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MFWire: Victory Funds
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Victory Capital Management
127 Public Square
Cleveland, OH  44114
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Main Phone: 877-660-4400
Web Site: http://www.victoryconnect.com/

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Victory Funds

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  • Background:
    On November 6, 2018, Victory Capital Holdings publicly agreed to pay $850 million up front (plus possible contingency payments down the line) to buy USAA Asset Management Company. The deal is expected to close in Q2 2019, and USAA Asset Management would double Victory's AUM and become Victory's 11th investment franchise.

    On February 8, 2018, Victory Capital IPOed on the Nasdaq.

    In December 2015, Victory unveiled a deal to buy RS Investment Management from Guardian.

    On April 17, 2014, Victory announced that it had entered an agreement to buy Munder Capital Management in an all-cash deal with backing from Crestview Partners and Reverence Capital Partners.

    On February 21, 2013, New York City-based private equity shop Crestview Partners revealed a $246-million buyout of Victory, with Victory employees in on the deal. The deal was slated to close in Q3 2013.

    Victory Capital Management was the asset management subsidiary of KeyBank parent KeyCorp.

    In February 2011, Victory promoted David Brown and Christopher Ohmacht to co-CEOs. Robert Wagner remains chairman.

    As of March 31, 2017, Victory Capital Management has a total AUM of $50 billion.
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    Key People:
    David Brown
    Chairman, CEO, Victory Capital Management
    Kelly S. Cliff
    President of Investment Franchises , Victory Capital Management
    Michael D. Policarpo
    Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Victory Capital Management
    Mannik Dhillon
    President of VictoryShares and Solutions, Victory Capital Management
    Mark J. Van Meter
    Head of Capital Markets and Trading, Victory Capital Management
    Paul G. Pasicznyk
    Head of Institutional, Victory Capital Management
    Kevin Schmeits
    Head of Intermediary & Retirement Sales, Victory Capital Management
    Caroline Churchill
    Chief Marketing Officer, Victory Capital Management
    Nina Gupta
    Chief Legal Officer, Victory Capital Management
    Derrick A. MacDonald
    Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Victory Capital Management
    Lori A. Swain
    Head of Human Resources, Victory Capital Management
    Christopher Ohmacht
    Co-CEO, Victory Capital (KeyCorp)
    Gregory River
    Senior Managing Director, Head of Equities, Victory Capital Management
    Kevin Schmeits
    Senior Managing Director, Head of Retail Sales, Victory Capital Management
    Craig Ruch
    Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income, Chief Investment Officer, Victory Capital Management
    Story Archive for Victory Capital Management
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