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MFWire: Third Avenue Funds
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Third Avenue Management
622 Third Avenue
32nd Floor
New York, NY  10017
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Main Phone: 212-888-5222
Web Site: http://www.thirdavenuefunds.com/TA/index.aspx

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Third Avenue Funds

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  • Background:
    Third Avenue Management is a boutique shop founded by the late value fund guru Marty Whitman and backed by publicly-traded asset manager acquirer Affiliated Managers Group [profile].

    Whitman launched the Third Avenue Value Fund in 1990 to act as a successor fund to the Equity Strategies Fund, a closed-end mutual fund advised by EQSF Advisers, Inc. Whitman made the change when Equity Strategies lost its diversification status after a position in the closed-end fund appreciated significantly. He formed Third Avenue Management LLC in 2002 in advance of the sale to AMG.

    Whitman's investment strategy is in part based on his experience as an investment banker, expert witness for shareholder litigation, and turnaround specialist for bankrupt companies.

    Since 1995 Third Avenue has launched four more mutual funds: the Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund, the Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund, the Third Avenue International Value Fund and the Third Avenue Focused Credit Fund. Third Avenue also sub-advises investment products for other shops.

    In January 2010, 85-year old founder Marty Whitman announced plans to step down as co-chief investment officer, with Curtis Jensen becoming the sole CIO. David Resnick subsequently took the president and CIO post. In December 2015, then-CEO David Barse left Third Avenue after 24 years in the top job. His departure came after the value manager took extraordinary measures for a bleeding fund, barring redemptions as it began a gradual liquidation plan.
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    Key People:
    David Resnick
    President, Chief Investment Officer, Third Avenue Management
    Joseph Reardon
    Chief Compliance Officer, Third Avenue Funds
    Vincent Dugan
    Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Third Avenue Funds
    Tom Gandolfo
    Chief Risk Officer, Third Avenue Management
    Joanne Jaffin Mason
    Director of Marketing, Third Avenue Funds
    W. Hall
    General Counsel and Secretary, Third Avenue Management
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