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MFWire: Northern Funds, Northern Institutional Funds, FlexShares (ETFs)
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Northern Trust Investments
50 South LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL  60603
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Main Phone: 877-867-1259
Web Site: Click Here

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
Northern Funds, Northern Institutional Funds, FlexShares (ETFs)

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  • SEC Fund Filings by CIK

  • Background:
    Chicago banker Byron Laflin Smith founded Northern Funds ancestor, The Northern Trust Company, to serve affluent Chicagoans in 1889. The firm's main branch has been located at 50 South La Salle Street since 1906. Almost a century later, in 1998, Northern Trust formed Northern Trust Global Investments, managers of the Northern Funds family of mutual funds and a provider for both personal and institutional clients.

    Northern Trust launched its firstbatch of mutual funds in 1994. Currently, Northern Trust manages dozens of funds in the Equity, Fixed-Income, and Money Market sectors. The firm is the largest administrator of offshore private equity funds in Europe.

    The firm also made a brief foray into the ETF business, opening 17 funds in April 2008. The board of trustees decided to liquidate the funds less than a year later, in February 2009.

    Recently, Northern Trust seems to be planning new ways to expand: Northern Trust CEO Frederick Waddell said in March 2010 that the firm is looking to for acquisitions, possibly a fund administrator or asset manager.

    It's ETF group, lead by John Sullivan, uses the FlexShares brand.
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    Key People:
    Shundrawn Thomas
    President, Northern Trust Asset Management
    Steve Potter
    Outgoing President / Vice Chairman-Designate, Northern Trust Asset Management / Northern Trust Corporation
    Lloyd Wennlund
    President, Northern Funds, Northern Trust Global Investments
    Alan Robertson
    Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sales and Service, Northern Trust Global Investments
    Eric Schweitzer
    Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Global Product Management & Support , Northern Trust Global Investments
    Robert Browne
    Chief Investment Officer, Northern Trust Global Investments
    Christopher Vella
    Chief Investment Officer, Multi-Manager Investments, Northern Trust
    Marie Dzanis
    Head of Intermediary Distribution, Northern Trust
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