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MFWire: John Hancock Funds
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John Hancock Investment Management
601 Congress Street
Boston, MA  02210-2805
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Main Phone: 617-663-3643
Web Site: http://www.jhfunds.com/

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
John Hancock Funds

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  • SEC Fund Filings by CIK

  • Background:
    John Hancock Investment Managagement hires subadvisors for its mutual funds and has used a manager-of-managers approach for more than 25 years (as of 2016).

    John Hancock Distributors began marketing the firm's first two mutual funds, the John Hancock Signature Fund and the John Hancock Growth Fund, in 1969. In 2013, John Hancock Financial rebranded John Hancock Funds to its current name, John Hancock Investments.


    Hancock is one of the most aggressive fund firms in adopting funds from other fund families.

  • 2011: International Value Fund from Optique Capital Management.
  • 2010: Mid-cap Value Fund from Robeco Boston Partners
  • 2009: Fiduciary Management Associates' FMA Small Company Portfolio (reorganized into the John Hancock Small Company Fund).
  • 2008: Rainier Growth Fund from Rainier Investment Management, Disciplined Value Fund from Robeco Asset Management.
  • 2005: Technology Leaders Fund from Light Index Investment Co., Growth Opportunities and International Core Funds from GMO.
  • 2004: Small Cap Fund from Independence Investment LLC.
  • 2003: Large Cap Select Fund from Shay Asset Management.
  • 2002: US Global Leaders Growth Fund from Yeager, Wood & Marshall, Classic Value from Pzena Investment Management.


    In 2015, six years after Hancock its first ETF filings with the SEC, Hancock entered the ETF space with six strategic beta exchange-traded funds, all powered by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA [profile]).

    Parent Company:

    Hancock's roots date to 1862, when former Massachusetts governor John Hancock founded the firm in Boston as the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. Canadian multinational Manulife Financial Corporation acquired John Hancock Financial in April 2004. The U.S. arm maintains the John Hancock brand. In May 2019, while rolling out the Manulife Investment Management brand worldwide, Manulife rebranded John Hancock Investments to John Hancock Investment Management.

    In addition to mutual funds and insurance, Hancock's other business lines include a small-to-mid-market 401(k) recordkeeper (John Hancock Retirement Plan Services) and a broker-dealer and an advisor network (Signator Investors and John Hancock Financial Network, respectively) for independent financial advisors.

    The John Hancock name is connected with one of the two most recognizable buildings in the Boston skyline. In 1971, chairman Gerhard Bleicken and president Frank Maher oversaw the construction of the 62-story glass John Hancock Tower, designed by architect I. M. Pei. Completed in 1976, the building immediately became a Boston landmark.
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    Key People:
    Andy Arnott
    President, CEO, John Hancock Investments
    Jeff Duckworth
    Head of U.S. Intermediary Distribution, John Hancock Investments
    Karen McCafferty
    Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing, John Hancock Investments
    Todd Cassler
    President of Institutional Distribution, John Hancock Investments
    Leo Zerelli
    Global Head of Investment product - Wealth Management and Asset Management, Manulife
    Jeffrey Long
    Chief Financial Officer, John Hancock Investments
    John Hatch
    Head of Operations, John Hancock Investments
    Brad Douglas
    Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, John Hancock Financial Services
    Charles Rizzo
    Chief Financial Officer of Mutual Fund Trusts, John Hancock Investments
    Michael Mahoney
    Chief Compliance Officer , John Hancock Funds
    John Danello
    Vice President & Chief Legal Counsel, John Hancock Investments
    Frank Knox
    Chief Compliance Officer, John Hancock Financial Services
    Steven Dorval
    Head of Wealth and Asset Management Sales, Powerlytics
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