rolling it into the Federated Kaufmann Fund. It expanded the Kaufmann brand in 2008 with the launch of Federated Kaufmann Large Cap Fund. It also acquired the Rightime Funds ($148 million managed assets) and rolled them into the Federated Capital Appreciation Fund.

    Federated absorbed the FirstMerit Funds ($250 million) into Federated Capital Appreciation Fund and Federated Automated government Cash Reserves in 2002.

    Acquired assets from four Banknorth Investment Advisors funds in 2004.

    It acquired MDT Advisers in 2006.

    In 2007 it adopted the $366 million of mutual fund assets through the Rochdale Atlas Portfolio and opened the Federated InterContinental Fund.

    In 2008 it aquired the two Prudent Funds from David W. Tice & Associates [profile] and Clover Capital Management in 2008.

    On July 16, 2010, Federated unveiled a deal to buy SunTrust Bank's money market management business, which has total assets of $17 billion. The transaction, which is expected to close by yearend, includes upfront cash payments that could reach $8.75 million. The deal also includes contingent payments that could total about $30 million over the next five years.

    A week later, Federated completed the reorganization of the $1.6 billion Hilliard-Lyons Government Fund into the Federated Government Cash Series money market fund.

    On April 15, 2011, Federated unveiled a deal to take over EquiTrust Mutual Funds' $515 million of AUM.

    In April 2012, Federated announced a deal to buy four mutual funds with a combined $5 billion in assets from Fifth Third [profile]. The deal closed in September.

    Also in April 2012, bought London-based Prime Rate Capital Management.

    Federated then bought eight Performance funds, with an AUM over $903 million, from Trustmark in June 2012.

    The firm also acquired $421 million in fixed income fund assets from Huntington Asset Advisors [profile]. Then in 2015, Federated bought Huntington's money market fund business, reorganizing two Huntington funds (with a combined $1.1 billion in AUM) into a pair of Federated Funds.

    In 2018, Federated bought a 60-percent stake in London-based Hermes Investment Management, an active, ESG-focused asset manager previously owned by BT Pension Scheme (BTPS). In 2020, Federated Investors rebranded under the combined "Federated Hermes" name.
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    Key People:
    Chris Donahue
    CEO, President, Federated Investors, Inc.
    Gene Maloney
    Executive Vice President, Federated Investors
    Thomas Donahue
    President, FII Holdings, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Federated Investors, Inc.
    Tom Territ
    Vice President, President of Federated Securities Corp., Federated Investors, Inc.
    John Fisher
    Vice President, President and CEO of Federated Advisory Companies, MDT Advisers
    John McGonigle
    Vice Chairman, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Federated Investors
    Gordon Ceresino
    Vice Chairman, President (Federated International Management Limited), Federated
    John Donahue
    Chairman, Federated Investors
    Brian Bouda
    Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Federated Investors, Inc.
    Richard Fisher
    Vice Chairman and Co-Founder, Federated Investors, Inc.
    Peter Siconolfi
    VP, Federated Investors, Inc.
    Richard Novak
    Principal Financial Officer, Federated
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