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MFWire: Manning & Napier Funds
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Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc.
290 Woodcliff Drive
Fairport, NY  14450
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Main Phone: 585-325-6880
Web Site: http://www.manning-napier.com

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Manning & Napier Funds

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  • Background:
    In October 2022, Callodine Group bought Manning & Napier as planned, taking the fund firm private in a $293-million deal.

    Founded in 1970 by namesakes Bill Manning and Bill Napier, Manning & Napier is based in Fairport, New York, outside Rochester, with additional offices in Ohio and Florida. It is a subsidiary of Boston-based Callodine Group. (Callodine's other subsidiaries include: a shop that invests in dividend-paying equities strategies; an asset-based loan provider; a mezzanine debt and structured capital solutions provider; a BDC manager; and a commercial real estate lending firm.)

    Manning & Napier offers more than 20 funds in the stock, foreign stock, life cycle, taxable bond, and tax exempt bond asset allocations. The firm offers mutual fund products to both individual and institutional investors. The company emphasizes a team-based investing approach that focuses on maximizing long-term absolute returns through an active and flexible process.

    Manning & Napier IPOed on November 18, 2011. Its stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "MN." Yet the firm was still majority-owned by Bill Manning himself and other employees.

    In May 2016, Manning bought a 75-percent stake in Seattle-based mutual fund shop Rainier Investment Management.
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    Key People:
    Bill Manning
    Co-Founder, Chairman, Director of Investment Process, Manning & Napier Investor Services, Inc.
    Marc Mayer
    CEO, Chairman, Manning & Napier
    Richard Goldberg
    Board Member / Senior Advisor, Manning & Napier / Needham & Company
    Ebrahim Busheri
    Director of Investments, Manning & Napier Advisors
    Richard Yates
    Chief Legal Officer, Secretary, Manning & Napier Advisors
    Beth Galusha
    Principal Financial Officer, Manning & Napier
    Jeff Herrmann
    Co-Director of Research, Co -Head of Global Equities, Manning & Napier
    Tom Anderson
    Managing Director, Intermediary Distribution, Wealth Management Sales Team, Manning & Napier
    Nikki Hamblin
    Director of Retirement Plan Services, Global Retirement Partners
    Nicole Kingsley-Brunner
    Chief Marketing Officer, Manning & Napier Advisors
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