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MFWire: PowerShares Funds [ETFs]
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Invesco Powershares Capital Management LLC
11 Greenway Plaza
Suite 1000
Houston, TX  77046
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Main Phone: 800-983-0903
Web Site: http://www.powershares.com

Mutual Fund Brand(s)
PowerShares Funds [ETFs]

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  • Background:
    Founded by Bruce Bond in 2003, PowerShares has been one of the few fund firms focused on exchange-traded funds throughout its existence. PowerShares was one innovator in creating actively-managed ETFs.

    Invesco Purchase

    Invesco purchased a controlling interest in PowerShares in January 2006 for $60 million in cash and $170 million of deferred payments. At the time of the sale it was the fourth largest ETF provider with $36 billion of assets in 36 ETFs.


    Founder Bruce Bond resigned from day-to-day management in 2009. Ben Fulton took over as the top executive runnning the Invesco PowerShares business.


    As of March 2012, PowerShares offered more than 140 ETFs. As of December 2011, the shop boasted more than $57.6 billion in assets.
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    Key People:
    Dan Draper
    Managing Director, Global Head of Exchange Traded Funds, Invesco PowerShares
    Bruce Bond
    President, CEO, Co-Founder, Innovator Capital Management LLC
    Jason Schoepke
    Chief Operating Officer, 01Spring
    Ed McRedmond
    SVP, Business Development and National Accounts,
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