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MFWire: AQR Funds
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AQR Capital Management
Two Greenwich Plaza
3rd Floor
Greenwich, CT  06830
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Main Phone: 203-742-3600
Web Site: http://www.aqr.com

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
AQR Funds

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  • Background:
    Founded in Greenwich, Connecticut as a hedge fund company in 1998, AQR Capital Management launched its first mutual funds at the beginning of 2009. The firm's founders all worked for Goldman Sachs before breaking off to start their own company. AQR broke into the mutual fund business not long after the hedge fund industry took a serious hit in the 2008 financial crisis. AQR currently offers seven funds, including two absolute return funds, two international and global equity funds, and three momentum funds.

    With two Ph.Ds among its four founding principals, it is hardly surprising that AQR (an acronym for Applied Quantitative Research) places a high emphasis on academic research and publishing. Managing and founding principal Clifford S. Asness, Ph.D has twice received the "best paper" award from the Journal of Portfolio Management, and he earned the 2003 Graham and Dodd Award for "year's best paper" from the Financial Analysts Journal, among other honors. Founding principal John Liew, Ph.D, who heads the firm's global asset allocation team, has also published articles in those two journals. Founding principal David Kabiller co-authored the book Hedge Funds Demystified: Are They Appropriate Investments for Institutional Investors?. He has been a periodic lecturer at Northwestern's Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

    AQR also counts among its principals former Harvard professor of finance Gregor Andrade, Ph.D, NYU Stern School of Business faculty member Stephen Mellas and chaired professor Lasse Pedersen, Ph.D

    AQR manages assets mainly for institutional investors such as pension funds and endowments, and includes aggressive, high-volatility, market-neutral hedge funds among its products. These high-risk strategies spill over into their mutual fund business, with analysts claiming that their funds tend to act more like hedge funds than conventional mutual funds.

    In August 2009, AQR launched three indexed mutual funds intended to introduce investors to momentum-style investment options, which have been studied in an academic setting but not in a business context. The AQR Momentum, Small Cap Momentum, and International Momentum Funds are based on a set of eponymous indices recently developed by AQR. The firm believes that the momentum strategy is an important edition to the value versus growth dichotomy that often dictates the way managers consider their investments. AQR accompanied the index and fund launches with the release of an AQR white paper called The Case for Momentum Investment

    Its total AUM as of March 31, 2017 is $195 billion.
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    Key People:
    Clifford Asness
    Managing and Founding Principal, AQR Capital Management
    David Kabiller
    Founding Principal and Head of Client Strategies, AQR Capital Management
    John Liew
    Founding Principal and Head of Global Asset Allocation, AQR Capital Management
    Marco Hanig
    President, AQR Funds
    Bill Cashel
    National Sales Manager, AQR Capital Management
    Bradley Asness
    Principal and Chief Legal Officer, AQR Capital Management
    Gregor Andrade
    Principal, AQR Capital Management
    Jacques Friedman
    Principal, and Co-Head, Founding member of Global Stock Selection Team, AQR Capital Management
    Brian Hurst
    Principal , AQR Capital Management
    Oktay Kurbanov
    Principal and Founding member of Global Asset Allocation, AQR Capital Management
    Steven Mellas
    Principal and Head of Operations, AQR Capital Management
    John Howard
    CFO and COO, AQR Capital Management
    Dan Zelazny
    Head of Financial Institutions and National Accounts, William Blair Investment Management
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